Lets Highlight Metamorphosis Kafkaesque Puzzle Adventure Life As A Bug Game Review

Metamorphosis is a puzzle narrative adventure based upon the kafkaesque story “the metamorphosis”, and whilst I’ve seen the play last year I haven’t actually read the book, and this game seems to follow on the story where that left off, where the play focused very much on gregor samsa’s transformational stage this game throws you immediately into the world of being a bug and exploring the crossover worlds between the real world and the underworld making your way towards the tower attempting to reclaim your humanity and perhaps help a few people along the way.

You are fairly free to explore and make your own decisions within the game, where you can choose to help people out or simply ignore them and make your own way towards the tower and explore the freedoms awarded to you with your new buglike form, being able to climb walls, get inside small parts of the world and manipulate objects within the world to progress on your path towards the tower.

I had a lot of fun communicating with the various insects of the world finding their stories and attempting to help them all out, finding out the kafkaesque storyilnes along the way, seeing how the beurocratic world extends beyond the real world very much ruling the insectoid kingdom you find yourself in, there does seem to be a lot of clever mechanics revolving around the choices you can choose to take or ignore as well as some very well designed puzzles that make the most out of the form you find yourself in and the abilities you will find within your insectoid form.

There are several different choices, as well as a bunch of hidden altars to destroy and many bugs to go speak to which encourages several playthroughs to find all of the alternatives and see what outcomes your decisions have upon your world and your story, and whilst it took me around 4 hours for a single playthrough you could easily extend this with additional playthroughs of the game.

All in all I found the storyline very compelling and fit well with what I know of the world from the play I saw, and was very intrigued to find out more and talk with all of the bugs along the way seeing their stories and how I could possibly help them out using my silver tongue to my own advantage along the way towards the tower and reclaiming my humanity. If you’re a fan of puzzle games this one has some interesting ones as well as a fun narrative to explore so I would definitely recommend checking it out for yourself.

metamorphosis game review

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