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The state of britain today is often in question, with many popular media outlets stating how lack of housing and government debt are major problems in society today, and how ukip is racist for wanting independance for the uk from the EU however the scottish independance party, or france and other countries wanting independance are perfectly fine and not remotely racist (where many people are confusing ukip with the BNP) however nobody really ever looks under the surface to investigate matters themselves, most people blindly take what they’re told as fact wether it is true or not and ignore the underlying problems that might be causing these.

One example is how there is a rise in homelessness, media outlets would have you believe that this is as a result of a lack of housing available to the market (offering so called “help” where someone else ownes part of your home that you can never own and will always owe them a part of whatever you sell the house for, and this is only ever available to those who have the significant incomes required to qualify for a mortgage and never anyone who could afford repayments, as for a £50,000 mortgage you need to earn over £23,000 per year just to qualify, which means that this will never be affordable to someone on low income regardless.

As for the rise in homeless youth, this is directly as a result of benefits only being offered at a shared housing rate, which is calculated to the 30%th percentile from the lowest rent (which includes discounted council housing) so on a private rental market there are no suitable houses available other than overcrowded filthy squats, and these are snapped up instantly in desperation so many are left with the option of thier parents, friends or ex’s sofa’s or a life on the streets for those who do not have those options (because nobody has a home to share with)

Harsh savings such as these and cuts to disabled benefits are claimed to be in the name of government savings because they are deeply in debt (and not remotely to do with thier snub nosed policy of getting back at the general public for stopping them wasting taxes on thier own expensive second homes in the countryside and london) while at the same time they decide it is a great policy to pay out entire pensions in lump sums rather than slowly over the course of a pensioners life, this does not seem a very smart policy considering this increases the stress on the government pockets and will mean more harsh savings have to be made at least in the short term, let alone when pensioners have spent thier entire lump sum and start complaining how they require more funds in the name of human decency so they can afford to pay for rent, food and heating etc.

I will be starting a crowdfunded kickstarter project to see if people would be interested in funding a government group which is run by a true democracy via policies decided in forums and voted on by the general internet at large.

Whatever happens I know that the way things are being run right now aren’t working, and forcing young people out on the streets will only end badly, as once enough people are out on the streets and had enough they will join together in social media to take down the government by any means necissary, and far worse than recent riots have ever escalated to.

So a while ago blip decided to “downsize” its content creators removing a selection of users to provide a more streamline service, this wasn’t an issue for me however several months later they have decided to further downsize to a very select type of content being created, choosing to specialise in homemade web drama and the like completely removing all other channels, this includes both this and as these aren’t considered the exact form of entertainment they are looking for.

I had a look into this and it appears that the recent cull has left blip with less than 10% of its existing stock, so 90% of its users have now been removed (and conveniently asked to sign up to thier youtube network, still earning them a commission on your videos but with youtube’s viewers and advertising as well as using thier bandwidth.)

It just seems a little bit like they are slowly closing down blip by pushing people over to youtube, just for convenience for themselves and eventually completely closing down blip because pushing viewers from your own website would be the primary source because few people outright went to blip to view video’s other than perhaps content creators themselves, it would also be noted that “sponsorship opportunities” and the like of cross branding is something youtube itself is working towards, so it is not something unique to blip, and by being a youtube content creator you are gaining access to all of this yourself.

I am unsure as to wether blips youtube partnership offers anything beyond what the youtube partnership programme itself offers at present, but I remain open to see what is on offer, but until then you might experience some downtime on old videos on this site due to my hardlinks being blip video boxes, and these will have to be changed over to youtube videos at some point. This could be a good thing for my youtube views and subscription count etc, but either way you visit here for new videos and to read these anyway so as long as I continue to post here I’m sure you’ll see any new content

Thankyou for your understanding in this time.