Fall Guys Googly Streaming Star It’s A Knockout Takeshi’s Castle Wipeout Style Races & Minigames Ultimate Knockout Lets Highlight Review

I liked the idea of the game from the offset with a whole selection of minigames inspired by tv shows such as it’s a knockout, takeshi’s castle, and total wipeout amongst others (where some of the games quite literally are copied directly from these shows) It seemed a very fun idea to be able to play online in a battle royale against other real players across the world over a selection of minigames to ultimately claim the crown as the winner overall.

Every season new maps are added along a theme and the game has been adding a selection of skins with collaborations from other titles to purchase using the crowns and kudos you win through playing games, both providing some purpose to win as well as fun cosmetics to use to create your own customised character, sadly I jumped in part way through season 3 rather late to the game when I would have enjoyed joining at the beginning as I do believe I would have been able to gather a whole bunch of wins by this point if I’d began with everyone else, and even though I’m rather late to the game I’ve gathered 37 wins and a whole bunch of near misses in my short playing period.

Season 4 has been teased as a parody of cyberpunk 2077 with fall guys “4041” being the upcoming season promsiing futuristic versions of existing skins and presumably some high octane futuristic maps probably with teleportation and other futuristic elements involved. I plan to continue streaming the new season and the upcoming seasons over at https://www.twitch.tv/indelacio_co_uk where I plan on breaking my crown record as I have now gathered skills getting me high positions in the finals frequently, and if it wasn’t for silly mistakes I often make I would be one of the higher skill players of the game despite my short gameplay time, and I feel I’m going to master the newer levels sooner than other players.

The game itself is a lot of fun with a whole selection of platforming races and challenges in fast paced bursts which definitely is adictive and keeps you wanting to play just one more game, and everyone has their own favourite maps for certain, and it’s impressive the diversity of the maps especially now they’ve added a whole selection of alternate variations to maps leading to a different gameplay experience every time you load up the game, though often the team games will be the ones to take you out as uncoordinated and often trolling teammates can cause a problem for those determined to get through.

Some problems are existing at present as often characters won’t be where they appear to be even on high end pc’s and fast internet you will find you’re being grabbed from the other end of the garden by mr tickle wihle you cannot take a tail from the person you’re literally holding on the ground with your t-rex arms, and one of the most frustrating bugs occurs when you will be collided by someone with some sort of wierd ping and they won’t experience collision yet them plowing through you or landing on your head will have the force of a gigantic fist physics prop and literally knock your character unconscious or 10 feet across the room into a hazard which will destroy you. If this occurs on something like hex-a-gone it can be very problematic too causing you to fall 3 levels uncouncious and planking while they get up unaffected, and this will cause great frustration when it costs you a very plausible win and throwing you down into last hope territory.

Epic games have purchased mediatronic recently too, and there is a lot of debate going around because of previous purchases like the walking dead and rocket league vanishing from steam, and one even becoming free to play and effectively damaging the game for many, and concerns over those who own it on steam being left out in future updates or the game being ruined in those aspects, but I’m choosing to look at the potential positives of the purchases as epic are known for wanting to promote open crossplay for their titles so this could create crossplay between all platforms of the game including the upcoming nintendo switch and potentially xbox releases as a big positive, and also may create more stability to servers which may fix the potentially lag caused bugs of other players being brick walls forcing you aside like you’re nothing and plowing through your character throwing you 10 feet across the room like you’re a ball of paper and things of that nature (unless of course they’re cheating and hacking that into the game, as this too is plausible with cheating having been a problem in the game in the past)

I remain hopeful that the purchase will only bring more positives with more crossovers, more stable servers which have less lag problems and less collision problems making it much fairer which will certainly increase my winrate in the game for certain, and hopefully make it a much happier and fairer experience for all as it’s never fun to lose by being yeeted aside by somebody who runs through you like you’re nothing not being effected physically by your character yet having the impact force of a giant piece of fruit hitting into you at full impact.

Despite some of the issues the game remains very fun and addictive and I’m looking forward to the new maps, and the fun playlists they have been adding have certainly added a lot to the gameplay experience and I remain addicted and having a good time playing despite some of the flaws, and it is nice to see that the devs care about issues being caused in the game including where other people have abused certain alternative see-saw variants to prevent other people playing and things of that nature as they are constantly updating the game with new features, and you’re always able to get into a game and have fun anytime you want to play.

I have noted that there are plans for “custom lobbies” for those with enough people to get together and play in a custom playlist created by friends or streamers alike, and this could be really fun to play with enough people in, and this also leads to the potential for streamers to hold events playing with their audiences in these playlists, and I know many wanted to have the ability to have a marbles on stream like mode with autorunning bots with chats name in which could be a fun idea especially if those who’ve purchased the game could take control of those and actually play for real too, but these are just some speculations on things that could be fun and upcoming to the game.

Come watch me stream the game and support my quest for more crowns and check it out for yourself, and you can buy the game now at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1097150/Fall_Guys_Ultimate_Knockout/ where I would recommend a purchase as it’s a lot of fun and you’ll get many hours of gameplay out of the title as more and more gets added to the game.

One mystery which remains unsolved however is what is the crease on the fall guy bean? Is it a weird stomach muscle? Or a very miserable face from all the fails caused by salty means, or is it the gaping maw of the demonic face which lies beneath the 6ft tall bean?

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