Passing exams based on knowing how to pass rather than knowledge of the subject matter

One of the stupidest things about exams is where the questions on the paper are only actually 25% of the actual score, it wont tell you this, you have to find out from the teacher, and if they dont tell you theres no way you can pass no matter how well you do, because theres another 25% for giving relevant industry examples, another for relating your answer to other fields of knowledge, and another 25% for giving a quote of some sort. So no matter how well and fully you answer the question, its more about relating it to other things and including these formula for the grading criteria rather than answering the question well.

Shows why exams thesedays arent really worth much because its not about what you know, its about knowing how to pass the exam rather than actual knowledge.

Maybe they should state these things in the question, more people would possibly know to do these things then, I mean the question is what you answer, not and also include all this other stuff in every question that the exam doesnt remotely mention anywhere on the paper.

Of course I passed second time I did the exam because I was informed “where I went wrong” maybe if theyd said this extra stuff was required I wouldve known lol.

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