Oddworld New N Tasty is a modern remake of abe’s oddysee staying true to the puzzle action platformer’s original action but with modern graphics, many of the rooms have a familiar feel and it would appear that the secret locations remain in the same area’s but without the noticeable rocks falling (dripping) effect to giveaway where the secret area’s lie instead you have a much harder time looking out for obscured trapdoors or pits that lack the death symbol.

“Hard Mode” essentially is as abe’s oddysee was on the origonal playstation as it states “classic health” so anyone who has completed the original has no excuse not to play on the hard difficulty. Of course there are harder problems as a result of the slight changes and persistent scrolling area’s as where some puzzles could previously be cheesed due to being off screen and vision effects that result from that in the remake some puzzles have slightly longer area’s and enemies can see you where in the classic game you could cheese the fact enemies would miss you as you transition between screens.

If you haven’t played the playstation original then you should perhaps think about buying new n tasty instead as there are a choice of difficulties, a whole new expansion with the alf’s escape dlc and the main story in a smooth modern setting.

The true challenge is to save all 299 (obviously alf has been given his own dlc to save all 300) mudokons and escape alive, which considering how hidden a lot of the secret area’s are is a very difficult challenge indeed, especially if you’re trying for the new n hasty achievement.

Get oddworld new n tasty on steam store.steampowered.com/app/314660/