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After what seemed like a very short beta period the steam trading cards has been released to the general public, perhaps partly for some of the reasons mentioned in the video and perhaps also because people were initially buying up copies people were listing for 3p and selling them on for £1-2. This was short lived when the second day of the beta steam released 200k new members and the price shortly crashed, however people were still out to make a profit by any means necissary, and this would now involve making dodgy deals in the trading forums to ensure they came out with a profitable deal no matter what, often trading thier one card for 2-3 or even more cards so they could accumulate a sizeable collection, and now these traders hold 500+ cards and still make these deals hopeing to control the system.

There are regular people on the trading system and it is a nice deal where you get card drops for playing the games and as a reward if you collect a full set you can craft a badge which increases your steam level (which grants minor privileges and status) and also gives you emoticons you can use and also a background for your profile, with the rare chance to earn some dlc (or a mystery card) or you will recieve a coupon for a percentage off a random game on steam, which can be applied on top of daily discount rates etc so they can be useful but often will not be.

I’m not being negative about the system or valve, it is a nice thing they have done and it encourages people to purchase and try games they may not have tried or heard of before, but its the people who take advantage of this that need to be kept in check and controlled, as these people creating discontent within the system end up causing valve to stop doing nice things like this and will eventually lead to the end of summer sales and nice treats because theres always the few that spoil it for the many.

What needs to be done is a single account for one person (really who needs multiple unless you’re taking advantage or screwwing valve over) and some sort of regulation over the way people trade and spamming of trade posts to bump themselves to the top, needless to say many arguments go out constantly, one even stating he was not being dodgy like some who offer 1:2 deals, yet he was asking for 9 tf2 cards for one mystery card, which you get by crafting like I just did, and he wanted the entire set so he could craft a new one, just to take advantage of people.

Maybe Im just a cynical brit, but I just don’t think its right to behave like that and take advantage of others to make money off something that is supposed to be a nice treat from valve

Maybe I was spoilt in Erdington, but whenever I fancied a portion of chips I would get a reasonable size portion, and I know the price of potatoes has gone up but that is beside the issue of everywhere else in the country giving you less than a small baked potatoes worth of chips for a standard portion. I know the cost of potatoes has increased and they tend to fluctuate a lot, but this again should not be the issue as surely you could just adjust the price of the portion to a rate that still maintains a suitable portion and gets a profit without compromising on the value of the portion by giving a measly unsatisfying puny bunch of chips.

Maybe it comes from where people would complain that they have “stale” or overcooked chips, I personally would rather have a few extra bad ones in my portion than having a tiny portion that I can hold in one hand and it be about that size, not the usual meal providing size I have grown accustom to. I know this issue spreads far and wide and beyond the fast food network into everyday things like chocolate bars decreasing in size to save money rather than just being honest and putting up the prices, it seems sneeky and underhand to chop down the size of portions and pretend you’re getting the same value when you’ve clearly lost out.

Another possibility is that they have decided to match ranks with other fast food joints such as mcDonalds and burger king where you get the same puny portion of fries (ever since super sized portions were declared illegal) and this is really to encourage you to purchase a burger and other things on the side to complete your meal rather than having just the portion of chips/fries as an entity on thier own as a treat, it would make sense if they are trying to sell more fish, as the british fish and chip culture rather than a portion of chips on its own, but then meal deals which include this you get an even more pathetic size of chips, literally in the lowesmoor fish bar in worcester (I had to name and shame purely for the stingyness) they have a deal where you could get 2 mini sausages and chips for £1.50 (it may have even been £2) but the ammount of chips you recieve with the sausages was less than the two sausages, so it was 80% sausage 20% chips, literally about 7 chips wrapped up with the sausages, I nearly left without paying saying no, the lady behind the counter insisted that this was the ammount they were told to serve, she had scooped half a scoop of chips onto the paper, looked and thought this was too much and taken half of them away again leaving this pathetic nothingness of a portion, I couldn’t believe it, hardly a filling lunch, left me unsatisfied and needless to say I never went there again and I would advise that you avoid the place too.

All I want is to be able to buy a decent portion of chips, Im even happy to pay extra to get a portion rather than a handful, and if you’re doing specials which make out you’re getting a saving don’t make a bigger profit on that than if I bought the two sausages and a portion of chips seperate, because it was literally saving about 20p off the cost of a portion of chips and the two sausages seperate but taking about 80p worth of chips away from the portion size.

I’ve tried a couple of other places and I just keep getting let down with tiny portions and ripoff meal deals that are worse than if I got the items seperate, its disheartening and puts me off trying, so I find myself having to purchase a pack of McCain chips or something close, but these I have to cook myself rather than having the convenience of the local chip shop, at least I can get a reasonable portion though without the hassle.


After playing both sites I can say safely that the site where you perform searches works best for me, there is no need to buy anything or do anything other than use the search engine and that has earnt me 2 free euromillions tickets every week and last week I matched 2 numbers plus a star, which splitting between the 20 people in the syndicate (which would be 10 if I chose the regular lotto draw) I recieved 28p, okay its not much but larger prizes will be more and when the prize reaches £100 million+ sharing that with 20 people is still a significant jackpot (plus I’m more likely to win smaller prizes with the euromillions just because of the increased number of prizes on offer) Also it notes the millionaire raffle number assigned to your ticket and you can tell that these are genuinely purchased tickets as it is not automated, but instead updated when the site owner has purchased these tickets and distributed them amongst the members.

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The other site however where you would essentially earn cashback in the form of tickets instantly produced numbers the moment you purchased them, without providing a millionaire raffle number so seemed a little dodgy, also it would play exactly the same numbers every time you chose a new draw rather than randomly giving you new ones like a lucky dip, so although I won twice on that these were £10 prizes, split between 10 people so only getting £1 but with a cashout limit of £25+ there was nothing to do but purchase more tickets in the system which inevitably lost due to the way this system worked, of course I paid nothing again and got my tickets free there, but I would recommend against using the site to earn tickets from buying things elsewhere and instead use an online cashback site such as the following link where you earn actual cashback which if you really wanted to buy lottery tickets with you can do that yourself and not split it between anyone else, whereas the first link where you earn the tickets for doing nothing but searching on the internet as you would anyway you’ve got nothing to lose and because they pay out any win direct to you, with no cashout limits even my small win of 28p found its way to me, so be sure to have a look, even if you only earn yourself one of the two free tickets for the week give it a shot, you could even win the jackpot, just remember to come thank me if you do :-P

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