Black & White Bushido Playthrough

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Black and white bushido on the face of it is essentially a very simplistic multiplayer action combat game with one hit kills and a few game modes. Don’t confuse this with being a bad thing however as with a fast paced action brawl game like this simple is often better.

The game stands out from others in the fact that everything is two tone, either black or white from the background and platforms to your character themselves, and this adds to the strategy for the game, do you hunt down your enemy in territory where you’re highly visible or hide in the shadows and wait for a more stealthy kill.

Initially it can take a bit of time to get use to the spawn mechanics and figuring out where you are located but once you’ve got a handle on things, and being able to see your enemy while they hide in the shade things become a lot more fun.

The mechanics aren’t just as simple as this, as there are grenades and throwing stars, and also the scenery which changes either by the capturing of flags or through domination as often when you’re on the side which is overpowered you will lose all shelter in the dark as the entire screen becomes your colour.

So if you’re looking for something a little different with your multiplayer brawl action you should check out black and white bushido for yourself.

Get black and white bushido on steam now, and find yourself

Available on green man gaming

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