helping someone who was injured

okay so today I was on the bus with a friend and there was this drunk guy who was clearly enjoying himself and we were having a laugh at him, then as he was going to get off the bus he stopped half way down the stairs and poked his tongue out and as he did the driver stopped and the guy fell tumbling down the stairs, after a few seconds I got up to look see if he was alright and he was at the bottom of the stairs I looked for a while to see if he was getting up which he didnt so I headed down to try to assist, of course there was about 5 people all trying to give thier advice as to what to do some of which was right but mostly it was just preventing proper diagnosis and assesment of the guys injuries. 

After being able to assess that the guy was concious and responsive it was just a matter of keeping him secure til the ambulance arrived of course the supporters around the guy were all trying to make out they were all that and they knew best and so I took out my medic card to show them that I had done a course, of course they focus on the words “first aid” on the course and go “ooh Ive done first aid” I couldnt be bothered to argue but theres a big difference between CPR and what I had to do for this qualification as this involved not only that but also learning a reasonably thick book on diagnosis of a variety of injuries from falls to broken bones etc, which is beyond what they expect when they read “first aid” which makes me realise how useless the card is at proving what you’ve actually learned.  So what if you can tell if theres any brain damage or broken bones all people will see is CPR every time they look at it. 

In the end the guy had just grazed about an inch squared of skin on his head and hadnt injured himself much due to being drunk and not tensing up.  I just think if the card was more useful at stating what I had done  rather than just medic first aid and sports medicine I couldve got people to stand aside and I couldve actually diagnosed things better rather than try to converse with people about how I know what Im doing.

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