Human Resource Machine Playthrough

Human resource machine is the latest game from the tomorrow corporation, best known for world of goo and little inferno both games I own and as a result I had to get involved in showing off and seeing their latest title for myself.

Human resource machine has the recognizable art style of their other titles and possibly even the mom corporation and dystopian themes, with gameplay revolving around puzzle based systems involving programming what your character has to perform in order to complete the requested task

Obviously the task isn’t quite so simple, there are additional bonus conditions to be met on each floor if you wish to fully complete the levels, also “programming” is a simplified version of stacking tasks and using looping, copy and add systems which aren’t too cold as to take away from having an actual game with welcoming gameplay aspects

As a result the game can entirely be played without ever considering the programming parallels and still remain a fun game, but if you wish to learn from the game you can look into the programming aspects which are essentially used in the most basic senses.

If you wish to get human resource machine for yourself it is out now on steam, and I would recommend playing for yourself and not looking up solutions or spoiling the game too much for yourself but if you wish to look into the game and see how it plays definitely watch the gameplay included.

Available now on Windows and Mac on Steam, GOG, Humble Store, and the Tomorrow Corporation website, with a Wii-U version launching a few weeks later, TBD.

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