Fall Guys Googly Streaming Star It’s A Knockout Takeshi’s Castle Wipeout Style Races & Minigames Ultimate Knockout Lets Highlight Review

I liked the idea of the game from the offset with a whole selection of minigames inspired by tv shows such as it’s a knockout, takeshi’s castle, and total wipeout…

Update 2021

Hello stranger, it’s been a while. Obviously a lot has been happening in the world and it’s been almost a full year since the first lockdown in the uk, and…

Lets Highlight Mortal Shell: Body Swapping Soulsesque Adventure Game Review

Interesting soulsesque adventure with a twist that each body you find has it's own build and you unlock moves and skills and weapons have their own damage upgrades with unique hardening mechanic to change the playstyle from dark souls.

Twitch Sings Closing It’s Doors New Years A Sad Goodbye To The Karaoke Game Which Bought Many Streamers And Communities Together

Twitch sings was a fantastic karaoke game which bought many communities and streamers together with fun duets and was much more than simply just a singing game for many people and it's sad to see it go because of the DMCA issues and copyright expiring.

Lets Highlight The Almost Gone Cute Minimalistic Escape Room Puzzle Game Review

A cute and minimalistic escape room puzzle game with an interesting storyline and a cute and colourful art style.

Lets Highlight Metamorphosis Kafkaesque Puzzle Adventure Life As A Bug Game Review

Kafkaesque puzzle game inspired by the world of the metamorphosis as you explore the underworld of insects trying to become human again whilst trying to save your friend in the overworld of humans fighting beurocracy.

Lets Highlight Hellpoint Soulsesque Challenging Adventure Set On A Space Station Orbiting A Black Hole Game Review

Hellpoint is a soulsesque adventure game set on a space station revolving around a black hole which influences the three intertwining districts over time crammed with secrets and challenging bosses. It's a lot of fun with over 40 hours of gameplay

Lets Highlight Summer In Mara Your Own Personal Tropical Island Farming & Questing Adventure Game Review

Summer in mara is an adventure game with a big focus on designing and maintaining your own tropical island with farming, fruit and fluffy animal friends. With neighbouring islands to explore and gain quests to unlock more recipe's

Monetising The Website Traffic From Searching Best CPM Adverts For Banner Ads Top Results & My Choice To Use

Over the past week I've tried a few different advertising networks before finding the best one for my site and I would highly recommend this site for monetising your website traffic as it's the best most trustworthy network I could find.

How To Fix Radeon Series Graphics Cards Fan Not Spinning / Working Problem & AMD Rx 570 Review

How to fix your radeon series graphic's card fan not spinning along with a review of the rx 570 graphics card based on my experiences. Fixing The problem fault in the gpu fan settings.