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Eternal step is a procedurally generated action adventure game out now on steam, involving dungeon crawling to obtain the best loot cards to equip yourself with, each with their own bonuses and downsides such as high attacks but low speed, or health regen and low armor to name but a few.

Each run will not be the same as a result of the randomized dungeon’s with different level structures, enemy waves and treasure on every single run no two runs should be identical and it will come down to your ability to react on the spot to ever evolving enemies (which literally will evolve as you progress, while most games you may think you’ve got the mechanics down the same enemy will come up with new tricks later and be an even bigger threat) along with your skill and choices over the loot in order to best progress through the dungeon.

You will also want to keep an eye out for special enemy types and aura’s as these all have an influence over the blessings and curses you can receive as a result, and don’t forget the bosses which are at set floors but provide a difficult challenge to master as you learn their attacks and weaknesses.

All in all the game is a very fun arcade action game I think anyone could enjoy fun for both quick blasts as well as mastering to become the best of the best.

Get eternal step on steam

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Oddworld New N Tasty is a modern remake of abe’s oddysee staying true to the puzzle action platformer’s original action but with modern graphics, many of the rooms have a familiar feel and it would appear that the secret locations remain in the same area’s but without the noticeable rocks falling (dripping) effect to giveaway where the secret area’s lie instead you have a much harder time looking out for obscured trapdoors or pits that lack the death symbol.

“Hard Mode” essentially is as abe’s oddysee was on the origonal playstation as it states “classic health” so anyone who has completed the original has no excuse not to play on the hard difficulty. Of course there are harder problems as a result of the slight changes and persistent scrolling area’s as where some puzzles could previously be cheesed due to being off screen and vision effects that result from that in the remake some puzzles have slightly longer area’s and enemies can see you where in the classic game you could cheese the fact enemies would miss you as you transition between screens.

If you haven’t played the playstation original then you should perhaps think about buying new n tasty instead as there are a choice of difficulties, a whole new expansion with the alf’s escape dlc and the main story in a smooth modern setting.

The true challenge is to save all 299 (obviously alf has been given his own dlc to save all 300) mudokons and escape alive, which considering how hidden a lot of the secret area’s are is a very difficult challenge indeed, especially if you’re trying for the new n hasty achievement.

Get oddworld new n tasty on steam

Portal 2 is the sequel to the game which bought first person puzzles into the world. Returning with new mechanics and puzzles to solve it is one of those games that everyone should just own.

This is the playlist of my playthrough, which will include the co-operative testing initiative, the online multiplayer version of portal as well as any community made maps which I choose to play.

Get portal 2 on steam now

Assault android cactus is out now on steam, a top down fast and frantic shoot em up with a slightly comedic narrative, built in global high scores and 9 different androids to unlock all with their own play styles.

If attempting to replay the levels and get better scores and higher leaderboard positions isn’t enough to keep you coming back for more there is also a daily challenge where every 24 hours all steam users compete on the same map with the same enemy waves to get the highest score possible in a single chance attempt to score highest on the leaderboards.

All of the levels are short and fast paced, with lose conditions varying from the usual top down shooters, while you have a health bar the primary factor for failure is a loss of the “battery” which is a timer system within which to defeat all waves of enemies within the level. Dying is still a factor however as to reboot your android of choice you will drain the battery making things more difficult.

The enemies and action seem quite varied from the offset, with some enemies choosing to shoot at you, others charging at you to swarm you in a corner if you are unfortunate enough to not cut your way through in time, as well as turrets, flying enemies, champions and mine launchers. Think you’re safe and you’ve got the level mapped out, think again as completing a wave will often trigger the level design to change in a very fluid manner, often releasing more waves of enemies while blocking off escape paths you may have kept clear with new holes in the floor or walls coming from nowhere.

If you are a fan of this style of game assault android cactus is definitely one you will wish to own and test your prowess against the leaderboards while attempting to get the highest ranks on all levels (far from the C’s and D’s I achieved on my first attempts) while mastering all of the enemy varieties and the bullet hell standards some of the bosses can entail.

This playlist will show all of my daily attempts as well as my playthrough of the main game.

If you want to get assault android cactus for yourself (and lets face it probably decimate my scores) go to

Diehard Dungeon is a procedurally generated dungeon crawler with frantic top down action. I am playing on the champions unleashed mode which makes it more difficult with both friendly and evil champions chosen by those who have completed the game and escaped already.

Can I track down the dungeon master and defeat him once and for all (and not just his shadow clone) and can I master and complete the rather hard but fun and fast paced minigames?

Get diehard dungeon for yourself on steam

A series of lets play videos for the game master reboot on steam, a fun and emotionally gripping first person puzzle game by wales interactive. This is my playthrough having already completed the game before so some of the puzzles and action might be quicker than a newcomer to the game and will contain the solutions to the puzzles.

Get master reboot for yourself on steam

Playlist for my playthrough and let’s play series of full mojo rampage, a very fun procedurally generated game based in the world of the voodoo gods, where the action is frantic and relies upon your reactions and skills in shooting and evading waves of enemies while trying to complete the tasks at hand, and collect as many voodoo dolls as you can to gain the benefits from the gods (and game supporters)

Full mojo rampage is available now on steam

Torquel is a fun musical platform navigation game with fantastic physics, with several paths through the game there will be a number of playthroughs, here is the playlist of my gameplay

Get TorqueL on steam now.

Playthrough of the original portal game on steam, a game pretty much everyone should own especially if they enjoy this type of game and with how often it is on sale cheap during steam sales there is no excuse not to own the game

Playthrough of life is strange attempting to make the right decisions with our ability to rewind time, at least the decisions I feel I would make in life along with a social commentary and theories and assumptions over what is going on. There are potential spoilers as well as potential red herrings depending on what I get right and wrong.

Want to play yourself and make different choices and see how the story unveils differently? Then buy the game for yourself on steam, at £4 per episode it’s not an expensive buy and you’re free to make the choices you wish rather than watch someone else’s actions and decisions, theres always the chance I’ve missed things, I know I did in episode one so there is a good chance I’ll miss things in the future again which other people might pick up on

Life is strange is out now on steam