Rants, Raves And Reviews

Didnt have a blog to rant about this at the time… but how long is three days? in basic terms youd think 72 hours right? at a push you would think maybe 60 hours, but… when I booked a “3 day test drive” with them they booked me on from 6pm (when I picked up the car) to 9am 2 days away, and only because I objected strongly about the fact that they were trying to book me in at the end of the next day… hardly a three day test drive…

On top of that the car was a bit poor to drive… it had a mpg reading which you constantly got distracted from the road by trying to get the best mph 9and getting 99mph at some points was a highlight but definately far more distracting than most things, looked far too much at that readout, definately at least 10% of the road time which was bad.

The car was huge, difficult to park, filled a whole tesco car parking space with no room to open the doors, so parked taking up 2 spaces because I didnt want to scratch it against the 2 pillars which are every 2 spaces lol. Last thing about it was that the seating position was a bit high and you felt more like you were in a van rather more than a car… Dont think Ill be booking another test drive with them… hardly the best service if they cant even provide the 3 days they say they will provide the car for ha. Makes you think what other services they offer will be of similarly bad service?

Thanks to my ex becoming a “devotee” after I dumped her, now I get recognised by all the hare krishna’s in the street. Im not even religious so why they would think I would be is beyond me lol.

Whats really stupid is while she was with me she claimed to be “non religious” too, its silly why people claim things that arent true just to be with someone, if they dont like you for who you are then is it really worth being with them. What did I do that made her convert in such a way anyway? I mean I know it didnt end well, but to make her believe in religion and to go off and join a cult like that giving up all worldly possessions and living in a commune… I must’ve seriously screwed her up. (even tho she already had a screw loose to begin with)

Its also a bit unusual knowing that Ill be the last guy she wouldve been with considering shes taken a vow of celibacy :-S

I dont want to be recognised by krishna’s they think Im one of them and expect me to join in with them and donate and everything, and Im not in the least bit religious.

Or should that be hot froth.

I mean youre paying for a cup of hot chocolate and you get a pile of crap so frothed that youve just got foam and no liquid very dissappointing. warm the milk dont froth it, I like the liquidy texture to a DRINK. sure you can go ahead and put cream on top or froth on top but dont give me a cup of flavoured froth at a highly expensive rate.

Had to go and ask for some boiled water just to have some liquid in it. made a highly dissapointing drink indeed.

Amongst the latest companies to take the piss. Rather than raise thier prices they decide its perfectly fine to shrink the product, making what you eat for cereal even less unless you wanna take on 3 bix’s for cereal.

Why is it that companies seem to think that its perfectly acceptable to do this? Usually wheatabix is a nice occasional treat as a change of cereal from branflakes, but now with the tiny kiddie sized portions I think Ill be avoiding them from now on.

In my opinion if youre such a good company you wouldnt need to hide a price hike by shrinking your products; just put the price up people who like the product would be fine with that, dont be sneaky and make people not trust you.