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In this episode I have a major rant about the state of the uk government and how they are screwwing over people on benefits and in particular how they have screwwed me over.

In this episode I talk about a lot of things I have been meaning to talk about for a while including the post play review of portal 2 and my ideas on the symbolism involved in the game and where portal 3 would possibly lead.

working at various festivals basically spent 4 weeks in a tent, with about 1 day off after each one which was pretty much spent recovering lost sleep and buyins food rations for the next event.  Was good though, will update with individual posts about it later, but for now this will do.  Got some time off to see some bands too which was good, next year Im going to plan things out better, knowing Ill get the A shift at v festival which would offer lots of time off, and try and get better shifts at the other events for the other agency so I can see more, or at least plan for things I would be interested in seeing.

Sleeping in a tent on a roll mat on the other hand was quite uncomfortable, most nights it was freezing cold, I barely got any proper sleep I swear I was awake most of the night most nights. Still with proper planning and better supplies (and actually assembling the tent properly) things should be better next time.

Have you seen the new digital adverts, they’ve aged him well, and he does sound like a grumpy old man I wouldn’t be surprised if they put him in an episode or two for novelty value. Knowing how things go with tv undoubtedly they’re going to bring him back for a series on some channel somewhere to do something. Yes even tho he is a fictionalized digital character I believe now he’s on adverts and in the public eye again someone will be using max headroom for their program.

One of my shorter posts, but I thought it was clever to use him for the digital tv adverts.

Has anyone seen the new tv series of flash gordon? The character rankol so is riding a segway underneath his costume. clever idea, give him a really long coat to cover the thing, and with the whole way you just have to lean forward to get it to move, it makes him look like he’s floating along as well as adding a few feet to his height.

Whichever costume designer came up with that idea deserves a round of applause, definately a great idea. And hey Id love to do that, and you just know he’s bound to be scooting around on it all day off camera too.

Note that this is just a theory dont have definitive confirmation that he does ride a segway but Im 90% sure and it most definately looks like it, and hey its a return to the good ole days of scifi where they use props rather than cgi (cgi usually looks so fake anyway)