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The marvelous miss take comes out on the 20th, it is an entirely mouse driven heist game over 25 levels and 5 chapters. With all of the gameplay options essentially that is 150 different puzzle floors and around 8-9 hours of gameplay and possibly more if you want to rerun to get all of the paintings and 100% the game.

The story is set around miss take trying to get back her aunties artwork after it was stolen by an art fiend changing the will and taking the lot, nievely miss take sets out in the stylish life of an upper class cat burgler, taking only what is hers and doing it with style. Not all of the artwork ends up in her gallery which is the hub world for access to the different levels, some must go to her home, or perhaps even sold to fund her lifestyle (essentially the level would become cluttered if everything you took in the level went there and taking just one painting would be too easy)

You can see that there are some artwork’s that remain untouched, although there are optional masterpieces that you can take, presumably in typical revenge style of taking the most prized posession of the fiend who took your aunts work, and to throw the scent off you directly for the crimes.

The game is well designed with stylish flair, very colourful and challenging yet fun and addictive keeping you coming back for more and retrying levels in an attempt to get all of the outcomes, beating the par time, taking the masterpieces etc, and with the extra ways of running the floors that you unlock later such as clearing out the remaining artwork at night during lockdown with most routes gated off and making it harder to progress whilst the focus is on stealth and not being spotted during this time or later when you return to clear out the safe’s for (*redacted plot spoilers*)

I think that this game even has a great potential to be a tablet or phone game, perfect file size with a great easy to use interface with everything being driven from the mouse and depending where you click and what you click, either to move stealthily or run, whistle for distraction, or throw objects with varying effects. Levels are fast paced and ramp up the challenge between chapters to a good degree, adding additional enemy types and even more difficult challenges each with thier own subtle features which you can exploit to speed run the levels and get all of the loot as fast as possible.

The game kept me coming back for more, and I would definately recommend a purchase as this is very accessible and anyone can jump in and out of gameplay and suit either someone who wants a casual distraction, or someone who wants to sit and get addicted and go through the entire game in one sitting.

The artwork is very clever, with faded scenery outside in a blue tone so it doesn’t distract but gives the essense of a living city surrounding you and not just being in a puzzle room, everyone loses thier hat while running, and while you have to retrieve yours it would be a fun achievement to collect the guards hats and escape the floor.

Note that footage shown is from a special press preview build, so there may be changes in the final version, some noted will be that bystanders will have more variation from the current clone everywhere, additional resolution options to ensure everyone can play, along with some minor tweeking to artwork etc. Saying that everything already looks great to me and fits the styling of a classy mischievous cat burgler of the time. Even the music is rather fitting, with elevator music playing while stood waiting on the second floor, and changing to fit the different “modes” of playing the levels, and everything feels very smooth and refined.

You will notice subtle art pieces such as blue fox statues as a nod to TRI, another rising star game, and perhaps even other nods that I have missed or am not aware of.

I found the game fun and definately recommend to anyone who likes what they see in the gameplay footage shown.

Purchase on steam at

Tri is a first person puzzle adventure from rising star games and rat king entertainment. Inspired by games such as portal and q.u.b.e this game throws away shooting enemies and replaces it with the ability to interact with the world, in this case the power to create triangles in the world.

As you progress through the game you learn more about how the great ikean people existed and how thier fox gods friendship suffered with the madness that insues from greater control over the triangle powers, and you yourself gain greater control over triangles from initially being able to simply place and destroy them through to being able to manipulate light streams and traverse walls and defy gravity using them.

The game is very well designed, not only through the artwork which looks like an old oil painting, and the background effects which subtly change depending on your environment and add to the tension of being high up during your exploration process, but also continues through the puzzles themselves. The puzzles are well thought out and cannot simply be blundered through, you have to put a little thought into some of them into how you can use the triangles to manipulate and navigate your environment in order to progress.

There are surprises in store, including early on where the fox god decides to be a little mischievous and flip gravity in the room you are in completely bending reality and leaving you to discover a new way out of the room.

If you enjoy puzzle games then this is a definate purchase for you, and £12.99 for a game of this nature isn’t a lot to ask considering the ammount of effort that has gone into the design and how much enjoyment you will get from the game. The game should last at least 5 hours of gameplay, maybe more depending on how much exploration you plan to do in getting the golden idols for the additional bonus content and full completion, and by purchasing you encourage the designers to make more games and even sequels.

If you like what you see in the video then you should check out the game for yourself and explore the mysteries that lie within the great temple of the fox gods of the ikean people. Just try to avoid jokes regarding the creation of dorito’s and salsa dipped dorito’s, without such a clear palate you would lose your triangles within the scenery and not know which ones were suitable for traversing, all part of the efforts in accessibility that are shown throughout the game from the steps through gaining powers and throughout the entire game with a gradual difficulty curve. Some things that most people would take for granted, but clearly done right in this game.

Available now on steam £12.99 RRP