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Paperbound comes out on steam on march 31st

This video shows what has updated since the alpha highlight, with improvements to the graphical interface, the addition of automitons and individualised mele weapons for up close combat, as well sa some new arena’s with different mechanics, such as walls which loop around, and maps with death at every edge.

The game itself remains a very fun and frantic multiplayer game ideal for quick plays in close groups, rounds typically only last a couple of minutes, sometimes shorter depending on the skill level of those playing, and remains manic and fun throughout where the action never stops for a breath.

Maps are inspired by passages from literary backgrounds and as a result are selectable from tomes holding the knowledge within, with great care taken over the art style, including dust within the levels such as you would expect opening a dusty old book (which can be set by the user to be heavy or less noticable if it gets in the way of the map) All of the levels look very pretty and have thier own individualised style, fitting the book they are selected within and also having thier own unique character bringing the passages to life.

Guest appearances of characters from other indie titles as well as thier own selection of well drawn and imagined characters are playable in a selection of colours meaning there is plenty of variety in which character best suits you, be wary that some characters are thinner or smaller than others and as such hit boxes might be more difficult on those players, but someone with skill shouldn’t have too much of a problem with that and when it comes action time with up to 4 players you’ll be distracted more than micro managing things like that.

The literary style continues with weapons including running and throwing scissors, ink bombs and if selected escaping through a rip in the page when you reach the target while your enemies attempt to prevent your escape.

I think the game is definately something everyone should own, so check it out for yourself and see what you think

Standpoint is a first person puzzle game based upon the five stages of grief, inspired by other titles of a similar nature such as portal, q.u.b.e and the like, standpoint allows you to explore the world through the eyes of whatever entity you happen to be exploring stages based around the five stages of grief.

It would seem that you are a thought process traversing the inside of someones mind as they progress through the five stages, all too quickly loss is overcome as much in life important things can be lost in the blink of an eye with no explaination, there are secrets to be discovered which might aid you in the process of understanding exactly what has been lost and the nature of your place in this world, but it could be easy to miss these factors as it can be easy to miss the important things in life which help you understand.

There are 20 levels in total and while you may feel this is a little short the puzzles can get rather challenging very quickly, and this also allows the developer more freedom to introduce new elements every level and give a more diverse experience whilst still following the main themes for the different area’s, where denial focuses on denying you access to area’s in some form, or even denial of solving the puzzle in the way you would initially wish, then onto anger where it could be very easy to get frustrated and lost as the puzzles are designed to be very devious and frustrating in a successful manner which has left me in a state of not being able to progress beyond this before the major release but not at a state that I would never want to quit the game entirely leaving me to come back another day and try again to progress. This is what you want with a puzzle game really, if the puzzles were too easy to solve out of the box especially on a game where there are 20 levels you would feel cheated and dissappointed to complete the entire game so quickly, instead this has the right balance of challenge whilst somehow managing to theme the levels rather well to the emotion desired, not only in the level design but also the temprement and nature of the narator who appears to be the same voice actor for maggie from tinykeep so particular associations can be made while playing both games together.

I am unsure if there will be alternative endings depending on how many secrets you find or wether you get some but not all, however if you want to hear the full story of what is going on you will probably want to find all of the secrets which are hidden away in sometimes easy to see locations, but in later stages are hidden to a much less obvious degree.

If you enjoy games of this nature this is definately another you will want to purchase, not only because of the different mechanics of gravity and mind bending qualities which work without fault, but also by buying the game and showing the developer you enjoy games of this nature it encourages sequels or more games of this nature to be made.

From what I have been able to complete so far the story does follow the stages of grief well, perhaps if you find no secrets you might be left more confused as to what is going on, but if you do find them the secret hidden memories do fill in the plot very well for such a brief insight into what has caused the grief or the joys which have been lost in the past, and if anything the game itself does a good job of highlighting depression and grief and bringing the subject out of the shadows, perhaps even allowing it to become a platform for people to talk about more openly, or even see they aren’t the only one holding these things inside or feeling these emotions, and that it is all part of the process of recovering.

Of course the five stages of grief can naturally cycle and jump, it would have been clever to put warp zones and mix the stages of grief a little, however being lost in anger I can not state outright this doesn’t occur, but it could perhaps be something for a sequel where the character relapses into grief and cycles in some form, the length of time to complete levels and stages though can be a clever way of associating the fact that different stages of grief are overcome by different people in thier own times and no set length.

Standpoint is available on steam march 5th

Life is strange is an episodic story driven game split into five episodes each being released six weeks apart so as to allow time for the player to play through at thier own pace and replay and change any consequences they weren’t entirely happy with before the next episode. This may sound rather simple at first, until you consider that you also have the ability to rewind time.

This might seem rather straight forward at first, test out the consequences rewind and choose the one that seems to fit best, however its not quite that simple as any objects and information you gain are retained as you exist outside of the rewind facility entirely. So while you can gain information to use in conversations and obtain a better outcome there is the possibility that you may learn things you wish you didn’t know and not be able to forget.

It is fairly easy to miss things on your first playthrough, especially as time goes on wherever you exist in the environment so chances are things are happening off screen and you have no idea. Episode one itself is very focused on setting up the moods and interactions with the main characters for future episodes, for example do you rush through life not talking to anyone or do you piss people off rather than be kind to them? Do you focus more on gaining evidence rather than socially interacting? All seem to have future consequences even down to the small things such as wether you watered your plant, which will undoubtedly have an influence on your emotional state which also seems to have an important standing in the plot of the game.

There is a licenced soundtrack, which unfortunately I could never show you due to third content ID claims by merlin despite having permission to show content of the game it is better to be safe than sorry, even if the music creators wished to be seen and heard by far reaching audiences through the game sometimes record labels have other idea’s. The music itself does seem to play an important part of the story as it is focused that you have to play the music, perhaps as a prelude hinting how it effects emotional states which could become important, especially with the nature of the game revolving around the social interactions and moods of all of the students of blackwell academy.

Stating that though the game revolves around several themes, much as quoted “a dream within a dream” the game has the main plot of max and her reunion with chloe and how you choose to interact with her after such a seperation, but also the sub plot of rachel amber’s dissappearance, and the superceding plot of time travel and the mysterious threat of the tornado.

There are a number of easter eggs within the episode, such as max’s tshirt, the posters and scribbles on the walls and other things I couldn’t possibly state without spoiling things entirely, but if you keep your eye open there is much more than just the main game and the pretty hand drawn artwork and textures of the game to keep you entertained.

Any issues that were initially present such as stutters in cutscenes, and mysterious tye-died textures appearing have been since resolved so were you to purchase the game and play through yourself you would not experience these and for future episodes these should not be present upon release.

All in all episode one has been a great teaser of things to come with a cliffhanger at the end showing things are definately not as they seem, depending on how much you read into things you could draw a number of consequences.

Either way I suggest you buy the game and play through for yourself, wether you buy episode one for £4 or the full season for £16 you won’t regret the purchase with a playtime of 1-3 hours for a single playthrough depending on wether you rush past all human interaction or take your time to explore and converse with the characters, and I can presume at least 2 hours play per episode for those yet to be released with the more complex puzzles and interactions which will undoubtedly be coming forward.

Check out life is strange for yourself, it is avilable to purchase now on steam and a recommended purchase from me.

Paperbound is a fun game by where the gameplay is very simplistic in nature but challenging, frantic and fun.

Essentially you play as papercraft characters inside the pages of books fighting epic battles where gravity holds little meaning, and you can flip around the screen and manipulate this to your advantage to dodge around like a ninja and take out your enemies in order to escape. Once you meet the requirements a tear will form in the page just for you to escape and become victorious. There are the usual trope of gamemodes including king of the hill, capture the flag, etc but the game holds its own even without these gamemodes being a fun and frantic game that can be difficult to put down.

My only problem is that I lack the capability to connect my xbox 360 gamepad, and the game is currently local multiplayer only due to its alpha nature, however the final release should be steam based multiplayer and sort out that issue, wether it remains gamepad only is to be seen, but one can always be purchased. I however am waiting for the steampad to be released to test if this is compatible with this game.

Anyone in the midlands area of the uk who wants to play a series with me I welcome them or I can visit them, provided they have the ability to connect pads, as I have been trying ever since EGX to source people with those capabilities to play with and my friends and contacts unfortunately lack that nature, hence releasing this preview so I at least got my video out there for you to see, because this remains one of the releases of 2015 that I am highly anticipating and looking forward to playing upon final release.

This is a lost episode due to issues with using the honestech software to capture not only my live review but the footage from the show istself, with the fact that it added artificial noise as well as losing the majority of my footage in the transfer process it lead to severe delays in release due to quality issues, also due to memory problems I appear to have had some rendering issues not correctly cutting my picture in picture footage with the cheese and chef footage and it rendered at a state prior to editing and fixing correctly. I apologise for the issues and I hope you enjoy the review regardless of the issues that presented themselves, and this is the reason for the delays because I wanted to be able to get better hardware to resolve the issues for later episodes (which I have now done)

The good food show winter 2013 was held over 4 days each with its own supertheater and minor stage appearances by chefs of both celebrity status and renound michellin star restaurant chefs making appearances to cook and prepare food live in front of your eyes throughout the show. Depending on which chefs you would wish to see you should make a booking to ensure you’ve purchased a ticket for the day your chef will be making an appearance.

I visited on a friday believing this to be the most suitable day to be able to get around the event freely without too many people and also be able to get good footage for review.

The show itself spanned over 4 interconnected halls at the nec with another consisting of the supertheatre where shows would be performed throughout the day on a live large stage with your favourite tv shows being recreated on stage in front of your eyes, there were also a large number of smaller stages throughout the show including a great british bakeoff section which was rather popular towards the end of the day when the series winner was on stage, and also masterchef mini stages and belkin and other brands with thier celebrity chef of choice performing at intervals. I chose to include some footage from one of these events, and unfortunately due to my lost footage I lost the best parts where chef pointed out his sous chef watching in the crowd, a nod to me stating how things he’d stated he shouldn’t be stating as they’d be out in the press the next day, and the humour the chef input when someone ran in front of the stage rather than walk around during the show.

This alone is worth the cost of entrance if you consider the show itself to be the foody equivalent of a rock concert, where your favourite chefs perform throughout the weekend and you choose to watch whichever ones you wish to see while missing others, and due to the way this show is setup you have a much better chance of getting up close and personal because not only do you get to be very close up to the action itself and even if you’re feeling adventurous enough taste the food after its “left out for display” but you can also go up to and converse with the chefs who are usually happy to have thier photographs taken, and chef turner was seen posing with visitors to the show at the belkin stand before his performance.

For those wishing to make a purchase at the show there is also plenty on offer ranging from good quality produce to award winning speciality food that you would normally only be able to obtain online, some with a minor show discount and pretty much everything at the show was available to be sampled. I would stress that if you were to visit the show intending to sample that you be considerate of others as there were some people swarming the food stalls taking more than one of each sample in order to simply eat everything available beyond one sample of each flavour, many sat stuffing thier mouths with 5-6 chunks of the same flavour cheese which was very greedy and inconsiderate, especially when you add the fact that the world cheese show was being held at the show which not only meant there were a significant number of cheese vendors all with samples on offer, but also once the judging had been performed that exceptionally large numbers of high quality cheeses would be available for consumption by any who desired.

Don’t fret if you’re not into cheese or lactose intollerent as there were other foods availalbe as well, with cooked and chilled meats, vegetarian specials, sweets of all varieties along with beers wines and soft drinks, all with samples as well as purchasable gifts to take away that very day should you have been inspired to cook at home with the produce and ingredients available.

I also noticed a number of techy gadgets for aiding your kitchen experience, from an egg yolker which removes the yolk via a dropper and keeps it intact to juicers and blenders and some unusaul technology in between. When I did ask if one vendor would be happy to demonstrate his juicer he instead decided to question my camera equipment calling it something from batteries not included, which was a little offensive considering I prefer the analogue film style as a medium for artistic choice due to the realism of colour depth, unfortunately this was not possible with the new honestech software and my old hardware for transfer not having software compatible with windows 7 being xp only I lost the ability to transfer high quality video footage and retain my analogue artistic vision. I have now been forced to change to a toshiba camilleo x450 which I must say looks less like a camera and more like a tube, so if that’s how people consider professional camcorders now I would prefer something that looks like my old camcorder. (and the new camcorder doesn’t even capture audio well) Of course I saw through his insult and asked how long it would take for his machine to produce anything and he stated 20 minutes, so obviousely he was simply trying to cover up the fact his machine would be slow and terrible at demonstrating how to make a quick smoothy and wanted the media to avoid showing off the slowness of his product at all, and it probably output a terrible quality smoothy too considering he refused to demonstrate it.

Time slipped by quickly and soon the day was over, which is why I would state if you were to visit you should definately plan which stages you wish to visit for which chefs and which stalls you would most like to visit to make the most of your day and be able to see everything you desire, and definately get samples and free goody bags from the vendors that have these on offer, and on your way out from the show in order to maximise your value for money, but just on the fact that you get to see and interact with the chef’s alone if you’re a fan of any food shows on tv and celebrity chefs you should definately check out the lineup of chefs at the show and choose a day where you get to see them up close and personal and you’ll get more than your moneys worth, especially if you choose the double feature ticket which gives you access to both the winter and summer shows.

If I’m lucky enough to go again and take footage I know I’ll be choosing to plan my day better, and at least I have more trustworthy video technology now also so that I won’t lose all of my footage from the show, and with a more timely review I can also give a better in depth review of the particular show, and hopefully draw comparisons between the winter and summer shows to better demonstrate the differences between them.

In the meantime check out the good food show site for yourself and see wether you think you would like to attend this year.

Having worked at a number of uk festivals this year I decided to give a roundup of my experiences both as a bar worker and also of the festivals themselves and the acts I got to see during my working process, there has been a delay in putting this video up since filming due to an issue while recording and losing my main audio recording, hence why this video plays with only one audio side and isn’t the best quality audio.

This year’s festival season began at the isle of wight festival where the weather was so ridiculousely hot that being held in the staff campsite for the morning briefing and having not stocked up on water to be able to drink during this, and a rather extended wait of several hours I got a little heat stroke and spent half of the first day recovering, luckily there were no bands playing and I didn’t have to start work at this point so spent most of the day sheltered attempting to recover. Once my shift began however I jumped onto the serving side, avoiding using the MDU machines because I probably would’ve passed out doing all of the heavy lifting after spending the day recovering and still feeling a little whoozy.

The next day was rather a busy day working the entire day and having worked at festivals for a number of years I’ve learnt that if you seem to have been missed a lunch break by a certain hour you’re not getting a lunch break so I ensured after being missed that I got my lunch break, this process continued throughout the next day with missing lunch again and even missing being called for dinner and it being “too busy” for me to be able to leave for a dinner break, because I was working hard and being asked to cover the pop bar during other peoples breaks and also while other people slacked off not working hard or to sneak off and watch bands, it just seemed a little unfair so I moved from the center busy area (which I enjoy working but not to be taken advantage of without getting food and rest breaks as needed) and I took the first advantage to hop off to see the red hot chilli peppers to finish early on the final day, as the only band I got to see the entire festival it was good to be able to see thier only uk performance, and getting to go off with a few people I got on with on the bar it was fun. I wouldn’t mind as much working harder and having less benefits than others if it lead to promotional prospects but usually you get looked over because you work too hard and are too valuable a regular worker.

Then it was off to sonisphere with another agency, which was drafted in last minute by creativevents another company I use to work for until they lost the nec contract and as a result I didn’t have a job to work, some of the managers I recognise and they appear to have moved to london, I wouldnt’ve moved because birmingham is my home and the town that feels right for me, but it was nice to be recognised as a good worker. The event however was severely overstaffed which was unusual considering how last minute they called in other agencies, so there were 5-6 different agencies all with many staff sat around hoping for hours and many staff not even getting any hours and only those who persisted getting any. I got to see quite a few bands here and a couple of the noteworthy bands were babymetal who put on a good show with a cross of metal and jpop stage entertainment telling a story through song. I don’t think much of the audience understood due to how they began cheering along to the soundcheck thinking it was the performance, it was entertaining and the “metal gods” behind the j-pop girls did more than just play smiling and interacting with the audience drawing them into the performance.

Another Early morning performance which drew people in was ghost, where the main performance is around the stage presence of ghost who plays a demonic priest manipulating the band to play and acted the role very well, drawing people in with his heir of dignaty and had the presence of an overlord controlling everything around him. I can’t say I agreed with the lyrics being sung but the melodic nature and the stage act all tied in and it was definately an entertaining act, but possibly one that aids the incorrect negative image people have of metal fans. Sure you get some idiots who are violent sociopaths but you get that with every group, and on the most part metal fans actually tend to be kind natured caring people who just enjoy that music style and are outcast for thier looks and choice of dresscode.

I got stuck on a bar in the back end of nowhere for my actual shifts halfway between the dodgems and silent disco, there were a few customers but for the most part it was a little quiet and you couldn’t even hear the acts on stage from there so I couldn’t enjoy the festival while stuck there. After work there was a staff party, where all the people you’d been working with gathered. I got a sonisphere cup from one of the ladies who did the check in process, I really can’t remember if I promised her something if she got me one I have the feeling I may have promised things and completely forgot at the time (slipping my mind after a slow dragging shift) so if I see her again I’ll have to live up to promises, she didn’t ask but I guess people get shy to ask. Another minor regrett is not saying goodbye to the girl I’d been chatting with most of the time sat in the campsite waiting for work who describes herself as an outgoing doormouse, or something along those lines where she use to be shy but now she’s not afraid to ask for what she wants. She was nice but at the staff party I felt a little spurned when she decided to go off and chat to other people all night leaving me with the slightly offputting guy who attempted to use NLP on absolutely every girl “oh I don’t know why other people don’t think you’re pretty. I think you’re pretty” Who’s been saying that dude, nobody! seriousely don’t use NLP around me it seriousely puts me off you.

Anyway at the end of the party she came to say she was heading off to sleep, I should’ve said goodbye and got her number to stay in touch, but I was a little spurned and did think I’d see her at other events but it seems not as after this event they severely reduced numbers of staff to give people a fairer chance of working.

After this came the Ynot festival a small event with big bands, which this year got upgraded to a “medium” sized festival. I headed to the event a day earlier than the management of the event company I worked for because I would rather set up in the daytime (and travel on the shuttle bus) than arrive first thing in the morning and have to set up in order to work, and considering the travel required to get to the event it just makes it an impossible factor. Anyway having arrived the night before I got to enjoy the pre festivities which included goldie looking chain, usually frequent in the hidden garden of V festival unlisted they instead operated at this festival, and put on a good show drawing in the crowd. There were a few other acts on the first night and it was a fun start to the event.

My second day of the festival however was rather a dull one, considering I got shipped (literally) on to a bar on the side of the saloon bar which they had especially created as an experiment last minute as a shipping crate fast can selling bar, the lady the night before had found it boring on a short shift and I was in there the entire day on my own which was definate torture, a few of the customers came up intregued and thought maybe it was the secret area usually hidden within the festival, I had to point out my thoughts that it was in area 51 due to the layout of that area, still they persisted attempting some secret handshakes and passwords thinking it would get them somewhere, and a couple of leary people trying to steal the communications radio made the shift tougher than it needed to be but I got through.

The next day I insisted I couldn’t do that all weekend as they planned and I got moved onto the main bar where I had a good time and it was nice and busy, also the customers came up chatting to me who’d seen me in the fast can, and I was working alongside my EDS friend. I probably got her to make more drinks than I should’ve but having dated someone with EDS I get the feeling she wouldn’t want special treatment and she chose to operate the pouring of the stout, the next day she was helping in the office instead and I know she’d been to hospital recently for heart operations. I don’t know I’m not the most socially normal and we still chatted away normally and fine so I think everything was fine.

The last day while sat waiting for shifts they were trying to find someone to operate the fast can again, having used a rotating system the previous day and accidentally leaving someone in there on thier own with no stock and no radio unable to leave the till they decided to operate a two person system, I was asked by the manager of the main bar personally and my manager pointed out thats good to be asked personally, social awkwardness kicked in with me thinking “well I’m use to being asked for because I work hard” of course I didn’t say that and just sat with a strange look on my face. Anyway that day consisted of running around to cover every bar at the festival and missing my dinner break, and when I got back to the main bar I got sent on my break, but after finishing serving a customer, which happened to be 5 double spirit mixers, 5 jagerbombs and 2 stouts, so took a long time to pour. After serving this I went out to get my dinner which today was actually a decent cooked meal after an entire weekend of undercooked poorly made food. I got my food from the food vendor sat down and had one bite before being told I had to go back in to help work, needless to say I had a mini episode and probably blew any chance of being given a better role having spent the entire weekend being groomed by the bar managers and chatting and getting on well with thier closed knit group.

On the social side I also got to see a few bands and went off to the backstage area chatting with raggle taggle photography who I see there every year, who’ve still to put up the photo they took of me signing the guitar :-P and this year instead had a book to sign and remembered me well, I can’t say I checked to see if they’d put a photo of me signing the book with all of the bands but hey I don’t expect much after they promised to put up the photo of the guitar (or at least they could’ve sent me a copy if they didn’t wish to display it) and while waiting for my shift the second day I simply sat on the bails of hay on the bar and didn’t even attempt to socialise and made a friend who chatted to me who’s pretty cool.

Next weekend it was off to bloodstock where the staff I got on well with all went down to brighton for an event there while I chose bloodstock because it was closer and convenient and I knew people who would go as customers. I got a fair bit of time off at the event due to the fact that I was working from 8am-3pm so got to see most of the event, and while looking after the bar while the manager was off on lunch break I had uncle gio’s itallian joint came to the bar took plastic cups off the display and said “don’t worry come to me and I’ll give you pizza” after I stated we’re not allowed to giveaway stock. At this point I couldn’t really abandon the bar and it wasn’t worth tacling someone for some plastic cups so I just accepted it, however later when coming to claim the pizza for us all (and having checked with the 4 members of staff we had on the hobgoblin truck that nobody had claimed any pizza) he stated very loudly and harshly that 20 people had claimed pizza’s already and one person had 6 portions all to themselves, and pointing clearly that we were only 4 members of staff on our stand and nobody had claimed any pizza he refused outright to provide any, stating instead he would offer a £1 discount and “they were only plastic cups” which is besides the point, its about the honour and that he stated clearly he’d do a pizza for us in exchange, which in the spirit of trades shows that as a festival trader he and his stall are not to be trusted and you should never make any trades with them. Having emailed the company they state “trades are a regular part of festival work” and made no effor to apologise or put things right instead defending thier worker who clearly wanted to rip people off and probably made trades with other vendors not giving anything in exchange either so as a result are a company never to be trusted and you shouldn’t even purchase food from them due to thier shifty nature.

After this it was off to V festival, which is the one I’ve worked at for the longest, unfortunately due to the time I had to call the event from bloodstock to confirm my shift I ended up on the hidden garden rather than a main bar and ended up stuck on till with a very boring shift indeed. I did get to see some bands with all saints during one of my breaks, having to return and miss pure shores unfortunately, and getting to see the main headliners each day due to the closing time of the hidden garden. I also had a minor fanclub who thought my name was judas because of playing a name guessing game, and they even had pictures and signitures which was rather fun. I also ended up having to constantly shift my change out of the till onto customers due to the fact that they overloaded it with loose change and pound coins for how slow and hidden that particular bar was, which some of the other workers found a bit strange, but it was natural to get a better balance of change and notes for cashing up at the end of the day (and being able to close the till rather than having it overflow with coins)

All in all this year wasn’t as fun as usual but I got to have a good time and meet some new people, and I got a little more abuse than usual due to having put some weight on, but with the nature of people I would assume they would see I could excercise a little and lose the weight, so I plan to once I can sort my circumstances out and get back into shape and looking like me again, and I wouldn’t presume that was the reason I was on worse bars than normal, but we shall see how 2015 goes, and hopefully next year I will be able to get press permission to take footage and photo’s at the actual events to include in my roundup and reviews for next year, where I will more than likely return to seperate reviews because it makes more sense than having this overloaded single article. Time constraints and issues lead to this, and the less than professionally written article but I hope you still enjoyed reading and watching.

Shutshimi is a frantic action packed shooter game from neon deity games, with an emphasis on the crazy, random and surreal. This is just what you want from a game of this style and manages to get the perfect balance of an approachable shooter that remains challenging without simply being a complete bullet hell throwing everything at you on screen while you dodge in pixel perfect fashion to get through the wave (although this could potentially be a very horrible hat you could find in the future, and the action does ramp up to rather extreme levels in the end game and victory laps)

All of the action in the game is split into 10 second(ish) segments including the shop time so you have 10 seconds to choose your item, which is easier said than done when you consider that the flavour text and item picture are completely randomised further adding to the fishes 10 second memory. If you successfully choose a good item finding the appropriate piece of text this can also result in your goldfish getting so excited that he leaves his previous items behind in a giddy rush to escape the shop with what he feels to be a steal (if he didn’t already steal it considering you never have to pay anything for the upgrades)

The dev has mentioned that there will be additional content in the steam release but even as it stands this game is perfectly fun and replayable, if you consider the fact that action continues after you complete the game in victory laps and that potentially steam workshop could introduce additional enemies, bosses and items that the devs even don’t consider (and don’t forget the plethora of fantastic game bending hats) this could be one of the best games you could purchase in 2015 in terms of value and replayability. runs can be fast and frantic so you’ll always be able to find time to jam in “just another run” and try to beat your high score, or that of your friends with potentially online leaderboards.

I think it’s a pretty obvious buy if you enjoy what you see and enjoy games of this nature, if you need further convincing feel free to check out the links to any of the lets plays on the main site to see the action for yourself and how many people are enjoying the game, and it definately gets a glowing radioactive thumbs up from me (not that I give any sort of rating scheme, but its a positive!)

Let go and embrace the crazyness and be a drunk fish on a party rampage for a few minutes recounting the story of how your home was invaded by the entire ocean, sky and cherry cola and how you had no choice but to go on a gun totting rampage eliminating everything in your path. You know you want to.

Just get through is a very fun procedurally generated trap and hazzard avoidance platformer with one very simple aim, to just get through the levels alive. You begin with 10 each of tnt and lives and have to make these last throughout your entire journey through the game, this is easier said than done but can be bolstered by finding extra throughout the world as you progress.

To make life a little easier you get a choice of power-ups throughout the process which can be anything from finding extra tnt/lives in the world or a simple quick 1up now to keep you going.

The game is very inexpensive at £3 and will give you many hours of gameplay, especially if you add the fact that the game includes a built in sandbox mode and also allows you to input user generated levels (which added to the steam workshop community could generate a number of meatboyesque levels which you can sight read and add to the fun)

The game is fairly simple but you can often get the most enjoyment out of the simplest thing, and considering everything is generated fresh every playthrough no two runs will be the same, so everything will stay fresh for longer. If you’re up to the challenge you should check it out for yourself.

Available to purchase now on the developers site, and coming soon to steam.

Tiny keep is a top down dungeon escape game, where the action is proceedurally generated so no two runs are the same, permadeath adds an extra layer of difficulty because although you can begin on later floors when you unlock them you will lose any power-ups and advantages you may have earnt on previous floors.

This leads to a lot of playtime attempting to get good enough powerups to increase your survivability for later. The floors have thier own elements secrets and traps that makes each one unique and different enough that you keep coming back for more and have to implement strategies specific for each floor and ready for the upcoming challenges.

I can guarantee you will get many hours of gameplay out of this game if you like what you see and want a challenge that isn’t impossible but also isn’t a cakewalk. There are many secrets and even a new game + mode which I have yet to even unlock, so there is plenty to discover beyond the basic escape attempt and a number of achievements to obtain whilst the challenge inevitibly ramps up every floor you complete, with more difficult enemies coming at you in even greater numbers it can be a little daunting if you don’t have a strategy to take them on and survive.

I will be continuing how to escape series as I find the game a lot of fun and want to succeed in escaping, and I like how the developers included permission in the title screen itself which is definately something I think more devs should do, if not in the title at least on a noticable tile within the game itself on the options when they actively want people to post lets play video’s.

V1.3 has made the game far easier than in my review video for those who thought the game seemed a little challenging, and although there are 20 unlockable floors you may miss these on your first playthrough if you don’t perform the correct action when you catch up with maggie after floor 8, don’t put the game down at this point there is still plenty more to unlock and secrets to be revealed and achieved including magic and replacement swords.  I will post a special video revealing how to continue past this once I have returned to this point in my main adventure and created the floor guides up to this point with the correct features in place to be able to obtain full victory, wether you want to watch or want to experiment and discover things for yourself don’t assume just because you escaped the tiny keep you were victorious, there are still secrets to be discovered that you will regrett not going back for.

Tiny Keep is available on steam for £10.99

Brawlhalla is a free to play game on steam, taking much of its influence from super smash brothers but available on the steam platform. Lacking the appearances of popluar characters or special abilities it instead focuses on fast paced brawling combat with the aim to gain as many points as possible before time expires.

It can be a little difficult to see how long is left in the match, but as long as you’re playing to win and going for the brawls it won’t matter so much what the score is as hiding to run down the remaining few seconds isn’t necissarily the most fun tactic in the world just for a win.

The item pool is set depending on which character you pick, with community items such as the spike ball, horn, bomb and sticky bomb’s while other items such as the sword, guns, hammer and flying spear are drawn depending on which character you choose. Each character has 2 items in thier pool and it appears to be setup for unlockables and perhaps even paid cosmetic differences in order to support the free to play scale, wether this will be pay to win with stronger items only available for cash purchase or unlockable with in game currency remains to be seen as these features are yet to be available, and wether or not all characters are permanently unlocked or on the usual rolling free schedule with a few available each week and purchasable for permanent unlock also remains to be seen.

There does also appear to be minor differences with the characters too besides just the weapons with thier own stats but essentially this makes little difference in the actual combat, at least none I can notice.

Things may change in future updates as is inevitable in any beta gameplay review, and especially as there is to be the free to play and the paid supported elements yet to be decided, because for the most part free to play games don’t tend to remain completely free with nothing purchasable in any form.

However that said there is no requirement to ever make a purchase, and it is a fun to play game which you have a good chance of joining the beta right now via

If you cannot wait for a response and invite to the beta you can also join now via a purchase of the premium kit via steam, which includes in game items of mammoth coins (inevitably for use with in game purchases) as well as skins and “more” which could be added at any time for the founders pack, available for £9.99