Due to people always being unsure what to get me as gifts etc for occasions I will try and keep this page updated with items that I am on the lookout for, and remove them when I have them etc.

  • Kitchen wall units, lots of these
  • Lots of spare MDF or sheets of wood/thick plastic of some kind/sheet metal
  • Graphics card, reasonable specs. Along with some music generator like mtv music creator, but for the pc rather than the playstation.
  • Indoor sattelite dish, or outdoors as a last resort.
  • One of those jml mini saws
  • One of those floor mounted boxing bags not one that you hang from the ceiling.
  • A nice glass doored fridge, but not too important.
  • A large supply of wall tiles.
  • One of those full size coin machines that flings the coins in the air then pushes them.
  • As a last resort for small items, antiperspirant, chewing gum, head and shoulders, always appreciated.

Ill update the page with more at a later date as things come to mind, but for now these are things Im on the lookout for.