Assault android cactus is out now on steam, a top down fast and frantic shoot em up with a slightly comedic narrative, built in global high scores and 9 different androids to unlock all with their own play styles.

If attempting to replay the levels and get better scores and higher leaderboard positions isn’t enough to keep you coming back for more there is also a daily challenge where every 24 hours all steam users compete on the same map with the same enemy waves to get the highest score possible in a single chance attempt to score highest on the leaderboards.

All of the levels are short and fast paced, with lose conditions varying from the usual top down shooters, while you have a health bar the primary factor for failure is a loss of the “battery” which is a timer system within which to defeat all waves of enemies within the level. Dying is still a factor however as to reboot your android of choice you will drain the battery making things more difficult.

The enemies and action seem quite varied from the offset, with some enemies choosing to shoot at you, others charging at you to swarm you in a corner if you are unfortunate enough to not cut your way through in time, as well as turrets, flying enemies, champions and mine launchers. Think you’re safe and you’ve got the level mapped out, think again as completing a wave will often trigger the level design to change in a very fluid manner, often releasing more waves of enemies while blocking off escape paths you may have kept clear with new holes in the floor or walls coming from nowhere.

If you are a fan of this style of game assault android cactus is definitely one you will wish to own and test your prowess against the leaderboards while attempting to get the highest ranks on all levels (far from the C’s and D’s I achieved on my first attempts) while mastering all of the enemy varieties and the bullet hell standards some of the bosses can entail.

This playlist will show all of my daily attempts as well as my playthrough of the main game.

If you want to get assault android cactus for yourself (and lets face it probably decimate my scores) go to