The History Of Hammerfight Lets Play Series

Hammerfight is one of those indie gems that stand out from the crowd, where every movement of your ship is physically matched by the movements of your mouse, not only piloting your ship but also aiming your guns and gaining momentum on your weapons to swing with force to destroy the enemy.

Although this is primarily a mouse game using joy2key you can rebind the mouse controls to your analogue stick giving the greatest responsiveness for those use to control pad gaming.

The game takes place in historical times beginning with monks protecting their home and branching out based around the decisions you make and how well you perform. You would be mistaken if the game was simply combat oriented, and although there are plenty of varieties to the combat forms ranging from simple and small beasts through equal machines to large and rampaging overpowered bosses which can be a challenge to take down. Instead other game modes unlock as you are challenged to them, with a variation of bomb football, rock tossing tournaments, destroy the objects without crossing the lines, team based hunts and more.

Although the game has local multiplayer it can be hard getting your pc to recognize mice as separate entities to be able to use this in game which is unfortunate because a lot of the game modes would be very fun as multiplayer experiences.

Have a look at my playlist and see for yourself as I think this is a game everyone should play as the mechanics and feel of the game are just right even if the game becomes very difficult and challenging later on you will get hours of enjoyment getting up to and perhaps even past my point in the game.

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