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I was sent a voucher to get £4 of fish from the tesco orchard, and decided to use it only on the fresh fish counter although I could have used it on any fish in the store, and see what the counter had to offer and just how fresh the produce was.

My idea initially was to find fish to use to create sushi with some sushi wrappers to make your own which you could purchase in store, however it was quickly established by the counter operative that the fish was not fresh enough for this purpose (and you could see that even though it was stored on ice obviously it was not freshly cut to order or of a suitably fresh standard) I then decided to see if they had some sashimi grade salmon, although usually served raw is ideal for lightly toasting, however having a number of varieties of salmon this was sadly lacking from the counter.

Instead I decided to them look what was on offer, along with the usual cod, haddock, several types of salmon I opted instead for the more unusual varieties, firstly trying some manta ray fin, and secondly taking a piece of rainbow trout, where there were two colours white and yellow and I opted for the yellow fleshed variety.

The manta ray fin was very large and essentially came with two portions per fin, although on bones the bones were very large and once cooked easily separated to serve a boneless and tasty white fish, not only was the fish very tasty it also had a very creamy texture while maintaining a familiar white fish cod like flavour. I think this would be a good option for battering and deep frying as not only would it taste a lot like cod but also the creamy texture would lead to a higher flavour retention against the oils coming in during the cooking process and make a very delicious fried fish option which may even be healthier as it would likely minimize the oils being absorbed.

The rainbow trout variety I chose surprised me quite a bit as it tasted like a high quality cooked salmon, which is usually hard to get to this standard even with a high quality cut. As a result this would be an option for anyone wishing to have the high quality salmon flavour with little effort and would also save a lot of money, sure you would have to deal with some bones and a softer flesh which breaks apart easier, but for the convenience and ease of cooking for the same flavour I believe this is a suitable compromise to make

Over all I think it is a little disappointing that the counter isn’t as fresh as it might put accross, had I not asked the counter operative I would have assumed that any fish purchased would have been suitably fresh to make sushi with and possibly risked food poisoning as a result, and the varieties on offer were average, but you can understand that most people would be seeking the “usual range” of cod and haddock and salmons that were displayed, as opposed to seeking something different or special, but there was the manta fin as a little excitement and something different so it also caters a little towards that. I just wish that there was the option to get a truly fresh product if requested, that the fishmonger could cut a fresh fish right then and there suitable for creating sushi with, or freshly cut upon request for those who want a freshly cut slice of fish, while leaving the display for those who wish it and don’t have the truly fresh requirements.

Other than the “fresh” issues the counter is a nice option and good to go to if you want some advice or to try something a little new, and perhaps may be fresher than the shelved produce. Either way you can have a free garlic or chilli butter to cook your fish with so there are bonuses to visiting, and if you like fish I think you should consider looking at the fresh counter first in case something catches your eye.

Happy Back To The Future Day, to celebrate I go into a little information about why hoverboard’s don’t exist due to Marty Mcfly’s meddling in the film where he prevents himself getting into a car accident thus changing the future forever.

In the original timeline Mcfly crashes and the future plays out, other cars and people are involved in that crash, simply by avoiding that crash he not only alters his own future but their future’s as well, and who is to say that this accident wasn’t the trigger for some greater event, that by crashing the car the people or families of those people didn’t invent flying cars in order to avoid dangers on the roads and make driving essentially safer, and who is to say that this didn’t lead to hoverboards being adapted from the very same flying technology to adapt it into a fun toy for kids (as natural business opportunists would) and who is to say that technologies used to treat those in the accident didn’t lead to the cybernetic enhancements on the future tannon? Along with the fashion which may have adapted from a simple safety accessory because hoverboards don’t work in water and having inflating self drying clothes may have become convenient!

Simply put by stopping and not crashing to save his own future marty mcfly may have robbed us all of the opportunity to ride on a hoverboard today.

Also I talk about how people are saying the prime minister should talk to china about human rights abuses but clearly he won’t as he wished to remove the human rights act for our country, so why would he care for any human rights?

Lastly I talk about life and a few other things, and use a clip from black honeys performance showing where izzy spotted me at reading 2015 (after I told her I’d be at leeds but got changed, so surprised her, just because I wanted to include that clip) Full video where the clip was taken from >>

Human resource machine is the latest game from the tomorrow corporation, best known for world of goo and little inferno both games I own and as a result I had to get involved in showing off and seeing their latest title for myself.

Human resource machine has the recognizable art style of their other titles and possibly even the mom corporation and dystopian themes, with gameplay revolving around puzzle based systems involving programming what your character has to perform in order to complete the requested task

Obviously the task isn’t quite so simple, there are additional bonus conditions to be met on each floor if you wish to fully complete the levels, also “programming” is a simplified version of stacking tasks and using looping, copy and add systems which aren’t too cold as to take away from having an actual game with welcoming gameplay aspects

As a result the game can entirely be played without ever considering the programming parallels and still remain a fun game, but if you wish to learn from the game you can look into the programming aspects which are essentially used in the most basic senses.

If you wish to get human resource machine for yourself it is out now on steam, and I would recommend playing for yourself and not looking up solutions or spoiling the game too much for yourself but if you wish to look into the game and see how it plays definitely watch the gameplay included.

Available now on Windows and Mac on Steam, GOG, Humble Store, and the Tomorrow Corporation website, with a Wii-U version launching a few weeks later, TBD.

Eternal step is a procedurally generated action adventure game out now on steam, involving dungeon crawling to obtain the best loot cards to equip yourself with, each with their own bonuses and downsides such as high attacks but low speed, or health regen and low armor to name but a few.

Each run will not be the same as a result of the randomized dungeon’s with different level structures, enemy waves and treasure on every single run no two runs should be identical and it will come down to your ability to react on the spot to ever evolving enemies (which literally will evolve as you progress, while most games you may think you’ve got the mechanics down the same enemy will come up with new tricks later and be an even bigger threat) along with your skill and choices over the loot in order to best progress through the dungeon.

You will also want to keep an eye out for special enemy types and aura’s as these all have an influence over the blessings and curses you can receive as a result, and don’t forget the bosses which are at set floors but provide a difficult challenge to master as you learn their attacks and weaknesses.

All in all the game is a very fun arcade action game I think anyone could enjoy fun for both quick blasts as well as mastering to become the best of the best.

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Oddworld New N Tasty is a modern remake of abe’s oddysee staying true to the puzzle action platformer’s original action but with modern graphics, many of the rooms have a familiar feel and it would appear that the secret locations remain in the same area’s but without the noticeable rocks falling (dripping) effect to giveaway where the secret area’s lie instead you have a much harder time looking out for obscured trapdoors or pits that lack the death symbol.

“Hard Mode” essentially is as abe’s oddysee was on the origonal playstation as it states “classic health” so anyone who has completed the original has no excuse not to play on the hard difficulty. Of course there are harder problems as a result of the slight changes and persistent scrolling area’s as where some puzzles could previously be cheesed due to being off screen and vision effects that result from that in the remake some puzzles have slightly longer area’s and enemies can see you where in the classic game you could cheese the fact enemies would miss you as you transition between screens.

If you haven’t played the playstation original then you should perhaps think about buying new n tasty instead as there are a choice of difficulties, a whole new expansion with the alf’s escape dlc and the main story in a smooth modern setting.

The true challenge is to save all 299 (obviously alf has been given his own dlc to save all 300) mudokons and escape alive, which considering how hidden a lot of the secret area’s are is a very difficult challenge indeed, especially if you’re trying for the new n hasty achievement.

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Albedo: Eyes from outer space is a first person puzzle based horror game themed around the old cheesy B-Movies and space opera’s of early television production, the game immerses you into such an experience with the authentic old sounds used along with a typical style of inherent threat coming from the tentacle clad eye’s which are an immediate threat from the outset.

The gameplay itself involves object hunting around the rooms while trying to find out how to use those particular items (or maybe some you’ve missed in previous rooms) to traverse to the next location all the time trying to avoid becoming a victim of the eyes which have come from outer space.

The puzzles can often be obscure and sometimes frustrating if you believe you’ve found the solution or checked everything, but sometimes things will require a closer look or a re-visit after you have set up previous steps, but as puzzle games go this one isn’t designed to simply walk you through and feel good about yourself for completing highly signposted routes, instead you feel a part of the scene actually trawling through everything fighting to find your way out, and perhaps feeling more rewarded for persisting and finding the hard solution. Progress may be slow but you’ll feel like you’ve definitely earnt your escape when you do make it out.

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