Britains latest step to watching your every move

Has anyone seen dark angel, a grim look at the future, where everywhere is policed with strict border control, and you need special passes to get through to another town or city, well theres also airborne camera drones. Now this has been implemented in dudley, a modified toy which floats, but has cameras in it for the police to monitor the town remotely.

Are we really turning into a state where there will be cameras floating around everywhere watching your every move, how long before we have border controls between towns so you cant travel easily,

Isnt it enough that we have cameras on every street covertly watching your every move, why do we need ones that can fly around everywhere and intimidate you if its floating near you and youre doing nothing wrong (all you have to do is walk around a supermarket with a bag on your own to get followed by security guards here)

Final thoughts, in a busy city center, if the batteries run low, its gonna land hard on someone

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