Remember remember the fifth of novemer, at least thats what we’re always told but what exactly does it mean? Sure its to do with the gunpowder plot and treason and how guy fawkes attempted to destroy parliament by digging underneath and planting gunpowder barrels and was sentenced to be burnt for his crimes.

The question remains however why exactly was he burnt? What happened to drive someone to want to destroy parliament, you have to remember that he wasn’t alone and worked with a crew however he was the figurehead who was caught and publically exectued, so why do we need to remember to this day? Or is it parliament who needs reminding that we infact outnumber them and if they are running the country poorly we can always rise up and destroy them? Remember how close 10 people came to destroying you before working in secret, if you continue to heartlessly cut off the neediest people in society and make people homeless and jobless we can always take you down again.

The last civil war was between the royalists and the parliamentarians, however parliament has become corrupt and filled with people who will happily buy themselves two houses and holidays with public taxing rather than spend it on health care and services that we require, glad to waste it on billion dollar buildings that get under used rather than renovating streets that have become dangerous with potholes and to spend as much money as possible in order to get the budget next term just in case they actually need it for anything, but usually mostly paying themselves off in the process rather than doing anything for society as a whole.

Its not hard to see that there is a potential future on the horizon where a civil war between society and parliament will occur as they are happy to extend the divide between the rich and the poor allowing tax breaks for the rich and the fortunate while cutting off benefits and overcharging those who actually require the assistance, encouraging certain american coffee house chains to open more loss making branches so they can avoid paying tax, which is really just a form of advertising because if they have six branches in one town you see thier brand everywhere and it doesn’t matter that they’re losing money on them as you have no other choice and also competition cannot open a branch in that town if they hold every property, and this is free advertising because they’re saving paying taxes on any of thier branches that actually generate a profit for them which isn’t right, and the excuse that they are generating jobs is ridiculous because another organisation could take that site, generate profits and taxes with whatever they’re doing and because they’re doing it well and generating a profit they would in fact be more likely to hire more staff as it wouldn’t be losing money and require hiring the minimum possible staff to run the branch.

So other than going off on a tangent what point am I getting at? Well there are some protests occurring in london on the 5th of november, most likely nothing will be done about them but I would ask that if you or anyone you know has been effected in some pay by these cuts I think you should make every effort to attend because this could only continue further, if anyone has read my blog or seen my video’s they will know that Im now homeless because the government illegally witheld my housing benefits claiming they would pay them, for 6 months they illegally witheld them and in that time my home was reclaimed from me and now all I have is a cold winter to look forward to, the other night I was getting chest pains around my heart because of the cold so maybe I wont have too much more to put up with this but who knows. I also know that they’ve tried to do this to single mothers with children to look after who Im friends with, luckily they were able to sort it out, however despite doing everything they asked they kept making excuses and postponing til my housing association reclaimed my home and then paid about a month after that, not the full ammount they said they would but they paid the housing association after I was made homeless and taken off the statistic of being unemployed despite the fact that they encouraged me not to take part time work because they threatened to remove my housing benefits and make me homeless if I did, well as you can see they did that anyway so maybe I should’ve taken 8-15 hour shifts where I could.

Sorry that paragraph was getting a little long there. I like to keep my points in the same paragraph and I wasn’t finished with that point, anyway where was I? Well I ended up homeless anyway and they don’t care and I have paper trails showing how they kept promising to pay and making excuses and also part blame on family housing association and trinity housing as where they asked me to fill in yet again a new application form after they claimed to have lost it where family housing forced me to have it filled in on my behalf in front of them by trinity housing and they neglected to sign the page where it was filled in on my behalf and this was rejected making even more delays, but yeah even after they promised to pay it in full and did not and much too late to help months after they stated they would pay it this isn’t right, and its in all of the papers how they are doing this to many people, young people like me, the elderly, the disabled and vulnerable, absolutely everyone is being effected by hearless cuts to council bodies and they happily fund thier own wages and waste of money operations but neglect the people who really need the help.

The ironic part is I actually have a number of workable solutions that government somehow neglect to consider. One vital one is this stupid regulation that allows people to sign out of the working week, it gets taken advantage of far too much, we already have a 48 hour working week which is the largest in all of europe, but employers frequently get every single employee to sign this as standard as it takes away your working rights, often they will make the first week an 80 hour week even if you are on a 20 hour contract, primarily to test you under such conditions but also because you lose your rights to breaks and you have worked an extended week so theoretically they can claim they haven’t done it simply to steal your rights away from you, but also in the hospitality industry it is rife with employees either working 60-80 hour weeks every week as standard or taking two jobs and working themselves into such a state that they are agitable and volitile, I worked with some girls at the NEC who would get 2 hours sleep a day and be so volitile that you couldn’t take initiative and do tasks that they were missing in order to help, they believed you were trying to steal thier job or something and started causing trouble, so it came to a state where I would ask for absolutely every task with these particular members of staff, okay it was only 2-3 but they were the primary staff supervisors and I was attempting to get along with them and do the work without causing trouble but they were always so agitated that even asking questions infuriated them. Well I say the NEC but thats just where creativents were based the actual NEC staff were always lovely and when I worked with offtowork the lady who runs the NEC arena restaurant always loved me and knew how hard a worker I was and how good I was at least I was respected in that job and was even a team leader and supervisor for offtowork for a while til my psycho ex jen got me fired, but thats another story Im sure you’ve read in the past.

So to get back on track, lets make these bullet points

1: Make it so the people who can sign out of the working week are those it was intended for only, management and owners who have to work longer hours than this in order to reliably run thier operations, not the everday workers, this will create more jobs and lead to fresher happier workers and a more efficient workforce, not overtired stressed out idiots who make mistakes and cause problems

2: Think about reducing the working week to match europe, now if you really think about this it will mean a few side benefits come in, with reduced hours there will be more jobs available, many more jobs, this will drastically reduce the number of unemployed on benefits, this will reduce this from government spending which will actually reduce the taxes you pay and this would result in a relatively net even income for those already employed, more free time which means more spending on lesure activities which helps the economy which also helps employment and the country as a whole, there are a vast number of knock on effects that comes from reducing the working week, that is why it works so well in europe compared to over here.

3: I am lead to believe that increasing the pension would also create far more jobs as people are afraid to retire as they cannot live on the funds they recieve, this means that all of the shops you would normally find young people are employed are now populated by pensioners, you may have noticed that your supermarket and poundland you are being served by old people rather than the 16-20 year olds you would get back in the days where I worked in retail. This isn’t really good for society as sure maybe old people have more experience but you’re just creating an adverse employment situation where young people aren’t able to get the jobs in order to gain experience and references and generate taxes and this will simply lead to a truly lost generation where they have absolutely no choice but to go on benefits as employers have in the past asked for 2 working references in the past year, which was the most ridiculous thing anyone could ever possibly ask for because when I applied to that job I had just come out of working for offtowork for 2-3 years and had no other working references to provide so I could not get the job with this other agency as a result of them requiring such pathetic references. But again if the young people are never able to get a job as the market is filled with older and older people how is this ever going to get fixed they will only create further burdens upon society, and also young people are the people you really want working because they are target consumers by corporations and if you have them employed they will spend thier disposable incomes on the latest technologies and all of the little cute things they need to make thier houses homes whereas old people usually have collected a lifetime of things and will not spend what they do not require and maybe save up during this time when society really needs spending in order to prevent negative financial circumstances for the country as opposed to saving. Maybe this is over generalisation and age steriotyping but in the papers it was also mentioned that old people should take certain jobs as opposed to others, immediately I thought a good one would be call centers as old people love to chat and this would be ideal for them where young people do not like working this as much.

Anyway I have a lot of reforms I would make that would make sense if I was in charge of the country but of course that would never happen and the chances of me ever becoming the MP that is in charge of these particular things is fairly slim also due to the fact that I would never get elected and have never attempted to run for office, heck imagine an unemployed homeless guy in charge of your countries financial institution that would just be crazy right?

But if you don’t want to see your friends on the streets, single mums with children, disabled people and NHS cuts while organisations such as starbucks and famous people like alan car are allowed to not pay taxes despite earning millions and thier taxes would generate far more for this country than cutting off and killing 500 people then its your choice on whether or not you wish to protest, even if its not in london just protest on november fifth and remind the country that we can take it back from them if they choose to continue down this path of reckless budget cutting, sure labour ran up the credit card bill and conservatives are merely trying to pay it off, but you dont begin by stopping paying rent and heating while living on caviar and champagne, you begin by living within your means england whilst putting the people who serve you first. Heck maybe if there is civil war and our side needs a name, if the royals would stand behind us and do things right I would change my mind about them being useless as they are merely decorations at the moment, but if we gave them the power back maybe they would actually do the right things for us, I do think the queen is a kind lady and would do the right thing for her citizens if push came to shove, so maybe we should test that out. I did try writing to her about this and got a letter from her office so I don’t think she ever read my letter and appeal about how the government did this to me but who knows for sure. Either way she can’t sit back and watch the entire of england go down the pan in this manner surely, I mean what is the point in ruling a country that allows many of its citizens to die in the name of budget cutting, the cold winter is coming, will it be the winter of our discontent and spark civil war when gas prices rise and more people are forced to make difficult decisions onto wether to eat or be warm, to pay rent when the government cuts them off illegally or to eat and other ridiculous choices that nobody should ever be forced to make.