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Playthrough of the original portal game on steam, a game pretty much everyone should own especially if they enjoy this type of game and with how often it is on sale cheap during steam sales there is no excuse not to own the game

If you haven’t got your tickets for EGX 2015 at the NEC yet time’s running out as tickets are selling out fast, so be sure to head over before they run out. While you’re at it if you’re interested in attending a relaxed evening with the yogscast, there are two days of panels, each for £15 or £20 for both days, separate to main expo entry these are 2 hour long sessions of questions and gaming hosted by the yogscast, with team flux+ on friday being sjin, hannah, duncan and kim. And on the saturday evening it would be lewis and hat films (Ross, Trottimus and Al Smiffy)

Now onto the main event itself, if you’re not convinced to go purely for it being the main gaming convention in the uk being hosted at the NEC arena for convenience of location for the majority of the country, or the fact that you can get up close and personal with both developers and youtubers across four days, then lets get down to one of the biggest draws, the fact that there will be over 200 screens of playable games, featuring upcoming games such as homefront: The revolution, Assassins Creed Syndicate, Mirrors Edge Catalyst, Starwars Battlefront and many more.

One particular game you may wish to queue up for above all others would be the aseembly, being playable for the first ever time anywhere and being a virtual reality adventure game, which lets face it not everyone has a VR kit at home, this will be the opportunity to not only test the equipment out for yourself and experience whether you think this is the future of gaming, but also the fact that this is an adventure game rather than the usual fairground rides or on the rails stories VR tends to highlight, it would be interesting to see just how interactive the game would be and how far it pushes the technology forward.

While you’re there don’t forget to visit the rezzed zone too, filled with a variety of indie games, some you may know well such as speedrunners, and project zomboid, but also a chance to discover new indie games you will have yet to hear from, all being shown off by the development team themselves providing the best opportunity to ask them about the games and see the future plans of the development teams. If you’re after a break from the screen you can always chill out over some board games for some classic and tactile gaming.

If you’re not just there to play the games, chill out in the retro zone with some classic games such as megabomberman, or have a look at the leftfeild collection sponsored by sega, then there is even more on offer, not only the finals of a variety of competitive gaming tournaments which could be exciting to watch, there will be developer sessions where the big development teams will take to the stages to talk about the latest games and upcoming development plans, and don’t forget the usual plethora of cosplayers that will be around the event partaking in activities revolving around that and taking to the stage for judgement and even posing for pictures and to be drawn at times.

Finally for anyone wishing to enter the gaming industry there will be a career fair, providing the opportunity to speak to recruiters and get advice on how to develop your career within the gaming industry and a variety of career workshops based upon the gaming industry.

I will be attending the event and bringing you the latest from these games and more, so if there is anything in particular you would like me to cover be sure to let me know, and I will try to find you those hidden gems that might get missed by other people, and if you’re going yourself maybe I will see you there.

Dungeon League is a multiplayer Brawl/Sport game with a single screen of heated action for up to 4 players, currently in steam early access so things could change dramatically over time.

As it stands it is currently local co-op only (although the cooperative nature of the game should be in heavy parenthesis as it is more adversarial with different teams competing against each other for survival, coins and points. Currently there is a very limited number of gamemodes available but some have been noted like a ball sport which could be very interesting, and a quest mode to perform specific tasks, possibly with whichever team completes the objective first taking the win.

As it stands though it is a very promising game, with the usual cast of dungeon crawlers playable from the traditional warrior, mage and archer to engineers and brutes with possibly more to come. The tables are turned however instead of plundering the dungeon for loot and killing all creatures to take down the boss of the dungeon instead the dungeonkeeper itself seems to be in charge with the beasts controlling everything, sure there are the usual minions which spawn in hell bent on killing you, but that’s all part of the game taking down the heroes foolhardy enough to participate in the game to their inevitable demise. There is a good degree of humour in the interactions that play out in options and with the new training mode, and I expect these to carry across for any quest modes possibly focusing heavily on jokes against the heroes.

As for the gameplay itself everything feels smooth and correct, the monsters themselves feel paced well enough without being too hard or too easy, of course when you’re in free play mode by yourself it is easier to be swamped than if you had 4 players to take down the beasts. Don’t forget this is early access so if you have any suggestions you can let the developers know your idea’s and they can be sure to add them should they fit in well with the game and the direction the developers wish to take. My current suggestion may be that perhaps free play mode introduces boss monsters perhaps every 100 kills or allows for gradual randomized leveling up. And one or two suggestions that go without saying would be the ability to quit once inside the mode and to have some options for changing things like sound levels and full screen, but these are bound to be in development as we speak.

I would definitely recommend a purchase if you enjoy this style of game, and I would presume online multiplayer would become an option later but no guarantee’s as yet, if this changes I shall let you know, and in the meantime I hope to be able to get some people together for local co-op gameplay video’s to show off the game some more.

Check out Dungeon League for yourself on steam