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So I decided to search for myself see how the results were, on google and yahoo, and it seems I’m doing alright, sure there are a couple of off things, like the guy on twitch using my name hence being Indelacio_co_uk instead, and thats the major reason many of my things resort to being a URL rather than just indelacio, and on google some stupid tribal wars thing I’ve never used, so don’t assume someone using that name is me.

Other than that though things are rather accurate, and thankfully no dodgy things or porn, just slightly inaccurate users in some instances however I do operate the majority of the top slots.

I did see this site on my search on the top page, and decided to claim the page, it was stating that I have to follow 3 sites to claim it but I noped that off right away and just reloaded to claim my own site.  Seems an easy way to subscribe to new posts and a convenient page to see everything in a quick list different to the site, up to you if you use it for searching posts and being informed of new ones, either way I’m claiming it before someone else claims it.. Whoever created the page, or if its just because of plugins I installed I don’t know but either way it seems convenient.


A rant about the things I missed out on in 2014 due to the situation here, not only being stuck out in the middle of nowhere unable to really get anywhere due to terrible transportation systems here, but also from sleep deprevation due to constant deliberate interruption of my sleep and having to catch up during the daytime and not being able to get a really decent solid sleep segment.

Soda Drinker Pro is on its final push for greenlight status, in the top 50 games this means that it is very likely to have a greenlight release very soon, considering they release in batches of around 100. The more votes it has now the quicker the release will happen.

Soda drinker pro is a surrealistic exploration game where you enjoy and collect bonus soda’s while walking around worlds inspired by oil paintings and the depths of your imagination, considering the majority of the levels are based on user suggested idea’s there is quite a variety in locations you can enjoy your soda. If you are looking for an escape from reality and to wander around some very unusual and colourful worlds this is the game for you.

Mentioned and confirmed via email by the dev is that all purchases of soda drinker pro on pc made already, and as an additional content upon release for console versions the game will include vivian clarke the surreal platformer and action game where things get a lot more twisted, and you begin as a single drop of rain from a raincloud and follow the journey of what this water droplet can become, wether drank by a bird who talks to a giant worm and takes a journey into space, or you make it all the way to the sea and into the eye of a giant sea creature there are many possibilities of what you can become all with thier own frantic arcade style.

The full release of vivian clarke is being developed with 3d interpolated levels and if you have seen the game jam works by this developer such as gator time you can see the styles being implimented, or if you follow the dev on twitter (link at the start) he often posts screenshots or streams of further development of the game, and appreciates input to potential new levels in the game as crazy as you can think anything is possible.

There also appears to be some big secret he is hinting at, and I don’t quite know what it is leading to but lets see how things develop.

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With the upcoming release of “cucumber, banana, tofu” the three new drama’s being produced by e4 and being HEAVILY marketed on thier adverts as being three interconnected series based on sex, love and relationships of every variety they could imagine I decided to give my opinions on the matter before the show comes out, mostly because they abandonned utopia which was a very interesting and entertaining series in the name of producing multiple “new drama’s” for thier network, which turned out to be this boring mass appeal soap drama mildly comedic droll.

For a network that frequently likes to remind people that the channel was “born risky” they have proven to be quite the opposite abandonning a psychological series following the misadventures of a guy who stumbled on a secret he shouldnt’ve and being drawn into the world of a series of psychologically disturbed misfits and how the interactions of these and the circumstances around them cause increased spiralling into a mental state of psychological disturbance themselves, all offset in a world of cheery pastal colours the series was very artistic and well written to capture the characters so well in a dystopian world with the aim of a utopian future all in a happy shaded world.

They have attempted to make this whole thing seem like a successor to utopia by having the pastal shades remain for the advertisements however it is clearly just mass appeal soapbox droll, guranateed to get the mindless masses to watch who enjoy soaps and the like, rather than anything truly well written and enjoyable this would be forgotten like every other drama of the same nature, where its only stepping stone above them is that it tries to cover every single denomonation of relationship and how the three series are supposed to be interconnected, but again this is hardly risky in a marketting standpoint stating that people have to watch all three drama’s in order to see the whole series because they’re connected. I would rather have shows such as utopia that are well written and have a good storyline rather than this mass appeal crap and I know I’m not the only one, shows that live on well beyond thier time rather than short instant satisfaction for base instincts. I understand there may have been other reasons to cancel utopia, in particular the associations between the ebola outbreak and russian flu, particularly how they are both highly contagious and have no cure (although suddenly and miraculousely ebola now has an experimental cure, and suddenly the most contagious disease outbreaks and the whole world has to send doctors to treat the incurable disease and then travel home infected, and spread the infection into first world populations the world over, and how terrorist attacks suddenly occur in the name of distracting from other issues in the world, and how suddenly muslims become a terror target because the world is made to fear them when any terrorist attacks are often the nature of individuals not an entire group or religion, but the fact that the “terror Expert” on fox news things birmingham in the uk is a terrorist hotspot should point out something, considering that it isn’t, the muslim community is no bigger here than anywhere else in the world, but people here have a voice against mistreatment of people and the downtrodden nature of society, people are looking for excuses to invade and blame terrorists should people dissappear.

On the other hand a show which hasn’t been as heavily advertised is cockroaches and this appears to be much in the same nature as plebs, but contrasting the whole roman era nature of that show this is instead set in a post apocalyptic future where the survivors of society have inevitibly become base instinct following morons due to radiation exposure and only the lead character and his family remain of an average level of intelligence due to surviving in the basement of his girlfriend during the attack which wiped out most of humanity. This looks like it could have potential and being designed as a comedy rather than a soapbox drama has much more appeal to me.

Hopefully e4 will catch on and bring back utopia and other good series rather than subverting thier own “born risky” nature, and actually deliver entertainment that is well written rather than whatever droll fills the mass appeal.

Playthrough of Time FCUK including the additional chapter 2 content only availble through the purchase of the basement collection.

A fun and interesting puzzle game from before edmund mcmillen became popular through the binding of isaac and super meatboy, the basement collection features all of his flash based games including additional content for every game in an additional chapter of equal degree to the origonal content, and is well worth the purchase price.

The basement collection is available now on steam

Taking part in the pay it forward campaign where 5 gifts will be sent to those who want in to recieve a gift that I think will make them smile in some way at a random point in the year. I’m surprised how little uptake there has been considering I posted this on facebook, and really all people would have to do would be to send gifts to 5 of thier friends essentially, only me who decided to make a video with a reach broader on youtube, but still.

Anyway if you want to take part just put I’m in on the youtube comments page, I was thinking about just sending some gifts to friends regardless without the neeed for them to take part due to poor uptake, and had some idea’s in mind for different people like something bunny related for sarah, and a few different things for other people that I know they would like, and I wouldn’t hold them to giving gifts to thier friends, just if a random person I don’t know joined in I would have to see they took part.

So anyone who see’s this you’ve got to be old enough and able to give your address etc, just to avoid laws and complications.

In response to the utterly moronic statement by a terror expert on fox news I decided to make up some utterly ridiculous terrorist rant whilst pointing out how utterly stupid it was to put someone on air unvetted with unjustified or researched information, with a call to fire the guy because clearly he has made a carear out of inventing bullshit to terrorise the public and spread fearmongering tactics. Usually he would have an audience which doesn’t speak the language and who have never visited the region so he can invent whatever the hell he likes, and use subtitles to twist or contort what is actually said to whatever made up statement he desires.

Today however he made the wrong move by talking about the uk and birmingham in particular, and any backlash he gets is deserved, and fox news itself should have made a grand gesture with regards to charitable donations and fired the moronic twat who invents information to suit his own will without any sources (or sauces ;-) )

He did make a grand gesture himself of donating £500 to birmingham’s childrens hospital, make your own mind up wether that is remotely significant for calling the entirety of birmingham a terrorist muslim hotspot where regular people are afraid to visit for fear of getting stabbed for not being muslim and in muslim attire. I don’t think it was sufficient for the insult, and he should be made to publically redress his statement on the very same network news show at the same timeframe to ensure people aren’t mislead the world over, because people believe whatever is spouted on the news at them, and if no statement is made to apologise they will continue to believe the bullshit fed to them directly by someone who must have something against birmingham or just enjoy terrorising the american citizens to make such statements live on tv when they are clearly unjustified lies.

Paperbound is a fun game by where the gameplay is very simplistic in nature but challenging, frantic and fun.

Essentially you play as papercraft characters inside the pages of books fighting epic battles where gravity holds little meaning, and you can flip around the screen and manipulate this to your advantage to dodge around like a ninja and take out your enemies in order to escape. Once you meet the requirements a tear will form in the page just for you to escape and become victorious. There are the usual trope of gamemodes including king of the hill, capture the flag, etc but the game holds its own even without these gamemodes being a fun and frantic game that can be difficult to put down.

My only problem is that I lack the capability to connect my xbox 360 gamepad, and the game is currently local multiplayer only due to its alpha nature, however the final release should be steam based multiplayer and sort out that issue, wether it remains gamepad only is to be seen, but one can always be purchased. I however am waiting for the steampad to be released to test if this is compatible with this game.

Anyone in the midlands area of the uk who wants to play a series with me I welcome them or I can visit them, provided they have the ability to connect pads, as I have been trying ever since EGX to source people with those capabilities to play with and my friends and contacts unfortunately lack that nature, hence releasing this preview so I at least got my video out there for you to see, because this remains one of the releases of 2015 that I am highly anticipating and looking forward to playing upon final release.

Starting 2015 with a rant about looks and confidence and how I’m not currently happy with how I’m looking and feeling due to inactivity stuck in the middle of the countryside, and how one of my minor resolutions is to get back into shape while still fighting to get back to birmingham.

Additional rants about mens clothing in general, and how there are many women who call themselves unattractive but are actually pretty, and how public idea’s of what is portrayed as attractive is often quite the opposite to me, and how really people should be more confident and go for what they want and at least ask, the worst they can do is be rejected, but the potential of not being rejected would surely be worth the risk, because often its the good and kind people who are most mistreated and those with issues who aren’t making themselves available to everyone who tend to miss out, when often they’re nicer and better people who deserve some happiness and a relationship.

How to Escape Tiny Keep Playlist featuring all video’s as they are uploading, featuring the chronicles of indelacio the prisoner attempting to escape the prison of tiny keep, with failures and attempts as well as floor guides and tips and secrets as I descover them.

Will I ever escape this prison? Stay tuned to find out.

Tiny Keep is available on steam, and is very fun and proceedurally generated so you will never have the same experience twice.