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Having moved into a new place I needed broadband as an essential for not only keeping up to date here but also for pretty much every aspect of modern life, previously I have used virgin media and experienced bt at my mom’s however I decided to take advantage of the sky offer which included a free 32″ television and cashback through topcashback which seemed the best deal without waiting for a reasonable deal to arrive due to the urgent nature of needing internet access.

Sky also at the time had an offer for “free unlimited sky broadband for 12 months” of course this isn’t technically free as the requirement is to take sky line rental at £17.40 per month which wasn’t necessary for the sky free tv offer, nor the cashback so perhaps I could have got a better deal elsewhere taking the broadband separately however I decided why not to save hassle.

In order to get these services installed the sky tv would be £10 installation, and the broadband £20 installation. The sky tv engineers turned up despite there already being a satellite, installed cables into a different room to the existing installation was and this side of the service was exceptional. However, the more expensive installation charge which again would not have applied if I had not taken sky broadband no engineers showed up to perform, they deemed as there was an outlet which they received a signal back from at head office that nothing needed to be done, so they simply took the money and did no work, now bear in mind there are 3 outlets in the house only one is in the correct room and that is a virgin outlet.

Sky customer service have stated how if there was no outlet (as I had stated on my application) engineers would have arrived installed an outlet in the correct room where I want it included in the £20 installation cost, however as they deemed there was already one on the property they didn’t need to do anything and simply took my installation charge, this is stupid as even though there was an existing dish on the site, this was replaced with another newer dish of exactly the same design, new cables were installed and much more effort done for the £10 installation charge for that service, why then would they not provide the service that was paid for which they would have done if there was no outlet for no additional charge? Because they’re greedy, they’re demanding £130 to perform this installation which would have been done in the £20 fee if there had not been an existing socket, and they don’t care if it’s under the stairs in the cupboard or somewhere else unreasonable as there is one in the property to get one installed costs £130 on top of your existing installation charge, this is ridiculous as I have paid for the service and they would have performed this service but to do what they should have done they wish to charge me almost 6.5X as much money which is completely unreasonable.

The service is ridiculously slow as well compared to virgin or bt which are my only other real experiences as anytime I begin to upload anything the rest of the internet becomes completely unusable and there have been days since where it has taken 5 minutes literally to open a page which is completely unreasonable and I bet if there are any outages they wouldn’t be as reasonable as virgin in paying for the downtime and the hassle.

Other problems I have had have been constant emails and spam calls from sky themselves trying to sell services begging me to upgrade, insisting I take insurance and other nuisances, the odd email or the odd call wouldn’t be so bad other than I have set my preferences to never be called, and the fact that I received the same email 7 times for the first week, and even after blocking I kept getting the same repeated emails for weeks which was deeply irritating. I also feel they sold my number as not long after activation I was already receiving nuisance calls from “accident” companies, which when calling sky about they start trying to sell me their “nuisance call prevention” system for £5 per month which is completely ridiculous. How about just don’t sell my telephone number sky!

I’m regretting my choice as thing’s aren’t going so well with sky, and the tv I would be able to see with virgin anyway so I wouldn’t be missing out on that aspect, the customer services are definitely the worst though absolutely belligerent and unwilling to be helpful in any form and simply denying they should have installed the phone line as paid for, and stating either pay £130 or leave, and in this state I’m definitely opting for leave when my 12 month contract is up as they will undoubtedly add ridiculous get out charges if I was to leave within this first month of taking their services, I am having very deep regrets taking the service however.

Human fall flat is currently in alpha but is already a very playable and fun game, if you are familiar with gang beasts the character movement is very similar to that game however rather than being a multiplayer combat based experience this game focuses around the puzzles that occur in the life of a human.

Your human much like in real life can be painted and dressed in any way your imagination see’s fit, of course in the alpha he is naturally drawn to the cap bearing lifestyle, and this may remain the fact throughout the full release of course but you can still paint said cap in any fashion you see fit, and perhaps even disguise it as a flattened egon spengler do?

Humans start out in this world struggling to stand up and walk, and this may be the case in the game as your human tends to be a little unsteady on his feet, perhaps the result of heavy drinking, but this adds to the challenge of keeping your human straight without falling off the ledge as you look around, this of course is essential as orienting your human revolves around the control gained from looking around, and each arm can be moved easily using said feature to grab items and move them to solve puzzles (or perhaps even trash a certain room within the game)

In the alpha the game begins with humorous tutorialisation video’s hidden throughout the levels with remote controls and witty comments as you solve puzzles such as pushing a button to open a door, the game does get a little more complicated as the puzzles step up from box to pad to open door puzzles into complex find a way to get that part of the scenery loose to swing across this chasm in order to progress further into the game. I would presume the final release would continue the witty humour later into the game and provide more objects to interact with, it has been stated that there will definitely be at least one further area to play around in.

The levels themselves begin rather linear however there are hidden secrets even in the early levels before things really open up to allow multiple paths and solutions to the puzzles and that’s where the replayability comes in, as there is plenty around to mess about with and find hidden secrets you never knew existed as you explore further and play around with objects you didn’t think would do anything.

The game was quickly greenlit and will be coming to steam soon but if you can’t wait you can purchase the alpha directly from the developers on their website. When the game is fully released I will do an update and show what is new to the game and a proper review video.

If you enjoyed the look of the game go buy a copy for yourself and do remember there will more features and at least one extra level in the full steam release!

Go vote on the steam greenlight page this game’s great human fall flat greenlight.

Find out more about human fall flat at

Hello, so it has been a while since I posted, mostly because I was moving and had issues to sort out along those lines but also with the whole leadup to moving house this made things rather difficult with preparations and lead to me falling behind on many fronts, what does this mean to you I hear you ask well firstly I have a number of gameplay series I never made playlists for so these will be coming here along with the written reviews, but also a number of vlog and experience reviews also along with some more political nonsense as there are still issues revolving around that.

Having moved though I would be able to do more as I have more time to record and write as well as generally being able to do more to write about, there are a few issues preventing me from doing this at present though, mainly revolving around having to get furniture and put my life back together, but also revolving around my pc not surviving transit too well over 6 moves, so the hard drive is on it’s last legs and in need of replacement, I am attempting to get a replacement and copy my old drive directly in the hopes that the operating system transfers over without having to buy a new one which would be very expensive.

In the meantime however there are a number of video’s coming out including gameplay playlists, some update video’s, unpacking my old life which involves whatever I could save from my house in the little I could carry and everything which has been in my moms attic for years. I don’t know if everything will make it directly onto the site here as I tend to put up playlists with something nice written for those of you who prefer to read (which seems to be most of the visitorship!) and I am aware I should encourage more of you to be social or subscribe to the channel, so in this instance I will say why not follow me on twitter and keep up with me, feel free to ask any questions or chat! @indelacio_co_uk or subscribe to the youtube channels indelacioletsplay and indelaciorantsravesandreviews

In the meantime enjoy the content coming out and if you want to do place comments or questions and feel free to like video’s in series you’d like to see more of as this does let me know what you’d like in preference if I have limited recording time.