The latest series of ice road truckers deadliest roads have attempted to amp up the alleged threat levels of the roads this year after last years dreadfully boring season where everyone was paired off with local drivers, this year they have paired the ice road truckers together in an attempt to make it more interesting whilst keeping the safety of having a spotter on these unknown roads, also after one crew retired they bought in a team of newbies tino and tim zucker early on in the season in order to spice things up as neither tino nor tim have ever driven the ice roads or any dangerous roads with tim only ever having driven trucks in the back of a depot and never having setout on a long journey before.

Perhaps they chose these two because they would make more interesting tv and add to the danger levels but from the first moment I saw tim on camera and he stated how he’d already drank 20 energy drinks and his disregard for the danger and his attitude I knew immediately he would be a danger and after one attempt at the road his teammate decided forever he would be spotter due to his recklessness on the roads and his lack of experience in even handling larger lorries on long distance deliveries.

In this weeks episode it showed the teams delivering some dinosaur models to be exhibited, and immediately I had noticed they had been stored stupidly, I mean with the taller dinosaurs surely they knew they were too tall to fit through the caves and had not been wrapped remotely so that they would be seen by the camera whereas they could have been securely tied down lengthways and less prone to damage which is what makes me feel bad for lisa as she definitely did everything in her ability to ensure that the dinosaurs were undamaged and made it as far as a low bridge where inevitably the dinosaurs were decapitated because they were just too tall a load to fit under the bridge.

Unfortunately the other teams were not so careful with their loads, hugh’s load was never shown but it was clear from the talk of the artist stating all 6 dinosaurs were damaged that these arrived in a bad state too, however this may have been down to tim and tino’s reckless driving and deciding that racing against hugh and actually attempting to ram him off the road was a sensible idea, it was amazing that the statues arrived as well preserved as they did considering the reckless abandon they showed in speeding through the roads and not once considering the load until near the destination where the damage had already been done.

Tino and tim were rightly charged for the damages from their wages, which I’m surprised actually cover the expense of replacing the artwork considering the price such creatures would make in england or the united states of america, however clearly a trucker in this country would earn more in one delivery than the price of replacing the artwork, I just hope that other teams were not held responsible as there was clearly nothing lisa and her teammate could have done to protect those dinosaurs all the way to delivery and there was video evidence showing how carefully they had taken the delivery and how every duty of care was shown in delivering these items.

The major question remains how tim zucker at the very least will find employment when he returns from this journey as clearly if I was his boss or any other employer of drivers I would not employ him after his behaviour and attitude on the show, clearly he does not care about the loads and instead lives for the danger and thrills and would continue to express these reckless behaviours in the future and even influences tino to behave in such manners also so this proves that he would be a danger to any workforce encouraging dangerous behaviours on the road.

One issue with this season is that they have added in stock footage of landslides and other accidents that they continuously add into the episodes in order to pretend things are more dangerous than they actually are, but these clips of rockslides and other things like this simply distract from the episode because they are clearly happening elsewhere in another location filmed on an entirely different camera due to the change in contrast and filming quality, however they believe this adds to the episodes authenticity, also at the end of every episode they makeout some disaster is happening in the next one that when you watch the episode NEVER actually happens, so what have they hoped you forget by next week or what? Saying that though even with all of the distractions it does succeed in being more entertaining than the previous season however I believe it would be without the added stock footage and pretend dangers, all I can say is I hope tino and tim are taken on next season as otherwise they will most likely be unemployed for some time.