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The mommy’s best games action pack contains 4 games: Explosionade, Shoot 1up, weapon of choice and game type, all available to purchase individually however as a pack you can save over 50% meaning if you like 2 games your best option is to purchase the lot.

Explosionade is a combat arena blaster game where you pilot an experimental mech through some infested sewers clearing out each floor as quickly and efficiently as possible before progressing to the next, aimed at short sharp screens of fast and hectic shoot em up action. Whether you choose to go it alone or in the two player co-op this makes for a fun quick blaster game if you want a casual experience at any time without needing to set out a schedule to play.

Game Type recreates the xbox indie game live experience through steam, also known as media ball the actual game is hidden within the menu’s of a simulated xbox market place, once you find the game itself you’re provided with an achievement as well as one of those trippy bullet hell stay alive games that came way before flappy bird, where rather than dodge through holes you have to shoot and dodge your way through a plethora of crazy cats and internet meme’s, can make for a fun shooter and some interesting experiences, which as the saying goes can be better shared with a friend (2 player)

Shoot 1up is a traditional top down scrolling shooter game with an interesting twist, every 1up you gain is on screen at all times, wether you absorb all of your ships into one which makes dodging the incoming bullets easier, or seperate them out to a wide net you’re rewarded based upon your risk level, your bullets will remain small and ineffective with the dodge level at maximum, however if you spread out over the entire screen you will not only shoot from each individual ship but they will also draw power from each other to shoot out a powerful central lazer beam which can obliterate enemy waves with greater ease. This however does remain a rather challenging game, and with the usual mommy’s best games slightly adult natures you might wish to take greater care than simply spreading far and wide to obliterate everything.

Weapon of choice is an exploration shooter with the twist where each character has one hit and one life essentially, each with their own weapon and jump skill losing a really good ally could make things rather difficult. As the most expensive game in the pack it is the most premium, there are a number of different branching paths and a lot of enemy variety. Under the guise of the Chull weapon mass breeding everything with everything you end up with some very unusual creations, dick ripping apes clearly being twitch chat mixed with apes, titty centipedes and jizzing coke bottles give you the impression of how adult some of the humour can be with mommy’s best games. Regardless of the fun and silly enemy types the game is a very fun game and the mechanics don’t stop there, you might think staying alive is impossible however when near death you “feather” or Rim death and time slows down matrix style allowing you to possibly avoid the deadly situation and remain alive, and should you die any re-enforcements you bring into the field are able to carry one ally on their shoulders, wether your fallen ally or an MIA discovered in the field bringing them through the level allows you to select them in your roster in future levels and games where those fallen are lost until rescued. There are branching paths with different endings, each possibly taking 20 minutes to complete the game may be short and sharp but remains a lot of fun.

All in all whatever type of shooter action game you’re into there are a variety in this pack and there should be something you will enjoy, and considering the price of the pack being very low you should never have to worry too much about the price, you will get your enjoyment out of the games and the value of your purchase.

Mommy’s best arcade game action shooter pack.

This is my playthrough of lumini, an exploration game where you have to keep your lumini creatures alive while the world around you changes, with ever evolving enemies who wish to eat or otherwise harm you as well as environmental factors which may cause you to lose even more lumini.

I am attempting to keep the purple lumini alive right through to the end and see as much of the world I can while gathering hopefully all of the “pollen” spores to create more lumini and restore life to the world around us. Can this be done?

Get lumini on steam now and explore for yourself, choose pacifism or aggression, whether to mutate or not and your own priorities in life.

Onikira demon killer is a fast and frantic action platform game set in feudal japan, you take the role of a samurai who has been bought up with an absent father trained in the arts of the sword. The land suddenly gets ravaged by an unknown demon and your story begins.

The game itself is very fast paced and frantic, perhaps starting out rather tough with no healing ability until after you defeat the first boss but rapidly checkpointed so death is meaningless allowing you to take on the tutorial waves with a stronger start, however you soon rescue a dragon spirit who enables health to drop from defeated enemies and the game opens up, with more skills to master if you choose or you can freely button mash and jump around to victory.

Your capabilities are scored upon how well you defeat enemies without getting damaged yourself so mastering the skills and enemy behaviors will help you to achieve the higher ranks to clear the levels, but this isn’t essential for progress so you can have fun mashing away at your own pace.

There are four weapons available to use each with their own play style so finding the one which suits you, or even the enemy you’re facing off against is often the choice you have to make.

It all comes down to whether you’re a fan of side scrolling action platformers, having grown up with these games I do enjoy this play style and the game does have a good art style and bosses with their own mechanics (with the usual weakpoint to discover and take advantage of in order to kill the demons) and a fun little plot behind the game to keep you going forward.

As is expected of a game like this there are secrets to discover too, with hidden powerups for those who wish to explore or exploit the scenery and their own powers which can help make some of the later bosses and levels easier.

All in all the point of a game is to have fun and this is a very fun game which you can take at your own pace, while it would be nice to be able to save mid level should you require and continue later starting fresh on a level isn’t such a bad thing as long as you have the time it will fly by before you know it because you’re having so much fun, and with games like this growing up the case often was that you had to begin the whole game fresh every time you loaded so starting a level over isn’t too much of a downside.

Check out onikira demon killer for yourself on steam

Ninja pizza girl is a speed based platformer/runner game with a few variations but for the most part is a race against the clock to get to the finish, with obstacles and enemies to “demotivate” you and impede your path to make it a challenge to complete the levels.

Boosts are gained by performing skillfully and collecting powerups ultimately resulting in dubstep ninja mode, where the music kicks in with the world more colourful and the result makes your character run faster and respond quicker.

Some minor complaints come in the form of the game being clearly developed for tablets or phones with very simplistic controls, with a single button being both the jump and dive mechanics, and if you’re using the modifiers you can unlock such as double jump this can make the effectiveness of the ability difficult, and even without this there are times you want to divekick but as there are no enemies present you will not be able to perform this action and have to resort to waiting in place to land, or at other times when you initiate a divekick to hit an enemy missing his head can result in you shooting down a hole that means certain failure due to the time limit of the level to get back out.

The levels can be quite monotone if you’re struggling to keep together your combo or neglect to go shopping to cheer up your character between levels as this has an influence on your starting speed and essentially your life bar before you get demotivated and break down crying in the streets, and the theme and artwork are styled after comic books and humourous which makes the game suitable for everyone.

Other than these few quibbles the game remains a fun and fast paced platformer good for short bursts of action, with high scores and increased difficulty modes which can be very challenging to complete and keep you coming back for more, sure I would like to be able to reprogram the controls so I can divekick whenever I desire for not only the increased flexibility of control but also effectively control my jumps and dives to truly ninja run around the levels but this is not something which breaks the game.

Check out ninja pizza girl for yourself, and have some fun frantic fast paced pizza deliveries with a humorous plot and nice comic book stylings.

Get ninja pizza girl now on steam.

Human resource machine is the latest game from the tomorrow corporation, best known for world of goo and little inferno both games I own and as a result I had to get involved in showing off and seeing their latest title for myself.

Human resource machine has the recognizable art style of their other titles and possibly even the mom corporation and dystopian themes, with gameplay revolving around puzzle based systems involving programming what your character has to perform in order to complete the requested task

Obviously the task isn’t quite so simple, there are additional bonus conditions to be met on each floor if you wish to fully complete the levels, also “programming” is a simplified version of stacking tasks and using looping, copy and add systems which aren’t too cold as to take away from having an actual game with welcoming gameplay aspects

As a result the game can entirely be played without ever considering the programming parallels and still remain a fun game, but if you wish to learn from the game you can look into the programming aspects which are essentially used in the most basic senses.

If you wish to get human resource machine for yourself it is out now on steam, and I would recommend playing for yourself and not looking up solutions or spoiling the game too much for yourself but if you wish to look into the game and see how it plays definitely watch the gameplay included.

Available now on Windows and Mac on Steam, GOG, Humble Store, and the Tomorrow Corporation website, with a Wii-U version launching a few weeks later, TBD.

Eternal step is a procedurally generated action adventure game out now on steam, involving dungeon crawling to obtain the best loot cards to equip yourself with, each with their own bonuses and downsides such as high attacks but low speed, or health regen and low armor to name but a few.

Each run will not be the same as a result of the randomized dungeon’s with different level structures, enemy waves and treasure on every single run no two runs should be identical and it will come down to your ability to react on the spot to ever evolving enemies (which literally will evolve as you progress, while most games you may think you’ve got the mechanics down the same enemy will come up with new tricks later and be an even bigger threat) along with your skill and choices over the loot in order to best progress through the dungeon.

You will also want to keep an eye out for special enemy types and aura’s as these all have an influence over the blessings and curses you can receive as a result, and don’t forget the bosses which are at set floors but provide a difficult challenge to master as you learn their attacks and weaknesses.

All in all the game is a very fun arcade action game I think anyone could enjoy fun for both quick blasts as well as mastering to become the best of the best.

Get eternal step on steam

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Oddworld New N Tasty is a modern remake of abe’s oddysee staying true to the puzzle action platformer’s original action but with modern graphics, many of the rooms have a familiar feel and it would appear that the secret locations remain in the same area’s but without the noticeable rocks falling (dripping) effect to giveaway where the secret area’s lie instead you have a much harder time looking out for obscured trapdoors or pits that lack the death symbol.

“Hard Mode” essentially is as abe’s oddysee was on the origonal playstation as it states “classic health” so anyone who has completed the original has no excuse not to play on the hard difficulty. Of course there are harder problems as a result of the slight changes and persistent scrolling area’s as where some puzzles could previously be cheesed due to being off screen and vision effects that result from that in the remake some puzzles have slightly longer area’s and enemies can see you where in the classic game you could cheese the fact enemies would miss you as you transition between screens.

If you haven’t played the playstation original then you should perhaps think about buying new n tasty instead as there are a choice of difficulties, a whole new expansion with the alf’s escape dlc and the main story in a smooth modern setting.

The true challenge is to save all 299 (obviously alf has been given his own dlc to save all 300) mudokons and escape alive, which considering how hidden a lot of the secret area’s are is a very difficult challenge indeed, especially if you’re trying for the new n hasty achievement.

Get oddworld new n tasty on steam

Albedo: Eyes from outer space is a first person puzzle based horror game themed around the old cheesy B-Movies and space opera’s of early television production, the game immerses you into such an experience with the authentic old sounds used along with a typical style of inherent threat coming from the tentacle clad eye’s which are an immediate threat from the outset.

The gameplay itself involves object hunting around the rooms while trying to find out how to use those particular items (or maybe some you’ve missed in previous rooms) to traverse to the next location all the time trying to avoid becoming a victim of the eyes which have come from outer space.

The puzzles can often be obscure and sometimes frustrating if you believe you’ve found the solution or checked everything, but sometimes things will require a closer look or a re-visit after you have set up previous steps, but as puzzle games go this one isn’t designed to simply walk you through and feel good about yourself for completing highly signposted routes, instead you feel a part of the scene actually trawling through everything fighting to find your way out, and perhaps feeling more rewarded for persisting and finding the hard solution. Progress may be slow but you’ll feel like you’ve definitely earnt your escape when you do make it out.

Get albedo: eyes from outer space on steam now
Also available on green man gaming
Courtesy of Merge Games.

Portal 2 is the sequel to the game which bought first person puzzles into the world. Returning with new mechanics and puzzles to solve it is one of those games that everyone should just own.

This is the playlist of my playthrough, which will include the co-operative testing initiative, the online multiplayer version of portal as well as any community made maps which I choose to play.

Get portal 2 on steam now

Assault android cactus is out now on steam, a top down fast and frantic shoot em up with a slightly comedic narrative, built in global high scores and 9 different androids to unlock all with their own play styles.

If attempting to replay the levels and get better scores and higher leaderboard positions isn’t enough to keep you coming back for more there is also a daily challenge where every 24 hours all steam users compete on the same map with the same enemy waves to get the highest score possible in a single chance attempt to score highest on the leaderboards.

All of the levels are short and fast paced, with lose conditions varying from the usual top down shooters, while you have a health bar the primary factor for failure is a loss of the “battery” which is a timer system within which to defeat all waves of enemies within the level. Dying is still a factor however as to reboot your android of choice you will drain the battery making things more difficult.

The enemies and action seem quite varied from the offset, with some enemies choosing to shoot at you, others charging at you to swarm you in a corner if you are unfortunate enough to not cut your way through in time, as well as turrets, flying enemies, champions and mine launchers. Think you’re safe and you’ve got the level mapped out, think again as completing a wave will often trigger the level design to change in a very fluid manner, often releasing more waves of enemies while blocking off escape paths you may have kept clear with new holes in the floor or walls coming from nowhere.

If you are a fan of this style of game assault android cactus is definitely one you will wish to own and test your prowess against the leaderboards while attempting to get the highest ranks on all levels (far from the C’s and D’s I achieved on my first attempts) while mastering all of the enemy varieties and the bullet hell standards some of the bosses can entail.

This playlist will show all of my daily attempts as well as my playthrough of the main game.

If you want to get assault android cactus for yourself (and lets face it probably decimate my scores) go to