Playing and winning the lottery for free


After playing both sites I can say safely that the site where you perform searches works best for me, there is no need to buy anything or do anything other than use the search engine and that has earnt me 2 free euromillions tickets every week and last week I matched 2 numbers plus a star, which splitting between the 20 people in the syndicate (which would be 10 if I chose the regular lotto draw) I recieved 28p, okay its not much but larger prizes will be more and when the prize reaches £100 million+ sharing that with 20 people is still a significant jackpot (plus I’m more likely to win smaller prizes with the euromillions just because of the increased number of prizes on offer) Also it notes the millionaire raffle number assigned to your ticket and you can tell that these are genuinely purchased tickets as it is not automated, but instead updated when the site owner has purchased these tickets and distributed them amongst the members.

Earn free entries into the uk national lottery and euromillions lotto draws

The other site however where you would essentially earn cashback in the form of tickets instantly produced numbers the moment you purchased them, without providing a millionaire raffle number so seemed a little dodgy, also it would play exactly the same numbers every time you chose a new draw rather than randomly giving you new ones like a lucky dip, so although I won twice on that these were £10 prizes, split between 10 people so only getting £1 but with a cashout limit of £25+ there was nothing to do but purchase more tickets in the system which inevitably lost due to the way this system worked, of course I paid nothing again and got my tickets free there, but I would recommend against using the site to earn tickets from buying things elsewhere and instead use an online cashback site such as the following link where you earn actual cashback which if you really wanted to buy lottery tickets with you can do that yourself and not split it between anyone else, whereas the first link where you earn the tickets for doing nothing but searching on the internet as you would anyway you’ve got nothing to lose and because they pay out any win direct to you, with no cashout limits even my small win of 28p found its way to me, so be sure to have a look, even if you only earn yourself one of the two free tickets for the week give it a shot, you could even win the jackpot, just remember to come thank me if you do 😛

Earn real cash back on your online purchases

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