Online payment processors and disposable debit cards

I saw an article the other day saying how bitcoin had taken off as a massive online processor due to the ease of sending funds online and how it was much quicker than conventional banks, and because of its anonymity it provided many people with opportunities for less than legal activities which made some confidence get lost and its value decrease, however there have been payment processors of this nature online for a while now, many people will already have heard of paypal especially as it is integral with ebay purchases but not everyone would have heard of a similar processor which is controlled and judged by uk laws.

I have used this site for a number of years now and I can state outright that it is reliable and offers rates much better than paypal with transaction fee’s as they set out from the beginning to be fair and not charge unreasonable rates for transactions so it is ideal for use online, of course it tends to be more accepted by online gambling sites as a standard and even offers you deals for depositing with such sites as thier partners, but it could easily take off as a competitor to both bitcoin and paypal should it become more well known due to its better rates, and for those wishing to have the ability to send and recieve funds online instantly this is perfect as transfers go through as quick as an email, and it is fully legitimised and governed by the finiancial conduct authorities of the united kingdom so no money laundering or illegal activities will ever be associated with this site and your money is secure and safe.

Not only does it provide all of this but it also offers a competitive prepaid mastercard with the best rates I have seen on one of these cards personally, and for those who wish to have a specific card seperate for online purchases that isn’t associated with thier bank account this is perfect, and you can even use the funds directly in your online account through the mastercard meaning you even have the ability to use this in offline stores and online stores that don’t natively accept payment from this processor, so if you’ve come this far looking for a decent online payment processor or online savings account, or even just a pre pay mastercard with the best rates then why not click the link below and check it out for yourself, I would say you won’t be dissappointed and you will stick with it as long as I have.

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