Update 2021

Hello stranger, it’s been a while. Obviously a lot has been happening in the world and it’s been almost a full year since the first lockdown in the uk, and essentially I’ve treated life in the same way since only going out of the house for essential purchases and nothing else which has meant a lot of life being missed in those aspects and I’m sure many of you have a similar experience over the past year, however I have also had a lot of other stress in the home life through terrible neighbours and issues with attempting to get that resolved just to be allowed to sleep and be free from harassment and little to no progress on that matter from the authorities and my landlord.

Since my last post there was an incident where the upstairs neighbours smashed down my ceiling and I was forced to spend a few days in emergency accomodation, which was not great condition in the middle of a lockdown emergency, and at this point I took the opportunity to send my damaged graphics card off for repair/replacement which had been playing up for some time, what I didn’t expect is that it would take over 2 months for that to be replaced which lead to a huge time loss in any ability to be productive, and then catchup from that and making the most of the end of twitch sings piled up which lead to things being put off.

Now you would expect that after the upstairs tenants smashed down my ceiling and environmental health witnessed their noise and breaches of section 80 noise abatement orders and other harassments and death threats I’ve been suffering from them and evidence of such things would be done to stop this, however half a year later still nothing is being done, and it has been getting to me on top of all of this lockdown, and of course now steam have updated their controller schema so it causes bugs preventing playing certain games too which really makes life extra difficult for gaming.

Anyway that aside and being optomistic for the future I’m hopeing eventually I will win my case and get to live somewhere free from noise and harassment so I can sleep satisfactorily and uninterrupted in the night and be rested and be able to stream more and put out more articles and edited reviews for the games I play, and maintaining regular posts on the site going forward would be something I look to do, and would it matter if I didn’t have a video post for everything as I feel I could post more if I’m just posting text updates regularly and things, and I would also need to keep up on my social media presence posting far more for general things going on and whatnot.

With regards to streaming we’ve been playing fall guys regularly where I’m “googly streaming star” and doing some longer streams and 3 streams a week, looking to potentially do some music streams as I’ve purchased a m-audio keyboard to play some tunes once I learn some, and potential upgrades being considered would be a better quality webcam/extra cam to do additional content, I’m always up for suggestions on improvements that can be made too, constructively, rather than just saying x is crap or poor quality, suggested improvements would be fantastic, as I know I had trouble setting up all of my settings adapting to the new “better quality” graphics card which made green screen bleed all over the place with the best quality colourscheme and had to be reduced to a more intensive one which results in an equal quality to before just to produce rather than any gains which should’ve been gathered from upgrade, and any fixes and best settings would be amazing as I get so stressed out with all of the hassle of messing about getting things working.

I have started experimenting with a new webcam mode too in order to have something a little more unique and different for the stream, and I don’t like the big mess of “latest follower and donation” etc all over the screen, I want it minimal but fun and interesting, and I want to offer greater subscriber benefits too so I’m always open to suggestions in those matters going forward.

Tremendous thanks has to be given to OnTheFence of course who unexpectedly gave not only my first gift sub, but it came in the form of 5 gifts which I wasn’t prepared for, so had to pretty quickly adapt a new special alert for groups of 5 gift subs in order to demonstrate how legendary that was. I then put up a goal to reach and unlock a secondary emote for the channel offering to match gifted subs hopeing to reach the goal and once again she stepped forward out of the blue and gave 5 more, which of course I matched taking ups over the goal and giving us a new emote for the channel, so great thanks must once again be given to OnTheFence who pretty much single handedly unlocked a new emote for subscribers of the channel to benefit from.

I would of course welcome any help and suggestions to be able to put out the quality expected from the site and the channel and continue to put out regular content for you, obviously I’ve been feeling very on hold lately just waiting to be rehomed to get away from this nightmare and also on hold with the lockdown after lockdown, and generally avoiding spending on upgrades and things I probably should do in order to put out quality to a standard that I would want to, obviously it’s hard for me at times with manic depression and having not been able to have a proper sleep in forever it’s been effecting me a great deal, and it’s been a struggle at times where I force myself to keep up with things even when I’m probably not in the greatest mood and will struggle to be the happy and entertaining self I want to be, so I hope you can all bear with me through these hard times and appreciate I’m going through a lot, but I do plan on getting back to the great content you deserve, and improving as I go along to be better.

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