Braid Single Play Review Time Twisting Puzzle Platformer Narrative Adventure

Braid is a colourful time bending puzzle platformer with an interesting storyline drawn in a cool artistic style set across several worlds where the nature of time is questioned and twisted throughout changing the ways in which time interacts with you and how you can manipulate it to your advantage to solve the puzzles, from time only passing when you move to being able to rewind aspects of the level whilst remaining outside of time’s influence in a bubble world of your own.

This is one of the classic puzzle platformers that I believe everyone should own as it’s very well done and also hides a number of secrets within the game hidden outside of the realms of the puzzle world and the game boundaries as you might expect them to be formed, as well as having a narrative that twists time in on itself and questions your role as the hero of the story ultimately.

There are several hours of gameplay to be enjoyed and many thought provoking puzzles in each world as well as the hidden secrets to discover, and even a speedrun mode to add further challenges to those who’ve already played through and completed the full adventure to completion. And perhaps a secret or two to be found within the prologue scenes at the end too.

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