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The saga continues with birmingham city council in an issue which should have been resolved a long time ago, please excuse the fun thumbnail parodying star wars, I needed a little something to make me smile and take away from the stress of the whole situation.

With established trails showing that birmingham city council have admitted that they should have paid due housing benefits without requiring extra proof (which was sent and they lost on a number of occasions) where they state I was “just in time” to get those payments made, yet they still did not make a single payment until over 5 months later a whole 2 months after my home was repossessed for non payment of rent, which was being paid wholly by housing benefits. During this timeframe 3 fresh housing benefit applications were made, which the council state were never required, yet were ignored during that timeframe, and they ignored all factors, correspondence and attempts to get due housing benefits into payment, which they state and admit should have been paid without any of the undue effort that was made, yet do not make amends for not paying in any timely manner.

Ever since I have been attempting to resolve this issue not only attempting to be rehomed, where they have established hoop after hoop, such as not accepting email applications, not accepting applications from on a temporary residence I could not stay at for longer than a week, losing so many applications and proofs it is laughable that this is a government institution, denying applications and proofs sent via recorded delivery ever existed and then summarily ignoring their own criteria for what defines a local connection to birmingham.

This is summarizing what has been a highly stressful and soul destroying process which is driving me completely insane. Obviously if you watch all the old video’s and read all of the prior articles you will see proofs and natures which I have previously established in further detail than here.

So onto the criteria for what defines having a local connection to birmingham, to have a local connection to birmingham you must meet one of the five criteria, the first two being having lived in birmingham the last 3 out of 5 years, and having lived in birmingham for 6 out of the past 12 months. During both of these criteria I had placed application after application which were either lost or required me to be in “other circumstances” than the homelessness they created, even when I began staying on my moms sofa in the countryside I had spent the last 13 months living in birmingham in an overpriced illegal unregistered house of multiple occupancy that was rat infested until I ran out of money due to desperation to return to birmingham while attempting to resolve the situation. From then they lost housing application after housing application along with proofs and identity documents which were sent upon request; so much so that I began sending via recorded delivery which still vanished without a trace and explanation despite proof of delivery. Of course upon housing application 5 being taken in by hand (and then requested the nature of over the next 3 months before they began to process it) they finally began to process things, which in a very shady nature matched exactly the month where my criteria for 3 out of the past 5 years expired to the month. This is a very dodgy and shady coincidence.

Other criteria such as local blood connections get ignored by birmingham, and even when bharat chauhan finally admits I have this blood relative this doesn’t count as a “local connection” and I still have 90% less priority and no effort to make my life return to a nature it should be.

The fourth point for local connections is work and study within birmingham, I have studied at university in birmingham city center, and the majority of my work history is in birmingham, even the temp agency I work festival jobs at had work opportunities in birmingham I could not perform due to this entire situation, and I have not been able to look for full time employment attempting to resolve this entire situation with my entire time being unable to do anything until I am returned to birmingham.

The fifth and final criteria is special circumstances, noting I only require one element to be a local connection and how they have behaved over factors that should count, the final and specialist of circumstances is that I should have still been homed in birmingham, I lived my entire adult life in birmingham, until they put me in this situation I have lived in birmingham since 2004 they admit my housing benefits should have been paid in a timely manner, I had my flat and home in erdington birmingham and would still be living there had they paid due housing benefits as my home being reposessed was entirely stated as and due to non payment of rent, which was a direct result of their illegal and unreasonable witholding of housing benefits for over 9 months despite constant and persistent attempts to get due housing benefits into payment, where the council themselves have even admitted every effort was made by myself and family housing association to get these due benefits paid during that entire time process. So as a direct result this has caused this entire situation and had they paid these benefits I would still be homed in birmingham in my flat where I was happy and probably had found full time employment in this time frame and not been driven completely insane by this entire process.

So as they continue to do things against their own rules and immorally I have to wait for the lgo(biwan kenobi) you’re my only hope to put things right and get justice, because the council and in particular scumbag sith lord bharat chauhan have established that they clearly will not do the right and legal thing to put things right or listen to their own criteria.

Onikira demon killer is a fast and frantic action platform game set in feudal japan, you take the role of a samurai who has been bought up with an absent father trained in the arts of the sword. The land suddenly gets ravaged by an unknown demon and your story begins.

The game itself is very fast paced and frantic, perhaps starting out rather tough with no healing ability until after you defeat the first boss but rapidly checkpointed so death is meaningless allowing you to take on the tutorial waves with a stronger start, however you soon rescue a dragon spirit who enables health to drop from defeated enemies and the game opens up, with more skills to master if you choose or you can freely button mash and jump around to victory.

Your capabilities are scored upon how well you defeat enemies without getting damaged yourself so mastering the skills and enemy behaviors will help you to achieve the higher ranks to clear the levels, but this isn’t essential for progress so you can have fun mashing away at your own pace.

There are four weapons available to use each with their own play style so finding the one which suits you, or even the enemy you’re facing off against is often the choice you have to make.

It all comes down to whether you’re a fan of side scrolling action platformers, having grown up with these games I do enjoy this play style and the game does have a good art style and bosses with their own mechanics (with the usual weakpoint to discover and take advantage of in order to kill the demons) and a fun little plot behind the game to keep you going forward.

As is expected of a game like this there are secrets to discover too, with hidden powerups for those who wish to explore or exploit the scenery and their own powers which can help make some of the later bosses and levels easier.

All in all the point of a game is to have fun and this is a very fun game which you can take at your own pace, while it would be nice to be able to save mid level should you require and continue later starting fresh on a level isn’t such a bad thing as long as you have the time it will fly by before you know it because you’re having so much fun, and with games like this growing up the case often was that you had to begin the whole game fresh every time you loaded so starting a level over isn’t too much of a downside.

Check out onikira demon killer for yourself on steam

I was sent a sample of the new 007 Seven fragrance to sample and provide my opinions on, other than the cool bottle and interesting spray mechanism the product itself is rather generic.

Men’s aftershave and fragrances do tend to be strong and overpowering and this at least holds back to be a more sophisticated and subtle scent but still have the usual and fairly generic male fragrance scent where you would expect a fragrance suitable for james bond to stand out and be bold.

Being a spy who is often approached and gets all of the ladies in the films you would want a unique scent perhaps more fitting to the theme, with 007 being famed for martini’s, money and cars I would expect a scent that is reminiscent of these or perhaps some of the exotic locations that bond visits in various guises. Obviously not knowing the upcoming film in depth I cannot say if it fits spectre or even attempts to, but as a fragrance for men for me it is a little generic.

Perhaps they decided to play it safe in order to appeal to the most people, with a familiar scent that wouldn’t scare people from trying it, but that isn’t bond. Bond is never one to play it safe, he always takes the risks and comes out on top and that is what I think the fragrance with his name should do.

So all in all the fragrance is pleasant enough to use, but nobody would ever smell it on you and know it was 007 seven, it could be any fragrance to someone smelling it, and as a result makes itself replaceable in purchase for any other mens fragrance in my personal opinion.

Ninja pizza girl is a speed based platformer/runner game with a few variations but for the most part is a race against the clock to get to the finish, with obstacles and enemies to “demotivate” you and impede your path to make it a challenge to complete the levels.

Boosts are gained by performing skillfully and collecting powerups ultimately resulting in dubstep ninja mode, where the music kicks in with the world more colourful and the result makes your character run faster and respond quicker.

Some minor complaints come in the form of the game being clearly developed for tablets or phones with very simplistic controls, with a single button being both the jump and dive mechanics, and if you’re using the modifiers you can unlock such as double jump this can make the effectiveness of the ability difficult, and even without this there are times you want to divekick but as there are no enemies present you will not be able to perform this action and have to resort to waiting in place to land, or at other times when you initiate a divekick to hit an enemy missing his head can result in you shooting down a hole that means certain failure due to the time limit of the level to get back out.

The levels can be quite monotone if you’re struggling to keep together your combo or neglect to go shopping to cheer up your character between levels as this has an influence on your starting speed and essentially your life bar before you get demotivated and break down crying in the streets, and the theme and artwork are styled after comic books and humourous which makes the game suitable for everyone.

Other than these few quibbles the game remains a fun and fast paced platformer good for short bursts of action, with high scores and increased difficulty modes which can be very challenging to complete and keep you coming back for more, sure I would like to be able to reprogram the controls so I can divekick whenever I desire for not only the increased flexibility of control but also effectively control my jumps and dives to truly ninja run around the levels but this is not something which breaks the game.

Check out ninja pizza girl for yourself, and have some fun frantic fast paced pizza deliveries with a humorous plot and nice comic book stylings.

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Dr who returned to our screens with season 9, and of course everyones “favourite” doctor, peter capaldi who has been commented by many people as reasons they have stopped watching the show. On top of his breaking of the fourth wall to explain a plot last season, and constantly insisting he’s cool and things he does are cool just like a dad trying to insist to his children he’s actually cool he has now gone on to break one of the majorly established elements of being a doctor.

The doctor has always had his big blue box, the tardis trapped in the guise of an old telephone box despite the fact that this is irrelevant pretty much everywhere in the universe and space time. However he has also had for some time, and especially through every incarnation of the new season his sonic screwdriver in various forms, changing this to another form of sonic was acceptable however removing the screwdriver aspect and turning them into a pair of sunglasses is about as cool as those pathetic slatted sunglasses or wearing 3d glasses in the 80/90′s and also breaks one of the main characteristics of being the doctor, changing from a sonic screwdriver is essentially the same as changing the form of the tardis from an old telephone box, especially to something as stupid and douchey as a pair of sunglasses, it’s almost as though he’s trying too hard to insist he’s cool when sunglasses aren’t really cool fashion and haven’t been for a long time, sure they’re effective for blocking the suns rays and good for helping you see in bright light, but as a fashion accessory they’re rather stupid and as a sonic tool quite stupid considering how much harder it is to put on a pair of sunglasses in order to activate something.

Perhaps had he simply kept them as an additional tool for seeing things possibly it would have been fine, but to remove the screwdriver because he doesn’t want to be seen waving a magic wand essentially around is just silly in my opinion. Let’s face it holding out the sonic screwdriver and pointing it at something or holding it up like a sword ready to use at enemies is far more impressive visually than someone putting glasses on and putting their hand to their head.

This isn’t the only fault with season 9 however, additional problems come on the fundamental plot-lines which are reminiscent of 60′s batman serials, where every episode is essentially a two parter, and for the majority either the doctor or his companions, or in the case of last week pretty much the entire of the uk were dead, and stay tuned for next week to see how what happened at the end of the episode or in the teaser doesn’t actually happen and how he’s actually alive, the world is safe and nobody was actually ever in any danger as expressed in the end scenes.

The world is currently in jeopardy, the uk has been replaced with an army of shape-shifting aliens, which actually may have turned the humans into their form as they are constantly requesting for the truth to come out and for them to have their planet and their life back (whoops is that potential spoilers, I’m no insider but that’s the obvious solution, with the feared box perhaps being the key to the transformations and to put everything right) Will it be down to the doctor escaping from a plane about to be exploded by a heat seeking missile, probably using teleportation technology held by the dr who fangirl who wears nods to his past live’s outfits and keeps photo’s of them within unit on the walls as easter eggs to see.

Maisie williams was introduced as a new immortal in the only episode to not have anyone dead at the end, sure masie died but he implanted her with a chip to make her live forever much like captain jack harkness, and the teaser there was that she would live to see the annihilation of the entire world with what appeared to be a nuclear explosion behind her. This would hint along with word that was spread that torchwood would be returned that she may be the new leader of a torchwood team for her own series, put this together with the world jeopardy and unit being destroyed the perfect opportunity for her to step in from her established position of watching over the doctor (shown during a photograph in the end of an episode with her watching behind him in a previous plot)

With the doctors sidekick deemed to be cocooned, although she could easily be infiltrating pretending to be the alien in order to foil their plot and the doctor in trouble it could come down to masie to save the day with torchwood, possibly saving the doctor then stepping in to help take back the world and prepare to launch a season of torchwood during the doctor who season break. If they do not bring masie in to do torchwood it does feel like a missed opportunity having established her as a pseudo jack, another immortal to live forever but follow the timeline never to time travel and be stuck on earth in the perfect position to defend them, having established this would prevent her going insane in her previous plotlines.

I personally think the whole everyone’s dead, oh wait they’re not dead, oh we broke the established rules of what happens when the tardis explodes but that didn’t happen, on next weeks episode we never really destroyed it bullshit rather boring and predictable and seemingly inflating deliberately false plotlines. All of this is so old fashioned and pathetic and likely to destroy the entire franchise, I would like it to go back to how it had been, with intricate well woven plots along with individual episodes that wouldn’t necessarily tie together and never having this falsely implied death principle repeating over and over every single time.

Using it on the first episode fine, but now it’s been used 4 times over this season it’s dead and buried, and don’t bring it back alive next week this is one thing you should leave dead in the ground and get on with actually writing some good episodes before you kill the entire franchise. Also get rid of the sonic sunglasses they’re as offensive as if you change the tardis to a portaloo, he might as well be flying around space time in a turdis with his douche glasses and a sonic e-cigarette with weed in to provide all the aliens a sonic e-toke and mellow them out so the only thing they wish to exterminate is the contents of the fridge… in their stomach. At least an E-spliff would be more impressive than sonic sunglasses.

I like dr who a lot, and I gave the new doctor his chance but he’s gotten progressively worse, I know it’s established he’s meant to become the enemy of the universe, but that’s meant to be in show, he’s not meant to be destroyer of the franchise, just destroyer of worlds.