Drama & Controversy Over Mishandling Of Tie Breaker In Big Money Tournament By The Gaming Stadium & Literal Lack Of Care Or Recourse In $2000 Fling To The Finish Twitch Streamer Competition

After putting 9 hours of training in with Kookiee and a further 5 hours competing during the event we had worked our way to a tie breaker situation with 9…

Double Trouble Fling To The Finish $2000 Streamer Tournament Frontpage Twitch And I’m Taking Part

On November 21st 7pm GMT 11am Pacific 1pm Easter and 8pm CET 48 teams of streamers will get together to take on the double trouble fling to the finish tournament from SplitSide Games, Daedalic Entertainment, and The Gaming Stadium, and I am taking part so come by and offer support