Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space Playthrough Space Operatic B-Movie Game

Albedo: Eyes from outer space is a first person puzzle based horror game themed around the old cheesy B-Movies and space opera’s of early television production, the game immerses you into such an experience with the authentic old sounds used along with a typical style of inherent threat coming from the tentacle clad eye’s which are an immediate threat from the outset.

The gameplay itself involves object hunting around the rooms while trying to find out how to use those particular items (or maybe some you’ve missed in previous rooms) to traverse to the next location all the time trying to avoid becoming a victim of the eyes which have come from outer space.

The puzzles can often be obscure and sometimes frustrating if you believe you’ve found the solution or checked everything, but sometimes things will require a closer look or a re-visit after you have set up previous steps, but as puzzle games go this one isn’t designed to simply walk you through and feel good about yourself for completing highly signposted routes, instead you feel a part of the scene actually trawling through everything fighting to find your way out, and perhaps feeling more rewarded for persisting and finding the hard solution. Progress may be slow but you’ll feel like you’ve definitely earnt your escape when you do make it out.

Get albedo: eyes from outer space on steam now
Also available on green man gaming
Courtesy of Merge Games.

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