Anyone who has been effected by any form of delays or incorrectly paid benefits of any form from the DWP an official investigation is underway by parliament at so you should visit to submit any information you have whether it personally effects you or somebody you know, so the department of work and pensions are held accountable for their misdeeds and incompetence.

Also Epetitions has been down since before the election stating it would be online “shortly” after the election, having been down for a few months it is now back in a new format, stated to be delayed to allow the system to be revolutionized into a better more efficient format, this does not seem to be the case as you now require 5 signatures in order for any details to even go live on the site, and without 5 people signing the petition blind it only simply states your name and to sign your agreement to whatever the petition is about blindly. If you remove the sponsorship and visit the petition page itself it them claims that 5 people have already signed and that it is under review when this isn’t actually the case as from the outset having just set up the petition I can guarantee 5 people have not signed, this seems to be further discouragement to sign as though it has already been supported and you’re not needed, so don’t bother in that sort of psychological influence, when truly the petition still requires your support.

My personal petitions awaiting signatures are a vote of no confidence in the conservative party calling for a new election as they do not have a significant majority.

Also A petition to compensate those who have been effected to benefits delays of more than 3 months that result in them losing their home in a fair manner.

I would appreciate your support and signatures on these petitions.