The 33rd annual golden joystick awards are coming soon, and voting is underway. To encourage voting green man gaming the official sponsor are offering bioshock infinite for free to anyone who votes. You will have to pay £1 initially but if you install and play the game with your playfire account linked from steam during the promotion you’ll get that £1 back to spend on anything within the green man gaming store at any point in the future.

Vote and get Bioshock Infinite for FREE

I would encourage you to vote saving kate marsh as the best scene winner as I think this is a very worthy winner, and I have included the scene from my playthrough so you can at least vote with an informed mind if you haven’t seen or played the game.

Life Is Strange Playthrough Playlist

Also if you would like to see the full playthrough considering how many times life is strange is up for nomination in the different categories I would encourage you to flick through my playthrough playlist.
Saving Kate Marsh in Life Is Strange Full Episode

To get your £1 rebate you will be required to link your playfire account to your steam account so it can track that you’ve played the game, this is a simple enough process and rewards you with many cash prizes throughout the year for simply playing games you own on steam, and allowing you to buy further games using credit on green man gaming.

If you wish to sign up to playfire, where you can feel free to add me, I’ll accept all requests where on steam I won’t my invite url is

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