Lets Highlight The Jackbox Party Pack 6 Fun Trivia And Identity Hiding Word Swapping Jokes And Sillyness

The jackbox party pack 6 is the latest collection of fun party games from the creators at jackbox, containing 4 all new game modes as well as the return of the ever popular trivia murder party with a few twists and changes alongside all new trivia questions to play through.

Everyone’s favourite the trivia murder party returns with a true sequel providing gameplay for 1-8 players to attempt to make it through the murder hotel alive and escape with the money, but that’s easier said than done with a variety of general knowledge and specialist trivia questions alongside some minigames to stay alive, perhaps even with the odd round of quiplash or tests of your artistic skill thrown in for good measure, and don’t think you’re escaping so easily as the final step requires you to get every single option of the final question correct in order to make it through that door on this occasion.

Dictionarium challenges 3-8 players to come up with the definition of a word, write a new word for that definition and then twist the English language from there to come up with an hilarious outcome as you choose who had the better or funnier option for each stage as language is truly corrupted and twisted to the nth degree. It’s a fun game mode but can be a pretty short game and definitely better with more people because the more players the more choices for corruption.

Role Models is for 3-6 players to choose roles from a series of popular shows and sundry to see who out of the group is voted which role in order to find the personality traits of the group, and whilst you might want to give everyone the same assignment, or everyone might want to be john snow unfortunately someone’s got to take the less desired Lannister role for sure. Through assigning a few different roles and trying to choose which one you would like yourself a mix of the different personalities you’ve been assigned by group majority we discover who’s the leader, and what roles in the group everyone plays.

Joke Boat allows 3-8 players to come up with funny endings for a series of joke prompts and to then perform these jokes attempting to get the best laughs as you go head to head to see who’s joke is voted best, but it doesn’t end there as in round two you’re provided the option to rewrite some of the less successful jokes of your companions and attempt to come up with funnier endings or perhaps twist earlier puns into something new continuing the joke in another level for the best laughs.

Push The Button puts 4-10 players in a spaceship together with a few hidden aliens amongst them trying to keep their identity hidden whilst taking turns as the captain to test members of the ship to look for unusual activities as the aliens are provided with often similar but not quite right prompts, but occasionally just downright inaccurate tests and it’s up to everyone on the ship to isolate the aliens and blast them into space before they can cause any harm. It’s a pretty fun game and best played being able to communicate with everyone involved to be able to hear their justifications for their responses when they’re not quite expected, for example who likes nails down the chalkboard? Other than an alien perhaps, or how do you justify slipping that it’s sword fighting when the prompt was different, but be very careful as the aliens can hack the prompts to either get the correct ones themselves to hide their identity or slip it onto a human with the incorrect prompt to place the blame on them, so it’s a clever mind game to keep one step ahead of the aliens and to literally flush them out… of the airlock.

Overall the gameplay is the usual funtimes you expect from a jackbox party pack, and if you don’t own a previous trivia murder party it’s even better value though the push the button game alone is pretty special containing a series of different tests you can perform and a really fun and interactive game to get everyone involved and justifying how they slipped on something or to justify how they’re not really the alien whilst you’re hiding the fact that you were the alien all along. The gameplay from the trivia murder party is obviously boundless and everyone gets to play at all times answering the questions even when they’ve been eliminated as they can always come up from behind at the end and steal your body and escape as they often do and this really is everyone’s favourite to play. Joke boat is also pretty good as long as people enjoy writing jokes, doesn’t matter if we’re not good at it or can’t really tell jokes that’s half the fun right, especially with a nonsense catchphrase to be said after every joke. Dictionarium is an interesting game but can be pretty short and really does need the most participants to have the most out of it, as with only 3 people it can be over pretty quick and offer little choice to adapt the words. Finally role models can be pretty good but everyone really needs to know all the groups and culture references being made to assign the roles and also it’s best with people you know really well which also excludes the user group a little more again but it’s still an interesting game.

Everything taken into account the value for this is still amazing because of the sheer amount of gameplay and fun you’ll get out of the titles, even if you mostly play the trivia murder party 2 and push the button the value is still immense and the quality of polish in the titles is so good, especially as you could consider these standalone titles as they are which could sell for the price of the entire party pack, and in these socially isolated times it’s a great excuse to get people together and have some fun times over a stream or two. Just be careful it’s so easy to lose track of time when you’re having so much fun.

I’ve been holding monthly streams with my streamer friends nataloenataloenataloe, gawain112 and thariathariatharia having a blast and always the highlight of my month, and I always welcome any other streamers I know to come join in some games and chat are always welcome to come play along too at any point over at twitchtwitchtwitch.

You can get the jackbox party pack 6 for yourselfon greenmangaming at https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/the-jackbox-party-pack-6-pc/?tap_a=1964-996bbb&tap_s=4707-cadadd
it’s also available on steam now at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1005300/The_Jackbox_Party_Pack_6/?snr=1_1056_4__curator-tabs&curator_clanid=6860437

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