Dark matter black hole theory

Okay, one of my many theories, which I will add to here at some point in the future. Right on the theory of “dark matter” so nobody knows exactly how much there is, but its stated that its required for the universe to have formed and that roughly at the moment 90% of the universe is missing.

Okay secondly black holes have been proven to exist, theyre not exactly massless now are they. they suck in matter at such a rate that not even light can escape… So that means that they have some weight, and these havent been included in these scientific constructs of the universe being created. Black holes amongst other things are formed from the destruction of some remote stars which burn themselves out in a supernova, could also make other spacial anomolies, but for this discussion Im just going to mention black holes.

So burnt out stars make black holes, which we cant see or account for all of with out microscopes unless they are doing something to make themselves visible like sucking in a remote sun. They account for some of the missing mass, and of course all the stuff theyve been sucking in all these years could easily account for the rest of the missing mass. I do have a theory on the destruction of the universe and will mention this in this section later. You do have to think to yourself, if 90% of the universe is indeed missing, then how much longer has the universe got left until the black holes suck in the rest of the mass? If we know how long the universe has existed of course then we would be able to work out a rough estimate but hey, only 10% of the universe remains unexploded or unsucked into black holes so not much left now.

You do have to allow for some mass so small floating in the space between solar systems, microscopic spacedust so small that our telescopes cant detect it; this could account for some extra mass, and detecting this could be the key to seeing black holes as seeing the lack of the microscopic dust (and the fluctuations like a tornado causes) would show exactly where a black hole is and its path and speed.

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