Spy games Northampton

After a day out on the spygames experience at the northampton raceway, here is a video of my lap of the advanced driving techniques, unfortunately my camera person wasnt the best at keeping track of the location of the car, so Ive edited it from several laps to show my lap (but all the videos are of me driving, and it shows basically a whole lap of what we did.)The rest of the day included j turns, axe throwing, rifle shooting, hand to hand combat techniques, as well as handgun techniques, which included bodyguard scenarios unfortunately the videos for these are missing, as the camera was full before then… note to self next time take a bigger memory card and spare batteries.

Of course the website I purchased the experience from stated there was bomb disarming in there during the day but this did not happen which was disappointing, this would have been a fun part of the day also.I would recommend it, it was a fun day out, and I would definately do something like this again. It deserves a *

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  1. I should probably add for those of you that would wonder why I stop the car on the second lap, its because you had to pull over, get a handgun off your passenger and then shoot elvis twice in the other parked car (seriousely its a paper elvis, for some reason thats what all the targets in the day were of. Guessing its some thing where all the targets are of elvis)

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