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As part of the #OneLittleChange campaign, tasting some products in tesco’s own brand noted as being healthier options where one little change to your eating habits can make a difference, I try out the products and give my opinions as well as noting what might be different wether it is a reduced sugar content or simply changing to a healthier product which seems to be the change.

As part of the campaign I recieved coupons for some soups, which are healthy by nature but I would guess to be healthier than bigger brands with a reduced calorie content, although the products themselves do not seem to mention the #OneLittleChange or anything healthier tesco themselves state they have made changes from the previous versions to make them healthier so I go on my best comparison, and there seems to be no compromise on taste and quality in terms of the soups I chose, which includes lentil soup which is always the option I go for when choosing a soup.

Other products I chose were the healthy living yogurt, where there is no noticeable difference between the healthy choice and the ordinary, so if you’re looking for a healthier yogurt you might as well choose a healthy living variety as there is no compromise on the flavour and quality of the yogurt, comparing this to the arla protien quark I recieved with the bzz campaign, where 20g of protien is promised per pot (and no idea on how that compares or if this is a significant source of daily protien) all I could note is the product was powdery dry and impossible to finish after a few mouthfuls becoming too dry and disgusting to eat. I would state that if anyone was looking for a protien shake or the like they would probably be preferable as they would be more liquidy and you could at least down that to finish it off, or choose pulses, nuts and other sources of protien which quite frankly will taste nice rather than dry and disgusting, so as a product itself I don’t see it lasting long on the shelves especially as specifically looking for the product within tesco it was difficult to spot masked by its own boxes containing the product.

Also recieved as part of the campaign I got some frosted flakes which may as well be standard cornflakes by the time you put the milk on, so although being healthier with a reduction in sugar it becomes one of the products where the reduction has seriousely effected the product integrity, making it a higher sugar content cornflake which you cannot taste the difference of, rather than a lower sugar frosted flake. I even tested the product on a resident frosties eater, my mom. She stated that you couldn’t taste the frosting and she wouldn’t change brand as a result even if it was healthier because you lose the ability to taste the frosting entirely and as a result rendering the product pointless.

Overall it seems most of the little changes can make a difference without effecting the integrity of the product, however if you are making a little change to eat healthier cereal you are better off changing directly to cornflakes, or bran flakes rather than a reduced calory sugar frosted flake where upon adding of milk it all gets washed off and loses the ponit of being frosted in the first place, everything else however remains high quality, with the yogurts all being very tasty and healthy, and the soups maintaining high quality and flavour with whatever changes they have made, which are difficult to note individually as they aren’t revealed on the products themselves. However it is noted as a healthier choice, so if you’re making one little change to eat healthier these products can help, as part of a balanced diet and excercise reigieme of course.

Pact Coffee is the new coffee equivalent of the weekly boxes which have become very popular, but in this instance you recieve a different roasting of coffee from the selection available. You can choose to have the same type every time (initially weekly or bi-weekly but you can postpone delivery for longer periods)

Choices will be recommended when you sign up based around the method of brewing you use and wether you include milk and sugar, and the option will be given as to wether you would prefer whole beans for home grinding and the freshest taste, or wether you desire pre ground for convenience and easier ability to brew at home but maybe with a compromise to that freshly ground quality.

Coffee’s are roasted in very small batches so bear that in mind when placing an order as you may have your order changed should supplies be short, although there is a variety from wet and dry roasted varieties it is hard to say wether they stick within this as I have insufficient data but if you have a problem with the coffee they select you could always specify to hold off delivery until you get the type you desire.

Gifts are rewarded for referring others to the site, from very basic items to much larger coffee themed essentials such as grinders, coffee pots and the like which is a very fun way of rewarding you for spreading the word, but also giving out a discount to your friend to try the coffee where naturally it would cost far more.

If you like what you see and want to try the coffee for yourself use the link below, where you’ll get a coffee bag of 250g for £1, and it would seem your next bag half price with it regularly being £6.95 per bag, however you can cancel at any time and place delays if you haven’t quite got through the last delivery.

The coffee I chose was a chocolate chip cookie variety, well I chose sticky toffee but that proved too popular so I got this instead, and I could definately taste the fullness of body specified with the “chocolate” consistancy rather than a chocolate flavour, I would have been interested to taste the stickyness or sweetness of the toffee, but maybe another time, I would note that your setup will stay with whatever variety they changed you to rather than your initial selection, so if you got changed due to thier shortage be sure to change that within your account section, otherwise you will get another delivery of what obviousely wasn’t your first choice.

All being said though the coffee does feel and taste high quality, even pre ground so for £1 why not try some for yourself, and if I get any of the goodies I’ll be sure to show them off on camera for you.

Paperbound comes out on steam on march 31st

This video shows what has updated since the alpha highlight, with improvements to the graphical interface, the addition of automitons and individualised mele weapons for up close combat, as well sa some new arena’s with different mechanics, such as walls which loop around, and maps with death at every edge.

The game itself remains a very fun and frantic multiplayer game ideal for quick plays in close groups, rounds typically only last a couple of minutes, sometimes shorter depending on the skill level of those playing, and remains manic and fun throughout where the action never stops for a breath.

Maps are inspired by passages from literary backgrounds and as a result are selectable from tomes holding the knowledge within, with great care taken over the art style, including dust within the levels such as you would expect opening a dusty old book (which can be set by the user to be heavy or less noticable if it gets in the way of the map) All of the levels look very pretty and have thier own individualised style, fitting the book they are selected within and also having thier own unique character bringing the passages to life.

Guest appearances of characters from other indie titles as well as thier own selection of well drawn and imagined characters are playable in a selection of colours meaning there is plenty of variety in which character best suits you, be wary that some characters are thinner or smaller than others and as such hit boxes might be more difficult on those players, but someone with skill shouldn’t have too much of a problem with that and when it comes action time with up to 4 players you’ll be distracted more than micro managing things like that.

The literary style continues with weapons including running and throwing scissors, ink bombs and if selected escaping through a rip in the page when you reach the target while your enemies attempt to prevent your escape.

I think the game is definately something everyone should own, so check it out for yourself and see what you think

In spring playstation will be launching a private beta test of the upcoming psnow service, where users can play ps3 games noted as big hits (“blockbuster and critically aclaimed games”) using a streaming cloud service, different to existing cloud based gaming platforms such as steam the playstation now service notes that users would never need to install, download or update the games and that they could be played immediately without delays of any sort.

There is a minimum requirement of a 5mbps download speed in order to be able to use the service effectively, but this is understandable considering the nature of streaming the games directly, anything smaller would cause problems.

Initially the service will choose candidates from the pool of ps4 owners subscribed to the playstation plus service, but it will branch out further at later stages of the beta to include playstation 3 owners and possibly even those not on playstation plus.

Anyone wishing to express an interest in participating should register at where the initial testers will be selected

When the service launches proper it will be a rental service where a small fee will be charged per rental, however during the beta it is noted that this service will be free of charge. There is no note on the actual price of the titles, however I am sure it will be only a couple of quid much like renting a game from a shop would cost, without the delay of going to the store and searching, installing, updating, having to return it on time and all of the other associated hassles.

Examples of titles come from SCE’s worldwide range of titles and noted examples are Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, The Last of Us and God of War Ascension, Rayman Legends (Ubisoft), Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (Ubisoft), Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package (Koch Media), Just Cause 2 (Square Enix), The Walking Dead (Telltale) and Dirt 3 (Codemasters), although there is a Notes to Editors that games included in the private beta won’t necessarily represent what’s offered in the full PS Now service however, and may change during the beta trial so this is worth bearing in mind, however gives an impression of what can be expected, and titles noted should become available.

So why not sign up if you’re able and check it out for yourself.

Playthrough of life is strange attempting to make the right decisions with our ability to rewind time, at least the decisions I feel I would make in life along with a social commentary and theories and assumptions over what is going on. There are potential spoilers as well as potential red herrings depending on what I get right and wrong.

Want to play yourself and make different choices and see how the story unveils differently? Then buy the game for yourself on steam, at £4 per episode it’s not an expensive buy and you’re free to make the choices you wish rather than watch someone else’s actions and decisions, theres always the chance I’ve missed things, I know I did in episode one so there is a good chance I’ll miss things in the future again which other people might pick up on

Life is strange is out now on steam

Fun times playing the jackbox party pack with a variety of people, along with some solo plays here and there to show off some features.

Guests are highlighted in the individual videos and you should check out thier content wether its videos, games or websites and the like.

The jackbox party pack has five diffferent games which are all highlighted in the main review elsewhere on this site, this is simply a playlist for the individual playthroughs and the hilarity and sometimes terrible humour that ensues, yes I know my sense of humour is really bad at times! There is an adult content warming so take care as adult language, jokes and drawings will be involved throughout.

Like the game and want to get it for yourself it’s available now on steam, want to join in for a few episodes? Tweet me and we can make some plans.

Just get through is a platform trap avoidance game with one simple aim, to just get through the level by any means, including destroying all the scenery if neccissary.

The game is a lot of fun and very affordable, and considering it is proceedurally generated no two runs will ever be the same. The playlist will automatically update as new episodes are uploaded, and if you like what you see and want to buy the game for yourself it is available now on steam

Standpoint is a first person puzzle game based upon the five stages of grief, inspired by other titles of a similar nature such as portal, q.u.b.e and the like, standpoint allows you to explore the world through the eyes of whatever entity you happen to be exploring stages based around the five stages of grief.

It would seem that you are a thought process traversing the inside of someones mind as they progress through the five stages, all too quickly loss is overcome as much in life important things can be lost in the blink of an eye with no explaination, there are secrets to be discovered which might aid you in the process of understanding exactly what has been lost and the nature of your place in this world, but it could be easy to miss these factors as it can be easy to miss the important things in life which help you understand.

There are 20 levels in total and while you may feel this is a little short the puzzles can get rather challenging very quickly, and this also allows the developer more freedom to introduce new elements every level and give a more diverse experience whilst still following the main themes for the different area’s, where denial focuses on denying you access to area’s in some form, or even denial of solving the puzzle in the way you would initially wish, then onto anger where it could be very easy to get frustrated and lost as the puzzles are designed to be very devious and frustrating in a successful manner which has left me in a state of not being able to progress beyond this before the major release but not at a state that I would never want to quit the game entirely leaving me to come back another day and try again to progress. This is what you want with a puzzle game really, if the puzzles were too easy to solve out of the box especially on a game where there are 20 levels you would feel cheated and dissappointed to complete the entire game so quickly, instead this has the right balance of challenge whilst somehow managing to theme the levels rather well to the emotion desired, not only in the level design but also the temprement and nature of the narator who appears to be the same voice actor for maggie from tinykeep so particular associations can be made while playing both games together.

I am unsure if there will be alternative endings depending on how many secrets you find or wether you get some but not all, however if you want to hear the full story of what is going on you will probably want to find all of the secrets which are hidden away in sometimes easy to see locations, but in later stages are hidden to a much less obvious degree.

If you enjoy games of this nature this is definately another you will want to purchase, not only because of the different mechanics of gravity and mind bending qualities which work without fault, but also by buying the game and showing the developer you enjoy games of this nature it encourages sequels or more games of this nature to be made.

From what I have been able to complete so far the story does follow the stages of grief well, perhaps if you find no secrets you might be left more confused as to what is going on, but if you do find them the secret hidden memories do fill in the plot very well for such a brief insight into what has caused the grief or the joys which have been lost in the past, and if anything the game itself does a good job of highlighting depression and grief and bringing the subject out of the shadows, perhaps even allowing it to become a platform for people to talk about more openly, or even see they aren’t the only one holding these things inside or feeling these emotions, and that it is all part of the process of recovering.

Of course the five stages of grief can naturally cycle and jump, it would have been clever to put warp zones and mix the stages of grief a little, however being lost in anger I can not state outright this doesn’t occur, but it could perhaps be something for a sequel where the character relapses into grief and cycles in some form, the length of time to complete levels and stages though can be a clever way of associating the fact that different stages of grief are overcome by different people in thier own times and no set length.

Standpoint is available on steam march 5th