Lets Play Life Is Strange All Seasons Playthrough

Playthrough of life is strange attempting to make the right decisions with our ability to rewind time, at least the decisions I feel I would make in life along with a social commentary and theories and assumptions over what is going on. There are potential spoilers as well as potential red herrings depending on what I get right and wrong.

Want to play yourself and make different choices and see how the story unveils differently? Then buy the game for yourself on steam, at £4 per episode it’s not an expensive buy and you’re free to make the choices you wish rather than watch someone else’s actions and decisions, theres always the chance I’ve missed things, I know I did in episode one so there is a good chance I’ll miss things in the future again which other people might pick up on

Life is strange is out now on steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/319630/

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