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If you often make purchases online you could be missing out on one of the best methods of saving money, forget waiting for sales to begin, or even during sales earn an additional cashback bonus to save even more.

I have been using this particular site for possibly 2 years now and in that time I have earnt £537 in cashback, some of that from utilities others from general online shopping which whilst offering less lucrative deals often add up, and if you wish to venture into signing up to online gambling sites then you often get the best deal of all which is usually 100% or more in cashback for joining the site and playing through the ammount, obviousely if you win you’ve earnt a significant profit if you don’t you’ve at least earnt your cash back through the site (because the site has paid them this large ammount in the hopes you would gamble more)

How the site works is that they are paid a commission by the retailer for referring you to them, however as they are content to earn the money from the advertising in thier own site they pay this commission direct to you, so everyone wins and everyone is happy, you make savings and they earn more advertising revenue for you using thier site.

Another lucrative cashback offer comes from services such as virgin and sky who often have very large deals on top of the regular new customer bonuses so you can effectively get half a year or more already paid in cashback on top of thier welcoming offer, the same goes for purchasing mobile phones and contracts as well as switching electricity providers which is how I have earnt such a large cashback ammount through my time with the site

There are other ways to earn smaller ammounts if you are happy to put the time in but I have stuck with the easy methods doing things I would do online anyway, or purchasing services I would naturally use.

They also have a loyalty system where you earn larger cashback ammounts the next month based upon how much you earnt in the previous month so if you’re smart you might earn a larger percentage before doing any large cashback ammounts but it all comes down to how you wish to use the site, but if you shop online I would definately advise you join as usually there is somewhere you would use and new shops and deals are always cropping up, sometimes theres even games at xmas to encourage spending and also reward you for doing so.

I continue to be a member and look forward to earning lots more in cashback in the future

A lot of people dont know that many of the every day sites you use to shop online you can earn some extra cashback on every purchase you make, it may not be much but it certainly adds up, and with other things like switching your energy provider or signing up to something like sky significant cashback offers are available.  I have been using the site for a while and have accrued around £400 in cashback to date.  There are also small offers such as a few pence every day for doing internet searches, I personally havent done these so my cashback isnt based on that but I have heard some people do this and have earned around £200 per year from that alone. 

Either way I would reccommend joining as even if you just use it for getting a little cashback on your ebay purchases its worthwhile as the savings certainly add up, but if you wish to hunt out the best offers they are out there.

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