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Human fall flat is currently in alpha but is already a very playable and fun game, if you are familiar with gang beasts the character movement is very similar to that game however rather than being a multiplayer combat based experience this game focuses around the puzzles that occur in the life of a human.

Your human much like in real life can be painted and dressed in any way your imagination see’s fit, of course in the alpha he is naturally drawn to the cap bearing lifestyle, and this may remain the fact throughout the full release of course but you can still paint said cap in any fashion you see fit, and perhaps even disguise it as a flattened egon spengler do?

Humans start out in this world struggling to stand up and walk, and this may be the case in the game as your human tends to be a little unsteady on his feet, perhaps the result of heavy drinking, but this adds to the challenge of keeping your human straight without falling off the ledge as you look around, this of course is essential as orienting your human revolves around the control gained from looking around, and each arm can be moved easily using said feature to grab items and move them to solve puzzles (or perhaps even trash a certain room within the game)

In the alpha the game begins with humorous tutorialisation video’s hidden throughout the levels with remote controls and witty comments as you solve puzzles such as pushing a button to open a door, the game does get a little more complicated as the puzzles step up from box to pad to open door puzzles into complex find a way to get that part of the scenery loose to swing across this chasm in order to progress further into the game. I would presume the final release would continue the witty humour later into the game and provide more objects to interact with, it has been stated that there will definitely be at least one further area to play around in.

The levels themselves begin rather linear however there are hidden secrets even in the early levels before things really open up to allow multiple paths and solutions to the puzzles and that’s where the replayability comes in, as there is plenty around to mess about with and find hidden secrets you never knew existed as you explore further and play around with objects you didn’t think would do anything.

The game was quickly greenlit and will be coming to steam soon but if you can’t wait you can purchase the alpha directly from the developers on their website. When the game is fully released I will do an update and show what is new to the game and a proper review video.

If you enjoyed the look of the game go buy a copy for yourself and do remember there will more features and at least one extra level in the full steam release!

Go vote on the steam greenlight page this game’s great human fall flat greenlight.

Find out more about human fall flat at

Duty of care is the most realistic first person shooter available on the marketplace today, and I have created the speed challenge.

The game itself is very realistic with the most life like characters, along with the usual screen blood splatters etc, well let’s just put thing’s straight it’s not a game it’s a video and the actual challenge I’ve invented is to do a fake let’s play over the video to raise awareness for war child, as they’ve created this game like video to raise awareness that real war isn’t a game, and show how families are effected by wars and by doing a fake let’s play over the video I hope to raise further awareness and encourage other youtubers to do the same.

Not only do warchild aim to help out the families effected by wars but they also lobby the governments and institutions which fund and persue wars as to help prevent them happening in the first place and hold accountable those which cause these needless battles, as war isn’t good for anything and only causes further problems.

To do your own fake let’s play you will need to email for permission and a link to screen grab the original video for your own recordings.
You should also check out warchild and their efforts and support them at

Currently in early access expect there to be improvements and refinement so take any issues raised with a grain of salt as pointing out area’s for refinement means they’re more likely to be resolved before full release and not be an issue at all!

The game itself is already in a very playable and fun format, being a first person shooter based around the lore and characters of the ghost in the shell stand alone complex series. The menu currently hints to there being plot points besides the simple multiplayer online combat, however without any plot the game is very fun and utilizes the universe well with think tanks in terminal conquest, and the enemy soldiers having essentially been downloaded into by the operatives and taken control of for the use of the combat.

This is one of the good unique features of the game, where the enemy operatives are all identical and you cannot identify until they use their skills which operative you’re dealing with and as a result they could pull out any skill, such as thermoptic camouflage, drones and turrets, arm based rocket launchers, thermoptic shields and more at present. Some of these are transferable to your teammates through skill linking which makes tactical simultaneous useage a tactical method which could take your enemy down with ease and precision.

At present there are three game modes, being team deathmatch where it is the first to score 10,000 points which wins, and essentially you only get 100 points per kill regardless of the “additional points” for shutting down and performing killstreaks, or other special modifiers which grant extra points for regenerating your skill but seem like they should count on a deathmatch scoreboard.

The second game mode is terminal conquest where the aim is to be the first to 5 terminal captures or push to the end of the map (3 points) often this game mode is currently imbalanced and once you’ve captured a point with the aid of a thinktank it can be very hard to stop the momentum gained, also maps are asymmetrical meaning often one side is favored for reasons of their advantage on the map positioning.

The third game mode at present is demolition where much like cs:go you have one life per round and the target is either to plant or defend against a terrorist bomb attack, and is often won simply through elimination. With two targets choosing where to defend or attack is often the tactical problem of this mode and offers the greatest challenge at present as people aren’t as likely to simply rush in like fools getting themselves killed as the consequences are that they have to sit out the round as punishment. Faster paced than cs:go the rounds score a first to 6 out of 10 swapping at 5 points from defense and offence to the other.

Additional modes and unlockable characters may be available, and it has been stated that all weapons would be only unlocked through in game earnt credits rather than money credits which would only go to cosmetic items like skins other than in perhaps special rare dlc.

More game modes, maps, characters and unlockables as well as bug fixes will occur over the game’s early access period and I will cover these and do a full review on release, note that in game frame rate is also smoother than my recording shows and is completely seamless without jumps, stay tuned for updates as they come. The balance issue has also been addressed so teams outnumbering you in matchups will not occur as they previously did.

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Blackhole is a 2d physics based puzzle platformer where you have to use gravity pads and momentum to traverse the environment and complete the puzzles set before you, but while that would be a fun enough game this goes a step beyond with a humorous and well written science fiction plot to describe everything that happened through an accident revolving around the closure of a black hole.

Characters are voiced by a recognizable cast of voice over artists to bring the story to life, without too many spoilers you play as the coffee guy who has been thrust into the position of putting the ship back together and finding your crewmates as you are the first one to come across the ship’s previous AI now freed in the form of a PDA and expressing emotions and thoughts previously prevented in her previous format.

The puzzles begin both challenging and simplistic where your aim is to collect the nano parts to fix your ship, with only one required to solve the level but further available for those who have the skill to navigate the rotating environment avoiding the dangers and traverse the changing hazards which prevent your success such as slippery surfaces, lava and even lakes of water, where of course you would be the only person unable to simply swim down to collect the nano part and as a result you must think logically to solve the problem.

Gravity and momentum are essential to solve many of the harder problems, through slingshot maneuvers and diving into water from a greater height you can begin to solve the harder and more logical problems and depending on how well or poorly you perform your witty AI companion will make sure you feel it.

If you enjoy puzzle platformers then this is definitely a game for you, and with the plot and cast this goes far beyond being simply a game and on par with the portal experience with the zany and witty comedic elements added to the plot, there is plenty more to discover inside of the black hole.

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Paperbound is a very fun local co-op multiplayer combat game using primarily paper craft based literary figures and maps, along with a plethora of cameo’s from well known gaming franchises, combat occurs using melee combat, throwing (knives) scissors, and paint bombs to blot out the enemy and remove them from the pages of history. Combat occurs in a variety of game modes including capture the flag variations and king of the hill along with regular elimination being the first to a score, however there is a variation to this where upon reaching the target score you must also escape through a tear in the page to win and combat becomes a defense of that spot.

The game is very fun and very recommended. Get paperbound on steam now

Teslagrad is a 2D puzzle platformer where the story unfolds through slideshows you find throughout the game as you solve the puzzles and traverse the pitfalls of the game.

You begin by simply outrunning enemies over some platforms before you soon gain the ability to influence magnetizable surfaces to solve puzzles with red and blue arua’s which like magnets are repelled by themselves and attracted to their opposite and essentially all of the puzzles of the game revolve around this, with some enemies which have the ability to influence surfaces, some which are designed to chase you down and injure you, as well as the plethora of pits, electric traps and spikes for you to navigate and avoid.

In traditional puzzle style there will be progress gates which require you to have additional powers which you gain later, such as a rush shift ability you can use to pass through small walls and over pits, as well as a cloak ability which allows you to become red or blue charged as you require in order to navigate further through the game.

The design is clever laid out in a tower which as you climb and gain more abilities opens up previous area’s you may have already solved for further exploration to find hidden secrets and area’s you may have previously been unable to reach.

There are bosses in the game each with their own unique mechanics which once solved become a simple matter of keeping to the routine, but until then can be quite difficult to figure out.

The artwork is very cute and colourful in it’s 2D style and the puzzles do vary up reasonably fast so it doesn’t feel like you’re doing the same puzzles over and over and is a fun experience for any puzzle gamer.

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Enyo arcade is a very retro inspired action platformer, don’t take the fact that it is made using pixel art out of context as one look at the graphics and you will see that this isn’t the usual excuse for terrible quickly shipped out block art, instead the small graphics are painstakingly drawn using limited pixels to create very visually appealing artwork maximizing what you can get out of the least amount of pixels.

The effort put into the game doesn’t stop there as the controls of the game feel just right which through playing a lot of less than great platformers I have established that getting it to feel right and responsive without being floaty or feeling like you’re on ice must be pretty tough, instead this feels tight and responsive, all of your actions feel correct and like you’re always in control, even wall jumping feels good.

You might feel like you can put the mouse down to play however if you wish to use any of the guns this isn’t the best idea. I’m not saying it’s impossible to complete it without guns but it will be very challenging and perhaps not the greatest idea, and you will miss out on the fact that the guns are well coded too, with a variety of weapons from circular saws which bounce off the walls satisfyingly and curve down over a distance fired to rail guns and rocket launchers which yes can be used to rocket jump high previously unobtainable area’s of the map.

The level design is also well thought out with a few secrets scattered along with different objectives and even a boss battle. You might think that only having three area’s and a tutorial aren’t much but when you consider how many hours have gone into not only coding this game to work authentically and well but also all of the hand drawn pixel art and level designs all from one individual you can see that a lot of love and care have gone into this game.

I would recommend that you go purchase and play especially if you wish to see more from the developer as a good income from a game like this encourages further games or dlc from what has clearly been well designed and thought out and really deserves the sales.

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Hammerfight is one of those indie gems that stand out from the crowd, where every movement of your ship is physically matched by the movements of your mouse, not only piloting your ship but also aiming your guns and gaining momentum on your weapons to swing with force to destroy the enemy.

Although this is primarily a mouse game using joy2key you can rebind the mouse controls to your analogue stick giving the greatest responsiveness for those use to control pad gaming.

The game takes place in historical times beginning with monks protecting their home and branching out based around the decisions you make and how well you perform. You would be mistaken if the game was simply combat oriented, and although there are plenty of varieties to the combat forms ranging from simple and small beasts through equal machines to large and rampaging overpowered bosses which can be a challenge to take down. Instead other game modes unlock as you are challenged to them, with a variation of bomb football, rock tossing tournaments, destroy the objects without crossing the lines, team based hunts and more.

Although the game has local multiplayer it can be hard getting your pc to recognize mice as separate entities to be able to use this in game which is unfortunate because a lot of the game modes would be very fun as multiplayer experiences.

Have a look at my playlist and see for yourself as I think this is a game everyone should play as the mechanics and feel of the game are just right even if the game becomes very difficult and challenging later on you will get hours of enjoyment getting up to and perhaps even past my point in the game.

Get Hammerfight on steam now

Get black and white bushido on steam now

Black and white bushido on the face of it is essentially a very simplistic multiplayer action combat game with one hit kills and a few game modes. Don’t confuse this with being a bad thing however as with a fast paced action brawl game like this simple is often better.

The game stands out from others in the fact that everything is two tone, either black or white from the background and platforms to your character themselves, and this adds to the strategy for the game, do you hunt down your enemy in territory where you’re highly visible or hide in the shadows and wait for a more stealthy kill.

Initially it can take a bit of time to get use to the spawn mechanics and figuring out where you are located but once you’ve got a handle on things, and being able to see your enemy while they hide in the shade things become a lot more fun.

The mechanics aren’t just as simple as this, as there are grenades and throwing stars, and also the scenery which changes either by the capturing of flags or through domination as often when you’re on the side which is overpowered you will lose all shelter in the dark as the entire screen becomes your colour.

So if you’re looking for something a little different with your multiplayer brawl action you should check out black and white bushido for yourself.

Get black and white bushido on steam now, and find yourself

Available on green man gaming

Sublevel zero is a space shooter where you have full freedom of movement over all 6 axis and you’ll need it as the game can be very difficult, staying out of range of enemies while sniping them off at a distance is definitely recommended.

Inspired by the 90′s game descent you can see the influences worn on it’s sleeve, the game is fun and unforgiving, you will need to strategise and take care as one mistake can cost your run, with permadeath that means you have to start all over again looking for new weapons and trying once again to reach the final level.

Variations from descent come in the form of crafting weapons you find together to build more powerful weapons along with the smoothness and polish of more powerful systems and the freedom to use a keyboard and mouse to control perhaps easier than sometimes it would be on a controller.

The challenge steps up each level you complete with further enemy varieties and the boss room gaining further potential to end your run abruptly this game will not be something you will complete first go and be done, you will have to master it in order to be able to get anywhere, but don’t confuse that with this being an unfair game, it will punish you for rushing in or making mistakes but as long as you take your time and don’t allow enemies to get the drop on you the tides should be in your favour.

Get sublevel zero on steam now.