Duty of care is the most realistic first person shooter available on the marketplace today, and I have created the speed challenge.

The game itself is very realistic with the most life like characters, along with the usual screen blood splatters etc, well let’s just put thing’s straight it’s not a game it’s a video and the actual challenge I’ve invented is to do a fake let’s play over the video to raise awareness for war child, as they’ve created this game like video to raise awareness that real war isn’t a game, and show how families are effected by wars and by doing a fake let’s play over the video I hope to raise further awareness and encourage other youtubers to do the same.

Not only do warchild aim to help out the families effected by wars but they also lobby the governments and institutions which fund and persue wars as to help prevent them happening in the first place and hold accountable those which cause these needless battles, as war isn’t good for anything and only causes further problems.

To do your own fake let’s play you will need to email helpgame@warchild.org.uk for permission and a link to screen grab the original video for your own recordings.
You should also check out warchild and their efforts and support them at https://www.warchild.org.uk