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The following video chronciles my unboxing of what I expect to be as described a 4.2ghz quad core processor pc, and how I get triggered as the seller gets around the promised refund by scamming me for a triple.

So I had been having some issues with my current pc as technology progressed, the main two being that I couldn’t upgrade the ram on my current system and the graphics card at 1gb only reached opengl 3.1 equivalent where more and more games required 3.3 minimum despite being within specifications so I decided if I’m going to upgrade I might as well do it properly, freeing up my other pc to be able to switch between both while one is doing intensive actions like processing or even when uploading to sites which require full persistent use of the system otherwise it cancels and causes problems. So when I found this system for a reasonable price I was happy, and being able to get an 8gb graphics card to go with it made this a really good upgrade which should last for a while.

Of course when first booting up the system I was shocked to discover it was in fact only 3.1ghz quad core (although it says something about 10 when booted up the bios confirms it’s quad) The seller agreed instantly to the refund request, so perhaps you’re thinking at this stage things are fine, of course the seller starts saying how he’ll take it back severely and dangerously overclock the processor to 4.2ghz, such a large leap would burn out the computer in no time and not be good especially with playing intensive games while recording as I planned, this would not be a safe system. So I refused and wanted my refund, still not coming I suggested very specifically a 4.1ghz a10 7890k processor would be ideal as a replacment as it is the closest to 4.2ghz I could find compatible with the system, unsure if it was fm2+ though as I needed that for the graphics card I had also purchased to be able to work.

The seller replies yes we can do that for £50 extra, great you would think I didn’t mind paying an additional £50 to avoid having to do this entire process again and just to get it over with, I would get my 4.1ghz quad core processor and everything would be fine right? Wrong, the seller delays in sending the processor to the point I have to ask where the processor is, before I get a response in my inbox within 10 minutes of each other (I really should’ve added this into the video) the seller has contacted ebay from it being a refund to it instantly being closed, then the seller informs me that because of the delays instead of the a10 7890k processor we agreed upon he would “UPGRADE” to an a10 7860k which is in fact a downgrade at only 3.6ghz quad core, and oh here’s a tracking number which when you enter into royal mail comes up as non existent, so triple scammed.

The seller knows we agreed upon the 7890k I did make another suggestion for a 3.9ghz quad core processor but we agreed upon the 7890k, so to be informed he would send another where he specifically closed the return first before stating the processor would be a different processor was very scumbag behavior. At this point I had been completely triggered, already severely depressed and ill over the situation taking forever and feeling like I’m letting down developers I have made promises to on the assumption this pc would arrive correct I had planned to get some good review on games that would only run on this system, whilst also taking on additional load of smaller games I could do on the old system while things render and upload, of course getting ripped off and scammed has spiraled me into depression so next to nothing has been done other than publishing already uploaded video’s

Being very triggered, angry and depressed I decided it was appropriate to post negative feedback at this point, he had closed my refund somehow in an instant whilst scamming me additionally knowing that not only did my payment mention the specific processor but we had agreed on a specific processor which would put things right and a price for this, where he could’ve named any price and it would be up to me to accept or refuse and continue the refund, the scammer decided he wanted to go for that elusive triple and oh baby a triple did he get.

So I posted my feedback, stating how it was only 3.1ghz not 4.2 as advertised, how the seller promised an a10 7890k for £50 extra but states he’s sending a10 7860k (which I doubt because of the fake tracking, he’s simply fished for agreement words to get the refund closed and keep his scammed funds.)

I’ve tried messaging ebay but ebay are on the scammer’s side, so you cannot trust ebay, oh and my feedback which was correct and showed exactly what happened in the entire process, yeah ebay removed that too instantly for the scammer, so how on earth can you trust any ebay feedback scores if scam artists can do whatever they want to get feedback which is correct and appropriate warning other buyers of exactly what happened removed in an instant? And I will note there are other negative comments besides those I have shown that I saw before which seem to have since been removed by ebay also, so somehow this scammer is getting away with constantly scamming people and getting negative feedback removed which shows the true extent of how much this ebay user scams people

Oh and don’t think they’re just on ebay, a little research shows they have their own website and also do sell as a third party on amazon, so beware what you buy, you cannot trust the item descriptions and you have no protection from ebay when you get scammed, especially when the scammer triple scams you and rips you off additional funds deliberately making the entire situation a mess avoiding sending the very specific processor agreed upon for an agreed price which would have fixed the entire situation, the scammer had to go that extra step to extort extra funds and make this even messier, how hard would it to have simply sent the processor we agreed upon, or got a correct price for whatever they needed to get that processor? I wanted a very specific processor and the scammer could not resist that extra level of scamming.

Users like that need to be banned forever from ebay.

How safe is your fire alarm? You might think that pushing the test button and hearing the alarm sound confirms that the alarm functions correctly, however this may not be the case. Recently my alarm failed to function in a situation where an alarm should definitely be sounding, where having avoided an encounter with a leaping spider pouncing at me in an attack I was distracted while turning on my cooker hob while I had left plastic containers on one of the rings, having activated this incorrect ring and leaving the room this vapourized into smoke and upon returning to the room I was surprised the alarm had not functioned.

The smoke levels were significant and the heat in the kitchen high enough that any alarm should have functioned as short of there being a fire on the actual alarm burning down the house I cannot see how this alarm could not have functioned by this level of smoke.

So I wonder, are your fire alarms truly safe? Can clicking the test button really ensure that your alarm functions or could some be so poorly designed that they don’t actually detect smoke or a fire and would never sound in a situation where it would save your life, indeed my alarm did not function at a point where it would make preventing a situation which would be beyond salvage would occur and obviously I have no method of testing whether a true house fire which would require the fire brigade would actually even set off the alarm, and would not wish to push the limits by lighting my house on fire.

Could some fire alarm companies be relying on this to create inferior cheap alarms which simply look and sound the part in order to provide you with a sense of security but would never actually save your life in the event of a fire? This is a worrying discovery.

With the UK holding an EU referendum as to whether to exit or leave we have a look at the over eager £9.2million expenditure leaflet sent out by the conservatives and how effective it is at making your mind up as to whether to stay or whether to leave the EU at vote time.

I will note that at the time of recording the leaflet stated around 250thousand EU permanent migrants per year, however since recording this number is up above 333Thousand migrants from the EU alone from the year 2015 to the beginning of 2016. However this isn’t the true statistic on migration as around 750 thousand national insurance numbers have been issued to EU nationals during that time period alone, under the promise by the conservatives to reduce immigration below 100thousand things are clearly out of control, and up from around 40thousand per year before the conservatives came into power.

The leaflet focuses on stating how the UK has a special relationship protecting it’s borders and how we are different from other EU countries however in recent weeks daily politics and other news outlets all you ever hear is how we have to have open borders the same as the shengen area simply because we are part of europe, and it is very clear that under david cameron and the conservatives any “special relationship” held by the uk has been slowly stripped away as we become just another nation within europe as is constantly stated towards an ever closer union.

It would appear however that despite his assertions the prime minister himself is a closet brexiteer, wanting to remove the human rights act and enable a bill of rights which could strip many rights from both workers and the unemployed, which has previously been prevented by the human rights act, of course the queens speech enabled a beginning to this bill of rights, and people have stated that if this fails you there is always the human rights act to fall upon however leaving the EU this would no longer be the case, as cameron wishes this gone so if we leave we would not have these rights in our country, and there are many issues cameron wishes to pursue which are prevented by the eu for the protection of our citizens.

Being on the side of remaining serves two aspects for the conservatives, with a split bench following both sides they can claim victory regardless of the decision, with boris jhonson set to take over as prime minister should we vote to leave and still have conservative issues being pursued which are not for the best of the rest of the country, while if we remain cameron remains in charge and continues his reign of austerity, removing public services, being in control of councils proven to illegally withold benefits and delay applications in order to remain within ridiculously low budgets set by the conservatives, all the time reducing taxes for the rich where I have proven in europa documents the EU had demanded reform by the UK in the opposite direction, to reduce taxing upon the poor and increase taxing to the rich where no change had occurred for far too long. These issues along with many more were country specific recommendations towards a 2020 target set by the eu, which I refer to as europa2020. Other problems looming with europa2020 are the fact that we will never be able to repay the deficit by the deadline even with ridiculous and increasing austerity measures set by the prime minister effecting the poor in all forms whether working or looking for work, and those who can afford taxes and to reduce their luxury spending get further tax cuts which creates a truly unfair and divided nation.

Parliament petitions have passed the hundreds of thousands demanding a vote of no confidence in the conservatives however under laws passed by the conservatives themselves in their first act of coalition when elected the new law is that parliament must serve a fixed term and cannot be voted out in no confidence no matter how terrible their reign or how many electoral promises they fail to deliver upon, claiming they need a full 5 years to do things, and even if they fail after those 5 years they will blame previous administrations, even if that previous administration is themselves!

Tv interviews revolving around immigration point towards one clear aspect, whether we leave or not they state how useful to the economy european migrants are, which is under biased data as low paying jobs which would be taken by the unemployed of this country naturally born here and reduce unemployment in one fowl swoop seems to be ignored completely, and the other aspect they over dramatize is stating how we would be shutting out entrepreneurs or highly skilled workers which again isn’t the case, having a more selective process over who can live long term in the country to be a higher skill level than a basic worker would be beneficial and having taken “aptitude tests” which essentially check can you speak english, can you resolve an impossible quandary to prove you’re not an AI who explodes at a paradox (a future article), can you do basic maths, you might think well this is stupid of course anyone coming to this country and claiming benefits and looking for work can do that, I have seen too many people walk out stating they cannot speak english, hello we’re england if you’re living here to look for work that is pretty much essential skill number one, being able to speak the language.

The main thing any side would need to do in order to gain advantage would be to point out a control over immigration numbers, firstly being the leave campaign which could guarantee no more than 100,000 migrants per year as a hard limit rather than a “points based system” which could be abused and difficult to implement, while the remain campaign could promise much like the scottish referendum to leave the uk a reformed agreement with the EU to set a hard figure of 100,000 per year and regain our special status in the EU controlling the number of people coming the uk as we are not part of the shengen system, so being able to impose limits would be something which would be required and being able to negotiate these as a requirement for staying would give a great boost to the stay campaign solving the main issue of the debates without backlash and without losing the majority of the benefits of being inside the EU.

Personally I am finding it hard to decide but at present staying in the EU seems safest as the leave party will not do anything significant enough to reduce migration levels and will cause us to lose many protections and laws coming across from the eu with little to no benefit.

Since publishing jeremy corbyn made a speech to manchester highlighting many of the issues I raised and you should listen to his speech as it shows not only why we should stay in the EU and what we would lose, but also it shows why he should be the rightful leader of our country as he represents the common people, the working people, the disadvantaged and the disabled instead of the elite at the top who can afford to be taxed instead of those who cannot who face the deepest austerity measures to pay for those rich people to get tax cuts and benefit most from times of austerity. He was calm and decisive and spoke the truth without spin on the matter in a way that shows his leadership potential. I hope he gets to see a general election as he deserves to be prime minister rather than david cameron who lies and avoids questions during prime ministers question time instead goading the house and the speaker about how “nobody gets away with avoiding questions” while he does that very thing. It’s time for a straight politician who can reform the country for the good of the majority and make britain great again.

Recently I attended a test I had been sent to through jobcenter+ which involved a very simplistic spelling and grammar test, some of which isn’t so simple considering google chrome is utterly useless and underlines everything spelled correctly in english(UK) and insists on correcting it to american spelling which isn’t correct here, so lately I’ve given up even bothering to spell correctly, some things come out american some things come out english and as everything get’s underlined when it’s correct and even if your computer and browser are set to english (uk) it gets corrected to american regardless.

This isn’t the point however, I passed the grammar and spelling test regardless of the uncertainty injected by google chrome messing up my spelling to american in many instances, the true test came in the form of a paradoxical question, where you are asked through multiple choice to fill in the blank spaces, most had one obvious answer however there was one question with a needless additional factor which changed the context of what you were asked.

“Sue’s alarm did not function. She had to be _______ for her job interview”
“late, damage, Holder, Early”

I don’t remember the inconsequential blanks, they were as stupid as that however, one’s that clearly could not make sense in any form of sentence to someone who spoke the language, and this persisted throughout the test, one obvious answer and three others which clearly had been picked at random from a dictionary and could never fit into context unless you had never spoken the language.

This question however seemed to have been made either as a paradox to deliberately identify any artificial intelligence completing the exam, because clearly we all know artificial intelligences cannot deal with paradoxes and would crash under the contradiction, and this was a contradictory question, her alarm did not function how could she possibly have made it to her job interview on time, she had to be late… And in the other context, her alarm did not function, this was no excuse as she had to be early for her job interview.

Clearly this was designed and added by the jobcenter as a question to say there are no excuses to be late for your job interview you have to be early no matter what, even if your alarm does not function you have to ensure you get there on time even if you sleep past the time you’re supposed to wake up they won’t accept that as a response, and clearly it’s the silliest question in the world to add, as if they removed the “alarm did not function” part then 100% every time she had to be early for her job interview, but adding the factor of the alarm not functioning, it does produce two concepts which are impossible to rectify, she had to be late because her alarm did not function she could not have possibly made it there on time as a result, but of course she would want to be early for her job interview to set a good impression and compose herself upon arrival, but her alarm did not function…*break*

*Logic Does Not Compute*
*shutting Down To Prevent System Damage*

Having moved into a new place I needed broadband as an essential for not only keeping up to date here but also for pretty much every aspect of modern life, previously I have used virgin media and experienced bt at my mom’s however I decided to take advantage of the sky offer which included a free 32″ television and cashback through topcashback which seemed the best deal without waiting for a reasonable deal to arrive due to the urgent nature of needing internet access.

Sky also at the time had an offer for “free unlimited sky broadband for 12 months” of course this isn’t technically free as the requirement is to take sky line rental at £17.40 per month which wasn’t necessary for the sky free tv offer, nor the cashback so perhaps I could have got a better deal elsewhere taking the broadband separately however I decided why not to save hassle.

In order to get these services installed the sky tv would be £10 installation, and the broadband £20 installation. The sky tv engineers turned up despite there already being a satellite, installed cables into a different room to the existing installation was and this side of the service was exceptional. However, the more expensive installation charge which again would not have applied if I had not taken sky broadband no engineers showed up to perform, they deemed as there was an outlet which they received a signal back from at head office that nothing needed to be done, so they simply took the money and did no work, now bear in mind there are 3 outlets in the house only one is in the correct room and that is a virgin outlet.

Sky customer service have stated how if there was no outlet (as I had stated on my application) engineers would have arrived installed an outlet in the correct room where I want it included in the £20 installation cost, however as they deemed there was already one on the property they didn’t need to do anything and simply took my installation charge, this is stupid as even though there was an existing dish on the site, this was replaced with another newer dish of exactly the same design, new cables were installed and much more effort done for the £10 installation charge for that service, why then would they not provide the service that was paid for which they would have done if there was no outlet for no additional charge? Because they’re greedy, they’re demanding £130 to perform this installation which would have been done in the £20 fee if there had not been an existing socket, and they don’t care if it’s under the stairs in the cupboard or somewhere else unreasonable as there is one in the property to get one installed costs £130 on top of your existing installation charge, this is ridiculous as I have paid for the service and they would have performed this service but to do what they should have done they wish to charge me almost 6.5X as much money which is completely unreasonable.

The service is ridiculously slow as well compared to virgin or bt which are my only other real experiences as anytime I begin to upload anything the rest of the internet becomes completely unusable and there have been days since where it has taken 5 minutes literally to open a page which is completely unreasonable and I bet if there are any outages they wouldn’t be as reasonable as virgin in paying for the downtime and the hassle.

Other problems I have had have been constant emails and spam calls from sky themselves trying to sell services begging me to upgrade, insisting I take insurance and other nuisances, the odd email or the odd call wouldn’t be so bad other than I have set my preferences to never be called, and the fact that I received the same email 7 times for the first week, and even after blocking I kept getting the same repeated emails for weeks which was deeply irritating. I also feel they sold my number as not long after activation I was already receiving nuisance calls from “accident” companies, which when calling sky about they start trying to sell me their “nuisance call prevention” system for £5 per month which is completely ridiculous. How about just don’t sell my telephone number sky!

I’m regretting my choice as thing’s aren’t going so well with sky, and the tv I would be able to see with virgin anyway so I wouldn’t be missing out on that aspect, the customer services are definitely the worst though absolutely belligerent and unwilling to be helpful in any form and simply denying they should have installed the phone line as paid for, and stating either pay £130 or leave, and in this state I’m definitely opting for leave when my 12 month contract is up as they will undoubtedly add ridiculous get out charges if I was to leave within this first month of taking their services, I am having very deep regrets taking the service however.

Hello, so it has been a while since I posted, mostly because I was moving and had issues to sort out along those lines but also with the whole leadup to moving house this made things rather difficult with preparations and lead to me falling behind on many fronts, what does this mean to you I hear you ask well firstly I have a number of gameplay series I never made playlists for so these will be coming here along with the written reviews, but also a number of vlog and experience reviews also along with some more political nonsense as there are still issues revolving around that.

Having moved though I would be able to do more as I have more time to record and write as well as generally being able to do more to write about, there are a few issues preventing me from doing this at present though, mainly revolving around having to get furniture and put my life back together, but also revolving around my pc not surviving transit too well over 6 moves, so the hard drive is on it’s last legs and in need of replacement, I am attempting to get a replacement and copy my old drive directly in the hopes that the operating system transfers over without having to buy a new one which would be very expensive.

In the meantime however there are a number of video’s coming out including gameplay playlists, some update video’s, unpacking my old life which involves whatever I could save from my house in the little I could carry and everything which has been in my moms attic for years. I don’t know if everything will make it directly onto the site here as I tend to put up playlists with something nice written for those of you who prefer to read (which seems to be most of the visitorship!) and I am aware I should encourage more of you to be social or subscribe to the channel, so in this instance I will say why not follow me on twitter and keep up with me, feel free to ask any questions or chat! @indelacio_co_uk or subscribe to the youtube channels indelacioletsplay and indelaciorantsravesandreviews

In the meantime enjoy the content coming out and if you want to do place comments or questions and feel free to like video’s in series you’d like to see more of as this does let me know what you’d like in preference if I have limited recording time.

Sunday licensing laws were being debated in parliament to be relaxed and as a result the news took to the streets to get peoples reactions to the possibility, I thought that a number of peoples reactions were narrow minded especially in a time of austerity and a lack of jobs available on the market.

Firstly people seemed to think that simply because shops would have the possibility to remain open longer than 6 hours on a sunday it would automatically require every employee to work a full sunday on top of whatever hours they already work, which is rather stupid considering shops already open on a sunday and have to fix their hours to fit within a 6 hour schedule so deliberately open later in order to maximise the 6 hour limit.

The majority of workers fit within what is known as the 9-5 schedule, working 5 days a week and having the weekend off, as a result they would never be effected by the sunday relaxation of the licencing laws as they already do not work any day of the weekend, the simple matter is that extra hours provide extra opportunity for shopping giving a choice for either saturday or sunday as a day of relaxation spreading the weekend rush on a saturday in the shops over both days or even boosting the spending in the economy further, on top of this the additional hours would provide the further possibility of a sustainable part time job with those extra hours which reduces the spending on benefits to support those without a job as they would now be employed and also boost further spending as someone with a job would have disposable income to spend on the economy and further boost the economic foundation of the country.

Of course this is only a minor step in the right direction as you can see that the mindset of the individuals is that they have to work all hours an employer are open, perhaps this is how a lot of employers work feeding overwhelming hours to individuals rather than spreading it over a happy workforce, I have known this to be the case as in some instances depending on the area of the employment it is standard practice to have employees sign out of the working time directive, as a result have zero hour contracts and no guaranteed work but often be forced to take 50-80 hours a week per individual, with a current standard maximum working week of 48 hours this becomes excessive especially when you consider that essentially a 70 hour working week would suffice 2 individuals, and with a spread workload which provides greater time off, lower taxing of wages and a less stressed individual it is smarter to not overwork your employees.

France has a standard working week of 35 hours which is sufficient to pay all bills, and even reducing to this from a 48 hour working week provides an additional 13 hours per week if you apply this with relaxed licensing laws which would provide 2-4 hours of additional work which could provide a perfect part time university job, and if you add part time work hours of 16 on top of this it would provide a 32 hour working week which almost fulfills an extra full time position, if you further account for the additional demand for employment provided by a more stable economy where spending occurs once more due to people having more free time to spend shopping and on leisure activities and with the extra income through reduced taxes (and the heavily reduced requirement of the state to fund benefits through smarter measures than austerity and illegally witholding due benefits) this provides the most sensible path to providing further working positions for those who are seeking work and unable to find it through an economy where employers do not do enough to employ those who require it yet punish those seeking work desperately and are unable to find it.

Firstly I appreciate I have been told about how tesco were being charged for multiple unused floors on the site and a dispute over this lead to the closure of the site, but this was after I posted the video and with the popularity I decided to post an accompanying article too.

I still think it’s a shame the major supermarket of birmingham has closed as none in the city center are remotely as well stocked as fireways was, I have been informed that there should be a very large morrisons just by the prior location to tesco but I have yet to see this at present.

Sure you can get bits and bobs from the plethora of “local’s” and the “metro” which have appeared in the town and the sainsburies but these are always small and lacking in the majority of things you would require that you cannot find in the market’s so it is a pity that this store closed, especially as it was always busy and always well stocked on everything you could require that you couldn’t find anywhere else in the city and always became an essential part of the supermarket shop, hopefully tesco will open another large supermarket in the city once they find a suitable location as currently there is no suitably large equivalent tesco in the city center of birmingham.

Recently I had an issue with someone attempting to do something very dodgy compromising my steam group which is publicly open for anyone to join and previously had an unlocked chat room and bulletin board, however this was abused by the steam member brattysnax who joined my group and proceeded to make out that they were a long term “fan” and began to post unauthorized “giveaways” and “competitions” after I had questioned why any developer would give them steam keys for them to sell for their own profit through a chat room on a well known gaming bundle website where I had personally stated I don’t think game developers would be happy to give them keys for free to be sold on lower than the developers sell them for.

Within an hour of questioning that person I discovered that they had been posting illegal and unauthorized giveaways over the internet as though they were a part of my site, so immediately I banned the user once I discovered this action had been taking place, shortly after which they began making posts all over the internet about being “wronged” for being banned, so this video and this post were required to explain the situation.

Not only were giveaways and competitions never authorized, research into the user brattysnax lead to some shocking discoveries. The user had been associated with groups which in the past had extorted keys from developers under the threat of negative steam reviews something I would never be involved in, and as a result I would not wish members remotely associated with such abhorrent behavior anywhere near anything with my sites name which is why the user was immediately banned, and if anyone ever hears of a user or email address doing such things and attempting to associate with my site and reviews incorrectly I would request you immediately inform me which contains the only official contact you should deal with.

I have always been on the side of developers and even valve (steam) and do not stand for people attempting to take advantage of sites like these for their own profits, as not only does it mean the developer essentially loses a sale to the scum, but also deprives indie developers of funds they need to live or even develop sequels and further games, and don’t question supporting valve need I mention the whole desura thing, they’re not too big to fail if they lose their income sources!

That is the main problem with charity bundle websites, sure they were established with the best of intentions and yes a lot of them are getting better and raising the minimum price to reduce those who buy 50 bundles to resell keys and deprive the developers of a fair income they have worked hard for through making their game, especially when it comes to early access or greenlight games, this is one of the reasons a developer will give up on a title before release if people like this have taken advantage to get the game for pennies and sell it on for pounds undercutting the developer and devaluing their game.

It is nice of developers to give their games in the name of charities and does help those who cannot afford full retail to get hold of some good games and it does help with exposure but if you’ve already given away your title for next to nothing to the majority of your audience actual sales become difficult, which is why I would state if you’re ever going to give away a game in a bundle think about your reasons for doing it, as well as considering the downsides along the benefits. The best practice would be to only do it once your game has been through at least a year on steam, taking advantage of the summer and winter sale boosts along with your launch income, then providing it for charity once you’re satisfied with it’s sales, and if you’re looking for promotion of your game there are better options to get your game noticed without giving it away to millions of people.

Of course ultimately the choice is down to the developers, but it is worth noting that this element exists out there on the internet extorting keys to sell for their own income, a practice which I am not involved in and would never be involved in as I find it disgusting. I would prefer to simply avoid posting a review or help the developer to fix a game than post a negative review and I have never requested extra keys for giveaways or extorted developers in any way shape or form, and it was obvious that brattysnax had joined my group to attempt to use my sites name to do this

How was this obvious you might ask? Well the instant they saw my site’s name and that I didn’t perform this they attempted to hijack my group using it to run giveaways and competitions (where they are involved in rigged giveaways through that reddit forum post) and then it would become obvious that they would email developers claiming to work on behalf of my site “showing the giveaways” they ran to attempt to gain more keys for “giveaways” which they had established they actually sold through what they had stated on the game bundle website, and perhaps even extort keys through the threat of negative reviews which they had also seemed to be involved with. So blocking this user and removing all their posts along with any ability to post on the group was required in order to shut down this behavior and protect my site. I run honest reviews based upon my gameplay and will do whatever it takes to protect my site and reputation from dodgy users such as brattysnax.

Furthermore I always provide a steam link to games that I review and play because this provides profits to game developers for their game at a fair price, and also a fair share to steam who host the game and have earnt a fair share for providing a service which keeps all of your games together in one convenient location as well as providing the server space/bandwidth, automatic updates etc and providing what is easily established as the best gaming experience.

The saga continues with birmingham city council in an issue which should have been resolved a long time ago, please excuse the fun thumbnail parodying star wars, I needed a little something to make me smile and take away from the stress of the whole situation.

With established trails showing that birmingham city council have admitted that they should have paid due housing benefits without requiring extra proof (which was sent and they lost on a number of occasions) where they state I was “just in time” to get those payments made, yet they still did not make a single payment until over 5 months later a whole 2 months after my home was repossessed for non payment of rent, which was being paid wholly by housing benefits. During this timeframe 3 fresh housing benefit applications were made, which the council state were never required, yet were ignored during that timeframe, and they ignored all factors, correspondence and attempts to get due housing benefits into payment, which they state and admit should have been paid without any of the undue effort that was made, yet do not make amends for not paying in any timely manner.

Ever since I have been attempting to resolve this issue not only attempting to be rehomed, where they have established hoop after hoop, such as not accepting email applications, not accepting applications from on a temporary residence I could not stay at for longer than a week, losing so many applications and proofs it is laughable that this is a government institution, denying applications and proofs sent via recorded delivery ever existed and then summarily ignoring their own criteria for what defines a local connection to birmingham.

This is summarizing what has been a highly stressful and soul destroying process which is driving me completely insane. Obviously if you watch all the old video’s and read all of the prior articles you will see proofs and natures which I have previously established in further detail than here.

So onto the criteria for what defines having a local connection to birmingham, to have a local connection to birmingham you must meet one of the five criteria, the first two being having lived in birmingham the last 3 out of 5 years, and having lived in birmingham for 6 out of the past 12 months. During both of these criteria I had placed application after application which were either lost or required me to be in “other circumstances” than the homelessness they created, even when I began staying on my moms sofa in the countryside I had spent the last 13 months living in birmingham in an overpriced illegal unregistered house of multiple occupancy that was rat infested until I ran out of money due to desperation to return to birmingham while attempting to resolve the situation. From then they lost housing application after housing application along with proofs and identity documents which were sent upon request; so much so that I began sending via recorded delivery which still vanished without a trace and explanation despite proof of delivery. Of course upon housing application 5 being taken in by hand (and then requested the nature of over the next 3 months before they began to process it) they finally began to process things, which in a very shady nature matched exactly the month where my criteria for 3 out of the past 5 years expired to the month. This is a very dodgy and shady coincidence.

Other criteria such as local blood connections get ignored by birmingham, and even when bharat chauhan finally admits I have this blood relative this doesn’t count as a “local connection” and I still have 90% less priority and no effort to make my life return to a nature it should be.

The fourth point for local connections is work and study within birmingham, I have studied at university in birmingham city center, and the majority of my work history is in birmingham, even the temp agency I work festival jobs at had work opportunities in birmingham I could not perform due to this entire situation, and I have not been able to look for full time employment attempting to resolve this entire situation with my entire time being unable to do anything until I am returned to birmingham.

The fifth and final criteria is special circumstances, noting I only require one element to be a local connection and how they have behaved over factors that should count, the final and specialist of circumstances is that I should have still been homed in birmingham, I lived my entire adult life in birmingham, until they put me in this situation I have lived in birmingham since 2004 they admit my housing benefits should have been paid in a timely manner, I had my flat and home in erdington birmingham and would still be living there had they paid due housing benefits as my home being reposessed was entirely stated as and due to non payment of rent, which was a direct result of their illegal and unreasonable witholding of housing benefits for over 9 months despite constant and persistent attempts to get due housing benefits into payment, where the council themselves have even admitted every effort was made by myself and family housing association to get these due benefits paid during that entire time process. So as a direct result this has caused this entire situation and had they paid these benefits I would still be homed in birmingham in my flat where I was happy and probably had found full time employment in this time frame and not been driven completely insane by this entire process.

So as they continue to do things against their own rules and immorally I have to wait for the lgo(biwan kenobi) you’re my only hope to put things right and get justice, because the council and in particular scumbag sith lord bharat chauhan have established that they clearly will not do the right and legal thing to put things right or listen to their own criteria.