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okay so my computer died and my current one does not install half of the stuff I need on it and I cant upload any videos at present, and also having some serious stress with british gas still not sorting my bill out.

Just thought Id put an update rather than leave you wondering why Im not posting anything.

well because my computer had been dying and technically everythings changed on my computer and all stored passwords etc are gone.. I had to retrieve old passwords needless to say this site’s retrieve password feature wasnt working.. so had to just hack into the database couldnt be simple as simply changing the user password in the database oh no.. I had to go through the kerfuffle of deleting the database reinstalling it deleting most of it other than the user info and installing the backup of the old thing minus the user info.. god knows what this has done to the site but it appears to let me use it for now.. we shall see the long term implications eventually