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Sublevel zero is a space shooter where you have full freedom of movement over all 6 axis and you’ll need it as the game can be very difficult, staying out of range of enemies while sniping them off at a distance is definitely recommended.

Inspired by the 90′s game descent you can see the influences worn on it’s sleeve, the game is fun and unforgiving, you will need to strategise and take care as one mistake can cost your run, with permadeath that means you have to start all over again looking for new weapons and trying once again to reach the final level.

Variations from descent come in the form of crafting weapons you find together to build more powerful weapons along with the smoothness and polish of more powerful systems and the freedom to use a keyboard and mouse to control perhaps easier than sometimes it would be on a controller.

The challenge steps up each level you complete with further enemy varieties and the boss room gaining further potential to end your run abruptly this game will not be something you will complete first go and be done, you will have to master it in order to be able to get anywhere, but don’t confuse that with this being an unfair game, it will punish you for rushing in or making mistakes but as long as you take your time and don’t allow enemies to get the drop on you the tides should be in your favour.

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The christmas special of dr who is nearly upon us and with the season finale of dr who promises were made that the dr would be different, where previous seasons the dr had been focused on clara and had been noted by many as the worst dr of all time thing weren’t looking great when the season consisted of two parters where everyone was dead or dying one week and saved and alive the next week through increasingly absurd plot lines.

The terrible plot’s didn’t end there with the doctor increasingly breaking the fourth wall to explain plots and subtext directly to the audience in order to make the episode feasible. This was of course made worse when there was a special episode consisting of a character telling a story to the audience of sleep based creatures outside of the dr who universe being a pure work of fiction from a one time character, things were looking bad for the series and it was looking like the entire franchise was about to be ruined.

The dead/not dead plot lines continued in varying forms even revolving around the doctor dying over and over in a never ending cycle through time until he was on gallifrey at the end of time itself having gone the long way around, using up “lives” being reborn by a special technology which reset itself including his teleporter signal yet ignored the final room where he was able to chip away diamonds until the end of time quoting a parable to explain how through persistence a raven could chip away a mountain until the end of time. One major plot fault is if everything reset within the dial of the castle surely that room too would reset.

The story then began to revolve around a “hybrid” who would destroy the universe, where the doctor believed himself to be this hybrid refusing to reveal it to the timelords there have been previous hybrids throughout the series with no mention of this “prophecy” at any point, including dalek sec, the hybrid human timelord daleks, davros himself, and more that shall not be named. The problem is however that dalek caan was voiced by the same lady on gallifrey who was also in a similar prophetic role as the insane dalek who saved the daleks from the very same point of the time war as the doctor did, not to mention the problems that would ensue with the fact that both factions of the war are separately saved throughout time somewhere, this also makes the possibility that caan and the lady are bound and one with the prophecy as the cause of destruction, furthermore the story continues to the shielder maisie williams who now goes by “me” being the last survivor of the universe having traveled the long way around also, having lived every day yet maintaining human form unlike the face of bo: jack harkness who of course failed his form and eventually died.

The shielder theorized that together the prophecy of the hybrid may also be that the end of the timelords and time may not be simply one person but a hybrid of multiple people working together whether intentional or not throughout time that causes the prophecy. Of course having traveled the long way around, past even the timelords where she could have existed on gallifrey at the time and also even given birth to timelords themselves (or the doctor or even the master) she may have knowledge beyond the doctors as to exactly what happened.

While on gallifrey the doctor of course enacted the prophecy in some form, bringing back clara from the point of death freezing her in time but alive under the promise to return her to the point of death and prevent the catastrophe that would ensue by keeping her out of time. Together the shielder takes clara herself on their newly stolen tardis to travel throughout time keeping clara both dead and not dead at the same time which forgives some of the terrible plots as a hint as to clara’s inevitable condition, this even allows for further points where clara has been experienced in history without the doctors knowledge, where the doctor had been obsessed with why clara appeared throughout multiple timelines having taken her on his travels he has slowly put her into those positions, pairing with a daleks mind inside, and continuing to propagate at points in time and now travelling with the shielder dead but alive with no life signs she can return to the beginning and die (or pretend to) at the point the doctor knew her to die, and forgetting the paradoxes of the shielder existing twice in any timeline she visits due to having travelled the long way it could be any instance we see her in the future.

The ending however redeemed a lot of the series and even the terrible doctor, with him being the doctor to piss off most of the universe and wreck things through that simple action, yet being saved in the series through forgetting clara and in that instance clicking his fingers to close the tardis doors as if to show that he is the doctor to be with river song (the christmas special where this didn’t need any hint beyond the finger click) and having the chalkboard state be the doctor showing he should be more like the doctor of past and not the terrible doctor that he had been written to be in the seasons thus far of this actor; this was furthered by getting a new sonic screwdriver rather than the sonic douche glasses as though to say he is now the doctor again and not a douche.

Things yet to happen would be to save river song by giving her the sonic screwdriver with the saving facilities intact on it, the major worry is that upon giving this to her he would return to douche glasses and not have another sonic screwdriver, as terrible as the worry he would have a new tardis he could disguise as something else (maybe a blue portaloo) However he would have to meet river and her not know who he is, this would show to him it would be the last time he is alive in this form and soon to die, which would be the time for him to give her the sonic under the plan to use his regeneration energy knowing he is about to die and save everyone from the computer by using this energy to give everyone form once more including river song his fellow timelord and bring everyone back to life.

Of course this is all theory on how things would seem to play out in the universe should they not add rather silly or unusual reasons for things, and the actual plot may play out differently as I have no insider knowledge but this would be a sensible way for the series to progress with the doctor now on track and able to get viewers back under an air of a fresh start.

The mommy’s best games action pack contains 4 games: Explosionade, Shoot 1up, weapon of choice and game type, all available to purchase individually however as a pack you can save over 50% meaning if you like 2 games your best option is to purchase the lot.

Explosionade is a combat arena blaster game where you pilot an experimental mech through some infested sewers clearing out each floor as quickly and efficiently as possible before progressing to the next, aimed at short sharp screens of fast and hectic shoot em up action. Whether you choose to go it alone or in the two player co-op this makes for a fun quick blaster game if you want a casual experience at any time without needing to set out a schedule to play.

Game Type recreates the xbox indie game live experience through steam, also known as media ball the actual game is hidden within the menu’s of a simulated xbox market place, once you find the game itself you’re provided with an achievement as well as one of those trippy bullet hell stay alive games that came way before flappy bird, where rather than dodge through holes you have to shoot and dodge your way through a plethora of crazy cats and internet meme’s, can make for a fun shooter and some interesting experiences, which as the saying goes can be better shared with a friend (2 player)

Shoot 1up is a traditional top down scrolling shooter game with an interesting twist, every 1up you gain is on screen at all times, wether you absorb all of your ships into one which makes dodging the incoming bullets easier, or seperate them out to a wide net you’re rewarded based upon your risk level, your bullets will remain small and ineffective with the dodge level at maximum, however if you spread out over the entire screen you will not only shoot from each individual ship but they will also draw power from each other to shoot out a powerful central lazer beam which can obliterate enemy waves with greater ease. This however does remain a rather challenging game, and with the usual mommy’s best games slightly adult natures you might wish to take greater care than simply spreading far and wide to obliterate everything.

Weapon of choice is an exploration shooter with the twist where each character has one hit and one life essentially, each with their own weapon and jump skill losing a really good ally could make things rather difficult. As the most expensive game in the pack it is the most premium, there are a number of different branching paths and a lot of enemy variety. Under the guise of the Chull weapon mass breeding everything with everything you end up with some very unusual creations, dick ripping apes clearly being twitch chat mixed with apes, titty centipedes and jizzing coke bottles give you the impression of how adult some of the humour can be with mommy’s best games. Regardless of the fun and silly enemy types the game is a very fun game and the mechanics don’t stop there, you might think staying alive is impossible however when near death you “feather” or Rim death and time slows down matrix style allowing you to possibly avoid the deadly situation and remain alive, and should you die any re-enforcements you bring into the field are able to carry one ally on their shoulders, wether your fallen ally or an MIA discovered in the field bringing them through the level allows you to select them in your roster in future levels and games where those fallen are lost until rescued. There are branching paths with different endings, each possibly taking 20 minutes to complete the game may be short and sharp but remains a lot of fun.

All in all whatever type of shooter action game you’re into there are a variety in this pack and there should be something you will enjoy, and considering the price of the pack being very low you should never have to worry too much about the price, you will get your enjoyment out of the games and the value of your purchase.

Mommy’s best arcade game action shooter pack.

The Insomnia gaming festival returns this weekend with I56, renowned for its 24 hour lan gaming competitions and E sports you might want to plan your sleeping schedule to at least get a little sleep over the 3 days if you plan to attend.

With a convention showing featuring playable games and talks from game developers, sessions and talk panels with youtubers, and the well known BYOC (bring your own computer/console) tournaments there is a little something for every gamer here.

The known playable games are as follows:
· City of the Shroud, Abyssal Arts
· DiscStorm, XMPT Games
· Flight of Light, Crystalline Green Ltd.
· Gang Beasts, Boneloaf
· GRIP, Caged Element
· Havenrise, Pixel Balloon
· Help: Real War is Not a Game, Sheena Bourke (War Child)
· Jump Stars, Pixel Blimp
· Lifespeed, Wee Man Studios
· Natures Zombie Apocalypse, Aniode
· Networm , Cuddly Zombie Games
· Perpetual Night, Studio Genkan
· Spectra, Gateway Interactive
· Super Rude Bear Resurrection, Alex Rose Games
· The Mists of Audazzle, Audazzle
· Cuphead, Studio MDHR
· SUPERHOT, Superhot.
· Aaero, Mad Fellows
· Beyond Flesh and Blood, Pixel Bomb
· Gear Gauntlet, Drop Dead Interactive
· Jump Stars, Pixel Blimp
· Kingdom, Noio and Licorice & Raw Fury
· Raging Justice, Makin Games
· Spectra, Gateway Interactive
· Super Dungeon Bros, Wired Productions & React Games
· Unbox, Prospect Games
· ElemenTales, Total Monkery
· Kaiju Panic, Mechabit
· Pure Space, Gateway Interactive

I will be attending the event and giving you more information about what is available and what you could see on the friday, but for now I would suggest if you’re into gaming and wish to take part in the competitions or even play any of the games listed you should definitely attend.

There are still details yet to be confirmed including evening entertainment, but if you wish to find out more and see a full list of youtubers you can see around the event and holding panels check out the insomnia website for full details.

Get your tickets to insomia now while you still can.

This is my playthrough of lumini, an exploration game where you have to keep your lumini creatures alive while the world around you changes, with ever evolving enemies who wish to eat or otherwise harm you as well as environmental factors which may cause you to lose even more lumini.

I am attempting to keep the purple lumini alive right through to the end and see as much of the world I can while gathering hopefully all of the “pollen” spores to create more lumini and restore life to the world around us. Can this be done?

Get lumini on steam now and explore for yourself, choose pacifism or aggression, whether to mutate or not and your own priorities in life.