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Firstly I appreciate I have been told about how tesco were being charged for multiple unused floors on the site and a dispute over this lead to the closure of the site, but this was after I posted the video and with the popularity I decided to post an accompanying article too.

I still think it’s a shame the major supermarket of birmingham has closed as none in the city center are remotely as well stocked as fireways was, I have been informed that there should be a very large morrisons just by the prior location to tesco but I have yet to see this at present.

Sure you can get bits and bobs from the plethora of “local’s” and the “metro” which have appeared in the town and the sainsburies but these are always small and lacking in the majority of things you would require that you cannot find in the market’s so it is a pity that this store closed, especially as it was always busy and always well stocked on everything you could require that you couldn’t find anywhere else in the city and always became an essential part of the supermarket shop, hopefully tesco will open another large supermarket in the city once they find a suitable location as currently there is no suitably large equivalent tesco in the city center of birmingham.

Recently I had an issue with someone attempting to do something very dodgy compromising my steam group which is publicly open for anyone to join and previously had an unlocked chat room and bulletin board, however this was abused by the steam member brattysnax who joined my group and proceeded to make out that they were a long term “fan” and began to post unauthorized “giveaways” and “competitions” after I had questioned why any developer would give them steam keys for them to sell for their own profit through a chat room on a well known gaming bundle website where I had personally stated I don’t think game developers would be happy to give them keys for free to be sold on lower than the developers sell them for.

Within an hour of questioning that person I discovered that they had been posting illegal and unauthorized giveaways over the internet as though they were a part of my site, so immediately I banned the user once I discovered this action had been taking place, shortly after which they began making posts all over the internet about being “wronged” for being banned, so this video and this post were required to explain the situation.

Not only were giveaways and competitions never authorized, research into the user brattysnax lead to some shocking discoveries. The user had been associated with groups which in the past had extorted keys from developers under the threat of negative steam reviews something I would never be involved in, and as a result I would not wish members remotely associated with such abhorrent behavior anywhere near anything with my sites name which is why the user was immediately banned, and if anyone ever hears of a user or email address doing such things and attempting to associate with my site and reviews incorrectly I would request you immediately inform me which contains the only official contact you should deal with.

I have always been on the side of developers and even valve (steam) and do not stand for people attempting to take advantage of sites like these for their own profits, as not only does it mean the developer essentially loses a sale to the scum, but also deprives indie developers of funds they need to live or even develop sequels and further games, and don’t question supporting valve need I mention the whole desura thing, they’re not too big to fail if they lose their income sources!

That is the main problem with charity bundle websites, sure they were established with the best of intentions and yes a lot of them are getting better and raising the minimum price to reduce those who buy 50 bundles to resell keys and deprive the developers of a fair income they have worked hard for through making their game, especially when it comes to early access or greenlight games, this is one of the reasons a developer will give up on a title before release if people like this have taken advantage to get the game for pennies and sell it on for pounds undercutting the developer and devaluing their game.

It is nice of developers to give their games in the name of charities and does help those who cannot afford full retail to get hold of some good games and it does help with exposure but if you’ve already given away your title for next to nothing to the majority of your audience actual sales become difficult, which is why I would state if you’re ever going to give away a game in a bundle think about your reasons for doing it, as well as considering the downsides along the benefits. The best practice would be to only do it once your game has been through at least a year on steam, taking advantage of the summer and winter sale boosts along with your launch income, then providing it for charity once you’re satisfied with it’s sales, and if you’re looking for promotion of your game there are better options to get your game noticed without giving it away to millions of people.

Of course ultimately the choice is down to the developers, but it is worth noting that this element exists out there on the internet extorting keys to sell for their own income, a practice which I am not involved in and would never be involved in as I find it disgusting. I would prefer to simply avoid posting a review or help the developer to fix a game than post a negative review and I have never requested extra keys for giveaways or extorted developers in any way shape or form, and it was obvious that brattysnax had joined my group to attempt to use my sites name to do this

How was this obvious you might ask? Well the instant they saw my site’s name and that I didn’t perform this they attempted to hijack my group using it to run giveaways and competitions (where they are involved in rigged giveaways through that reddit forum post) and then it would become obvious that they would email developers claiming to work on behalf of my site “showing the giveaways” they ran to attempt to gain more keys for “giveaways” which they had established they actually sold through what they had stated on the game bundle website, and perhaps even extort keys through the threat of negative reviews which they had also seemed to be involved with. So blocking this user and removing all their posts along with any ability to post on the group was required in order to shut down this behavior and protect my site. I run honest reviews based upon my gameplay and will do whatever it takes to protect my site and reputation from dodgy users such as brattysnax.

Furthermore I always provide a steam link to games that I review and play because this provides profits to game developers for their game at a fair price, and also a fair share to steam who host the game and have earnt a fair share for providing a service which keeps all of your games together in one convenient location as well as providing the server space/bandwidth, automatic updates etc and providing what is easily established as the best gaming experience.

The saga continues with birmingham city council in an issue which should have been resolved a long time ago, please excuse the fun thumbnail parodying star wars, I needed a little something to make me smile and take away from the stress of the whole situation.

With established trails showing that birmingham city council have admitted that they should have paid due housing benefits without requiring extra proof (which was sent and they lost on a number of occasions) where they state I was “just in time” to get those payments made, yet they still did not make a single payment until over 5 months later a whole 2 months after my home was repossessed for non payment of rent, which was being paid wholly by housing benefits. During this timeframe 3 fresh housing benefit applications were made, which the council state were never required, yet were ignored during that timeframe, and they ignored all factors, correspondence and attempts to get due housing benefits into payment, which they state and admit should have been paid without any of the undue effort that was made, yet do not make amends for not paying in any timely manner.

Ever since I have been attempting to resolve this issue not only attempting to be rehomed, where they have established hoop after hoop, such as not accepting email applications, not accepting applications from on a temporary residence I could not stay at for longer than a week, losing so many applications and proofs it is laughable that this is a government institution, denying applications and proofs sent via recorded delivery ever existed and then summarily ignoring their own criteria for what defines a local connection to birmingham.

This is summarizing what has been a highly stressful and soul destroying process which is driving me completely insane. Obviously if you watch all the old video’s and read all of the prior articles you will see proofs and natures which I have previously established in further detail than here.

So onto the criteria for what defines having a local connection to birmingham, to have a local connection to birmingham you must meet one of the five criteria, the first two being having lived in birmingham the last 3 out of 5 years, and having lived in birmingham for 6 out of the past 12 months. During both of these criteria I had placed application after application which were either lost or required me to be in “other circumstances” than the homelessness they created, even when I began staying on my moms sofa in the countryside I had spent the last 13 months living in birmingham in an overpriced illegal unregistered house of multiple occupancy that was rat infested until I ran out of money due to desperation to return to birmingham while attempting to resolve the situation. From then they lost housing application after housing application along with proofs and identity documents which were sent upon request; so much so that I began sending via recorded delivery which still vanished without a trace and explanation despite proof of delivery. Of course upon housing application 5 being taken in by hand (and then requested the nature of over the next 3 months before they began to process it) they finally began to process things, which in a very shady nature matched exactly the month where my criteria for 3 out of the past 5 years expired to the month. This is a very dodgy and shady coincidence.

Other criteria such as local blood connections get ignored by birmingham, and even when bharat chauhan finally admits I have this blood relative this doesn’t count as a “local connection” and I still have 90% less priority and no effort to make my life return to a nature it should be.

The fourth point for local connections is work and study within birmingham, I have studied at university in birmingham city center, and the majority of my work history is in birmingham, even the temp agency I work festival jobs at had work opportunities in birmingham I could not perform due to this entire situation, and I have not been able to look for full time employment attempting to resolve this entire situation with my entire time being unable to do anything until I am returned to birmingham.

The fifth and final criteria is special circumstances, noting I only require one element to be a local connection and how they have behaved over factors that should count, the final and specialist of circumstances is that I should have still been homed in birmingham, I lived my entire adult life in birmingham, until they put me in this situation I have lived in birmingham since 2004 they admit my housing benefits should have been paid in a timely manner, I had my flat and home in erdington birmingham and would still be living there had they paid due housing benefits as my home being reposessed was entirely stated as and due to non payment of rent, which was a direct result of their illegal and unreasonable witholding of housing benefits for over 9 months despite constant and persistent attempts to get due housing benefits into payment, where the council themselves have even admitted every effort was made by myself and family housing association to get these due benefits paid during that entire time process. So as a direct result this has caused this entire situation and had they paid these benefits I would still be homed in birmingham in my flat where I was happy and probably had found full time employment in this time frame and not been driven completely insane by this entire process.

So as they continue to do things against their own rules and immorally I have to wait for the lgo(biwan kenobi) you’re my only hope to put things right and get justice, because the council and in particular scumbag sith lord bharat chauhan have established that they clearly will not do the right and legal thing to put things right or listen to their own criteria.

Dr who returned to our screens with season 9, and of course everyones “favourite” doctor, peter capaldi who has been commented by many people as reasons they have stopped watching the show. On top of his breaking of the fourth wall to explain a plot last season, and constantly insisting he’s cool and things he does are cool just like a dad trying to insist to his children he’s actually cool he has now gone on to break one of the majorly established elements of being a doctor.

The doctor has always had his big blue box, the tardis trapped in the guise of an old telephone box despite the fact that this is irrelevant pretty much everywhere in the universe and space time. However he has also had for some time, and especially through every incarnation of the new season his sonic screwdriver in various forms, changing this to another form of sonic was acceptable however removing the screwdriver aspect and turning them into a pair of sunglasses is about as cool as those pathetic slatted sunglasses or wearing 3d glasses in the 80/90′s and also breaks one of the main characteristics of being the doctor, changing from a sonic screwdriver is essentially the same as changing the form of the tardis from an old telephone box, especially to something as stupid and douchey as a pair of sunglasses, it’s almost as though he’s trying too hard to insist he’s cool when sunglasses aren’t really cool fashion and haven’t been for a long time, sure they’re effective for blocking the suns rays and good for helping you see in bright light, but as a fashion accessory they’re rather stupid and as a sonic tool quite stupid considering how much harder it is to put on a pair of sunglasses in order to activate something.

Perhaps had he simply kept them as an additional tool for seeing things possibly it would have been fine, but to remove the screwdriver because he doesn’t want to be seen waving a magic wand essentially around is just silly in my opinion. Let’s face it holding out the sonic screwdriver and pointing it at something or holding it up like a sword ready to use at enemies is far more impressive visually than someone putting glasses on and putting their hand to their head.

This isn’t the only fault with season 9 however, additional problems come on the fundamental plot-lines which are reminiscent of 60′s batman serials, where every episode is essentially a two parter, and for the majority either the doctor or his companions, or in the case of last week pretty much the entire of the uk were dead, and stay tuned for next week to see how what happened at the end of the episode or in the teaser doesn’t actually happen and how he’s actually alive, the world is safe and nobody was actually ever in any danger as expressed in the end scenes.

The world is currently in jeopardy, the uk has been replaced with an army of shape-shifting aliens, which actually may have turned the humans into their form as they are constantly requesting for the truth to come out and for them to have their planet and their life back (whoops is that potential spoilers, I’m no insider but that’s the obvious solution, with the feared box perhaps being the key to the transformations and to put everything right) Will it be down to the doctor escaping from a plane about to be exploded by a heat seeking missile, probably using teleportation technology held by the dr who fangirl who wears nods to his past live’s outfits and keeps photo’s of them within unit on the walls as easter eggs to see.

Maisie williams was introduced as a new immortal in the only episode to not have anyone dead at the end, sure masie died but he implanted her with a chip to make her live forever much like captain jack harkness, and the teaser there was that she would live to see the annihilation of the entire world with what appeared to be a nuclear explosion behind her. This would hint along with word that was spread that torchwood would be returned that she may be the new leader of a torchwood team for her own series, put this together with the world jeopardy and unit being destroyed the perfect opportunity for her to step in from her established position of watching over the doctor (shown during a photograph in the end of an episode with her watching behind him in a previous plot)

With the doctors sidekick deemed to be cocooned, although she could easily be infiltrating pretending to be the alien in order to foil their plot and the doctor in trouble it could come down to masie to save the day with torchwood, possibly saving the doctor then stepping in to help take back the world and prepare to launch a season of torchwood during the doctor who season break. If they do not bring masie in to do torchwood it does feel like a missed opportunity having established her as a pseudo jack, another immortal to live forever but follow the timeline never to time travel and be stuck on earth in the perfect position to defend them, having established this would prevent her going insane in her previous plotlines.

I personally think the whole everyone’s dead, oh wait they’re not dead, oh we broke the established rules of what happens when the tardis explodes but that didn’t happen, on next weeks episode we never really destroyed it bullshit rather boring and predictable and seemingly inflating deliberately false plotlines. All of this is so old fashioned and pathetic and likely to destroy the entire franchise, I would like it to go back to how it had been, with intricate well woven plots along with individual episodes that wouldn’t necessarily tie together and never having this falsely implied death principle repeating over and over every single time.

Using it on the first episode fine, but now it’s been used 4 times over this season it’s dead and buried, and don’t bring it back alive next week this is one thing you should leave dead in the ground and get on with actually writing some good episodes before you kill the entire franchise. Also get rid of the sonic sunglasses they’re as offensive as if you change the tardis to a portaloo, he might as well be flying around space time in a turdis with his douche glasses and a sonic e-cigarette with weed in to provide all the aliens a sonic e-toke and mellow them out so the only thing they wish to exterminate is the contents of the fridge… in their stomach. At least an E-spliff would be more impressive than sonic sunglasses.

I like dr who a lot, and I gave the new doctor his chance but he’s gotten progressively worse, I know it’s established he’s meant to become the enemy of the universe, but that’s meant to be in show, he’s not meant to be destroyer of the franchise, just destroyer of worlds.

With the government subsidizing the installation of solar panels for many low income families across the nation as part of a green incentive it is becoming more popular for solar panels to be a significant source of energy during the summer, but are you really getting any savings by generating your own electricity?

Some might say yes, because obviously you are creating power and providing it onto the electricity grid, however this may not be the case as in many instances electricity meters have systems in place as “anti tampering measures” that detect when you’re putting electricity onto the grid, the meter itself will think that the unit has been tampered with and that you are attempting to reset the dial and have reversed the flow recognition, as such a warning will flash up on your meter rEd standing for “reverse energy detected”

If you are getting an rEd warning on your meter this can institute a failsafe that not only means you are paying for the electricity you create and send onto the grid but you also trigger the meter to clock on at a faster rate as it attempts to overcompensate, whilst still clocking up your ordinary electricity charges throughout the entire period.

I have done some research online and this is a regular occurrence, and what do the electricity companies do when you report this to them? At the time of recording the video they stated that they would take measurements throughout the whole payment period, and see if anything has changed, to this date they still haven’t done anything and the meter still reads rEd. They did promise to swap my moms meter for a smart meter ( a pay as you go topup meter wholly unsuitable for countryside use as she lives in the middle of nowhere, with no convenient topup points anywhere nearby) instead of her existing direct debit meter.

One thing I can confirm though is that since having the meter installed it clocks up at a severely faster rate than it ever did prior to installation, so unless solar panels drain your electricity there is something dodgy going on, and my mom took painstaking measurements weekly for months prior to installation to measure what difference her solar panels would make, nobody expected them to increase charges and trigger an rEd warning that the electricity companies refuse to put right (as they’re making extra money and benefiting from the solar panels far from anyone else doing so)

So if you do get solar panels or already have some you should be sure to check your meter for an rEd warning and make sure to report any problems immediately to your electricity supplier before you get ridiculously large bills as a result of generating your own electricity.

I was off visiting someone in tamworth when I topped up my mobile phone credit, and after being asked which network it was for due to the nature of EE I informed the staff member it was orange, and was provided with a voucher for EE credit which claimed to be for all three versions of EE, this was from within the EE store itself in tamworth so if anyone would get it right it would be the store member you would think.

After seeing my friend I got on the train back, and stopped over in birmingham to buy some things from the shops while I had the rare opportunity to be out and about and get a lift back without having to rely on the terrible countryside buses which end so ridiculously early that you can’t visit anywhere. I attempted to top up my mobile phone with the pay as you go credit, and upon doing so I realized that the credit didn’t work as it stated that there were problems topping up.

In a panic I visited the EE store as the shops were within 10 minutes of closing attempting to resolve the situation and get the credit on my phone, after informing the staff member in birmingham of my situation she stated that I had been given the wrong credit and that it doesn’t state that it works on orange, I pointed out that it did state this clearly on the receipt and she shouted at me “no it doesn’t don’t interrupt me I’m the staff member we’re all trained to know the difference and not give the wrong voucher” and refused to call up the tamworth store and attempt to resolve the situation so I could simply get my credit, I pointed out very politely that it does clearly state on the receipt that it works on orange and that I informed the staff member in tamworth I needed orange credit, she continued to refuse to be helpful, it was only when I requested a complaint form that she got a manager who was able to resolve the situation but this was well into being stressed at needlessly by the staff member who should have been polite and attempted to resolve the situation rather than shouting at me in an angry form for pointing out that my credit stated it was for orange and that I stated clearly to the staff member when asked that I required orange credit. She insisted that I return to tamworth, an impossible feat considering how late in the day it was and that stores were about to close and I would require a train journey to get there.

This whole situation and the way EE works with the three EE’s OrangEE T-mobilEE and EE itself all operating separately still, and that 3g signal is terrible and often unobtainable seems ridiculous and I’m fed up of the orange customer service. EE keep sending millions of marketing texts constantly despite not wanting these and opting out hundreds of times, and I’m just entirely fed up of their network. So much so that I had to get my complaint out there, still didn’t get a complaint form to send to their offices so a very public one will suffice @ee

With the local government ombudsman and birmingham council taking ridiculous amounts of time to respond and investigate the benefit delays which lead to losing my flat, even after they have established that they acted incorrectly and should have been paying the due benefits the entire time yet still do nothing to put things right and correct the situation that has resulted from their benefit delays I thought it was time to put up an official post here including some of the old video’s

The LGO continue to allow the council to take over a month between their responses and have also far exceeded time limits they find reasonable for an entire investigation to be completed within, and even refuse to provide information to the DWP investigation into benefit delays despite it being relevant claiming this to be ” an unbiased investigation” yet while every proof has been shown the benefits should have been paid, this lead to my eviction from my home, the loss of all of my possessions and all of the situations that have resulted since then, they still wish to investigate further, and despite having proof that I’ve done everything during and since to attempt to resolve the situation and return to birmingham so I can put my life back together they still allow ridiculous delays and fail to resolve the situation in any expedient manner causing further stress and depression.

There are other stories in the video’s and relevant facts such as how the government have been acting with austerity measures and how the country is struggling.

Either way I think it’s time I contacted erwin mitchel the solicitors involved in benefit delays as my case is pretty solid and I need a resolution and to return to birmingham, I’ve complied with every measure to attempt to get back to birmingham and have ended up in terrible situations stuck out in the middle of nowhere just to have a stable home to apply from as they wouldn’t accept housing applications without such, and it’s ridiculous. I hope I get a resolution soon.

Jeremy Corbyn took to the floor as leadership of the opposition for the first time the other week and it has been heavily scrutinized by the media about both how he went to the public for questions effectively crowd-sourcing his debate, and about how he stuck to the questions not rising to the political clucking and theater usually associated with the house of commons debates against the prime minister.

While a lot of media outlets have been poking fun at corbyn and calling him a joke I believe it was quite far the opposite, as his very first move was to bring the concerns of the public which by and large were being ignored and glossed over by the conservative party, in a straightforward no nonsense approach trying to get straight answers from the prime minister and resisting the attempts by the prime minister to turn it into a theatrical joke. By resisting david cameron’s cockish behavior where he hammed it up for the crowds trying to get the MP’s to cluck and jeer in the hen hut of ministers, corbyn managed to put on a very strong image by continuing with his questions pursuing answers over ridiculous benefit delays, unaffordable housing rents, and the lack of increased taxes to those who can afford austerity measures while those who simply cannot are hardest hit by such measures, which remained true to the anti austerity wind-force which lead him to win the labour leadership election by a landslide.

I have also noted that not only have the conservatives released slur campaigns against corbyn but the media, and right wing members of the labour party all seem to be out to discredit his entire political career, because of standing up to issues he still believes to be wrong, some of which are even under investigation via public inquiries as to being wrong such as invading iraq, and generally trying to discredit his ideals of anti austerity and being illogical and unworkable completely ignoring the fact that the richer side of society are still remaining in a system prior to any austerity measures and not facing any themselves and while big businesses which can afford such measures continue to get tax reliefs instead.

We shall continue to see how things progress for the corbyn campaign, but I believe we have a new hope with this new leader strongly supporting anti austerity measures and bringing the prime minister to face questioning over what will be done to help those who need it most and really transform the government so there will be more affordable housing and jobs for those who need them rather than the political spin and bullshit that is usually associated, and while these questions usually get ignored and unanswered by westminster.

I for one hope that he remains in seat until an election because there was a lot of talk on the andrew marr show this morning about how they will “experiment” with corbyn for three years and replace him before a general election (amongst a lot of laughing at his expense in a way I found really offensive for the bbc to broadcast) If this is the case I would feel cheated, as the public have nominated corbyn to stand for their issues and to be bought to come to a general election so he can change things properly as prime minister, not to be replaced before he ever gets to run, and I would go further as to call for a fresh general election now all of the parties have new leaders after everyone quit over the calamity of the last general election, as now we have new policies and new politics to vote upon, and those who think 38% of the vote was a majority are quite clearly wrong as 62% of the public vote elsewhere, and the conservatives in numbers of votes only won by a slim number which would clearly lose out now as 2/3rds of those who voted elsewhere voted for left wing issues which would now be bought under labour’s new agenda and which would win the labour party a majority in any election.

Anyone who has been effected by any form of delays or incorrectly paid benefits of any form from the DWP an official investigation is underway by parliament at so you should visit to submit any information you have whether it personally effects you or somebody you know, so the department of work and pensions are held accountable for their misdeeds and incompetence.

Also Epetitions has been down since before the election stating it would be online “shortly” after the election, having been down for a few months it is now back in a new format, stated to be delayed to allow the system to be revolutionized into a better more efficient format, this does not seem to be the case as you now require 5 signatures in order for any details to even go live on the site, and without 5 people signing the petition blind it only simply states your name and to sign your agreement to whatever the petition is about blindly. If you remove the sponsorship and visit the petition page itself it them claims that 5 people have already signed and that it is under review when this isn’t actually the case as from the outset having just set up the petition I can guarantee 5 people have not signed, this seems to be further discouragement to sign as though it has already been supported and you’re not needed, so don’t bother in that sort of psychological influence, when truly the petition still requires your support.

My personal petitions awaiting signatures are a vote of no confidence in the conservative party calling for a new election as they do not have a significant majority.

Also A petition to compensate those who have been effected to benefits delays of more than 3 months that result in them losing their home in a fair manner.

I would appreciate your support and signatures on these petitions.

The video attached was recorded before spontaneous protests which have since happened, including the one where charlotte church attended, all of which shows we will take it #NoLonger

“Institutional Oppression occurs when established laws, customs, and practices systematically reflect and produce inequities based on one’s membership in targeted social identity groups. If oppressive consequences accrue to institutional laws, customs, or Practices, the institution is oppressive whether or not the individuals maintaining those practices have oppressive intentions.”[wikipedia]

With the conservatives getting a majority in the 2015 general election, and thier main policies being to oppress the socially unfortunate who are unable to find work despite trying, with only 1.1% of unemployed people having never had work when you discount students. The majority of the unemployed market would like to find work but are unable to for a variety of reasons, ranging from toxic zero hour contracts where you can have just about enough hours to pay your bills one week, but the next three weeks get absolutely no hours whatsoever. This is not only unsustainable but completely against the ability to find a sustainable job.

The unemployed are demonised and treated like strains on society when the majority are good natured people who would like to find work and employment in thier hometown, often being happy to take less hours as long as they would pay the bills and provide the ability to live, in amongst a time where mp’s are able to not only earn thier base salary of £67,060 (which might as well be 666 is many instances) they are also requesting pay rises and are also able to claim ridiculous expenses, often resulting in completely immoral tactics of taking advantage of the expense system, yet they are still able to hold office and run in the position even when ousted as being completely soulless immoral scum of society, yet that is a tag they would place on those who are unfortunate and wish to work, stating instead we are the drains on society where £72pw is such a drain on the tax system compared to thier ridiculousely high incomes of £1289,62pw+expenses. Not only are they earning such levels but most of them do not even perform thier mp expected position and instead work additional jobs, and represent the issues of big companies which pay them off or are associated with thier own business interests rather than the political interests of the people they are supposed to represent.

Then you get people who go “why don’t you just get a job” as if applying to 40+ jobs per week which you have to prove at the job center just to claim jobseekers isn’t enough, as though you aren’t putting any effort into looking for work, and they state that you shouldn’t be entitled to a home or any form of life if you’re unable to find work but would like work, meanwhile they’re happy to hoard all of the hours of a job, where people could reduce the working week to 35 hours and provide work for millions of people accross the country by the 13 extra hours per week which gets freed up for new jobs which increases employment and reduces the spending on benefits as a result, which creates more free time for people which in turn leads to further spending on leisure activities by people, a happier better rested workforce, boosted spending leads to further jobs required to cope with the increased spending in the area’s so boosts the 13 hours extra to a good 20+ sustainable job, all of which leads to increased net tax income for the government to spend elsewhere, but they’re just too dumb to see that and instead focus on demonising and killing people throwing them out onto the streets.

And what about human rights? well mr cameron hitler decided people don’t deserve human rights, and instead chooses to write his own bill of rights which will undoubtedly remove any rights for those who want to work but cannot find work, remove all rights to the underprivelleged, all the time while never doing anything to increase taxes on the rich, which as noted previousely has not changed for a very very long time, so the poverty gap widens.

Focusing on demonising one section of the socio economic group, is a social sector, so we are an oppressed people, and people suffering from oppression only put up with it so long, peaceful protests are planned, including on the 20th of june at 12 noon in front of the bank of england, however if peaceful protests won’t be listened to people will rise up in revolt. We have had enough and will not stand for any more oppression, do you want us to take jobs and homes by force, we want them so don’t put us down when we put all of our effort into trying to get work and sustainable income, if you want chaos and force and us to do WHATEVER it takes to get work and sustainable incomes, don’t tread on us and put us down, the downtrodden will fight back, you create your own enemy, we have a voice and we will be heard.