Soda Drinker Pro/Vivian Clarke Greenlight Final Gulp

Soda Drinker Pro is on its final push for greenlight status, in the top 50 games this means that it is very likely to have a greenlight release very soon, considering they release in batches of around 100. The more votes it has now the quicker the release will happen.

Soda drinker pro is a surrealistic exploration game where you enjoy and collect bonus soda’s while walking around worlds inspired by oil paintings and the depths of your imagination, considering the majority of the levels are based on user suggested idea’s there is quite a variety in locations you can enjoy your soda. If you are looking for an escape from reality and to wander around some very unusual and colourful worlds this is the game for you.

Mentioned and confirmed via email by the dev is that all purchases of soda drinker pro on pc made already, and as an additional content upon release for console versions the game will include vivian clarke the surreal platformer and action game where things get a lot more twisted, and you begin as a single drop of rain from a raincloud and follow the journey of what this water droplet can become, wether drank by a bird who talks to a giant worm and takes a journey into space, or you make it all the way to the sea and into the eye of a giant sea creature there are many possibilities of what you can become all with thier own frantic arcade style.

The full release of vivian clarke is being developed with 3d interpolated levels and if you have seen the game jam works by this developer such as gator time you can see the styles being implimented, or if you follow the dev on twitter (link at the start) he often posts screenshots or streams of further development of the game, and appreciates input to potential new levels in the game as crazy as you can think anything is possible.

There also appears to be some big secret he is hinting at, and I don’t quite know what it is leading to but lets see how things develop.

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