Lets Highlight Lithium City; Fast Paced Action Game Set In a Neon Future. Review

Lithium city is a fast paced action game set in a neon futuristic isometric environment, where you take the role of a female anime style character fighting your way through rooms stealing weapons and using anything you can get your hands on to defeat the people standing in your way.

Though there are currently only 6 chapters there is a statement saying that a further 3 are in development as a free addon, which means 50% more game, and considering this is relatively short at 2-3 hours to complete additional content is highly appreciated as it’s such a fun game that left me wanting more, and this additional content gives that without having to wait for a sequel.

You start off in relatively humble circumstances fighting with your fists and any pipe you can find against some robots and dodging lazers on conveyorbelts as you master the dodge mechanics and combat, but before long you start to gather more useful weaponry like guns and grenades, and the game does a good job of keeping the new content coming at a fast pace increasing the challenge and the opportunities awarded to you.

Later stages really throw huge waves of enemies at you well armed, whilst providing you fun overpowered weapons like a tron lazerdisk and very powerful guns vs heavily armoured individuals, each stage does a good job of introducing something new and changing the feel of the environment which is cleverly done considering you’re essentially in isometric cubes, and a storyline is told as you progress through the different area’s travelling on a train and ultimately to your final destination after outrunning a machine gun airship hunting you down without actually speaking a word of text anywhere.

The main thing you want to know is that the combat feels good and fun, and the levels provide some challenge with the early levels punishing death to go through the entire floor, but later you essentially checkpoint after everything but have much harder rooms so progression is achievable for anyone to complete and enjoy the experience.

It took me 2-3 hours to complete the initial 6 chapters and I look forward to the new area’s when they’re released to see what new styles are introduced and what new weaponry could possibly have came as they’ve done a great job of introducing something new every area, and I want to play with more weapons in this and have more challenging area’s and potentially another boss to defeat.

What would be really great and I was torn about whether to give this an indelacio star or not is if they added some form of endless wave mode, where you fight stronger and harder waves until your inevitable death potentially adding boss enemies in multiple forms at once and saves your highest defeated wave and a leaderboard, this would give it endless value, but as it is the game’s great and very cheap so highly recommended and just an inch off being something special, who knows maybe the new area’s will add a lot and get it there but my review is at the 6 chapters and it’s already great fun and highly worth the purchase so you should check it out for yourself.

lithium city on steam

Get lithium city for yourself on steam now at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1210610/Lithium_City/

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