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I saw an article the other day saying how bitcoin had taken off as a massive online processor due to the ease of sending funds online and how it was much quicker than conventional banks, and because of its anonymity it provided many people with opportunities for less than legal activities which made some confidence get lost and its value decrease, however there have been payment processors of this nature online for a while now, many people will already have heard of paypal especially as it is integral with ebay purchases but not everyone would have heard of a similar processor which is controlled and judged by uk laws.

I have used this site for a number of years now and I can state outright that it is reliable and offers rates much better than paypal with transaction fee’s as they set out from the beginning to be fair and not charge unreasonable rates for transactions so it is ideal for use online, of course it tends to be more accepted by online gambling sites as a standard and even offers you deals for depositing with such sites as thier partners, but it could easily take off as a competitor to both bitcoin and paypal should it become more well known due to its better rates, and for those wishing to have the ability to send and recieve funds online instantly this is perfect as transfers go through as quick as an email, and it is fully legitimised and governed by the finiancial conduct authorities of the united kingdom so no money laundering or illegal activities will ever be associated with this site and your money is secure and safe.

Not only does it provide all of this but it also offers a competitive prepaid mastercard with the best rates I have seen on one of these cards personally, and for those who wish to have a specific card seperate for online purchases that isn’t associated with thier bank account this is perfect, and you can even use the funds directly in your online account through the mastercard meaning you even have the ability to use this in offline stores and online stores that don’t natively accept payment from this processor, so if you’ve come this far looking for a decent online payment processor or online savings account, or even just a pre pay mastercard with the best rates then why not click the link below and check it out for yourself, I would say you won’t be dissappointed and you will stick with it as long as I have.

If you often make purchases online you could be missing out on one of the best methods of saving money, forget waiting for sales to begin, or even during sales earn an additional cashback bonus to save even more.

I have been using this particular site for possibly 2 years now and in that time I have earnt £537 in cashback, some of that from utilities others from general online shopping which whilst offering less lucrative deals often add up, and if you wish to venture into signing up to online gambling sites then you often get the best deal of all which is usually 100% or more in cashback for joining the site and playing through the ammount, obviousely if you win you’ve earnt a significant profit if you don’t you’ve at least earnt your cash back through the site (because the site has paid them this large ammount in the hopes you would gamble more)

How the site works is that they are paid a commission by the retailer for referring you to them, however as they are content to earn the money from the advertising in thier own site they pay this commission direct to you, so everyone wins and everyone is happy, you make savings and they earn more advertising revenue for you using thier site.

Another lucrative cashback offer comes from services such as virgin and sky who often have very large deals on top of the regular new customer bonuses so you can effectively get half a year or more already paid in cashback on top of thier welcoming offer, the same goes for purchasing mobile phones and contracts as well as switching electricity providers which is how I have earnt such a large cashback ammount through my time with the site

There are other ways to earn smaller ammounts if you are happy to put the time in but I have stuck with the easy methods doing things I would do online anyway, or purchasing services I would naturally use.

They also have a loyalty system where you earn larger cashback ammounts the next month based upon how much you earnt in the previous month so if you’re smart you might earn a larger percentage before doing any large cashback ammounts but it all comes down to how you wish to use the site, but if you shop online I would definately advise you join as usually there is somewhere you would use and new shops and deals are always cropping up, sometimes theres even games at xmas to encourage spending and also reward you for doing so.

I continue to be a member and look forward to earning lots more in cashback in the future

Earlier today I stumbled accross an interesting site that allows you to play any of the UK lotto draws for free, how it works is you make X number of internet searches, obviousely they earn commission for that, this is then used to purchase tickets and depending which draw you choose you’re in very small syndicates so the share per win is favourable and you’d 5-10% of the prize depending on the draw. You are limited to 2 tickets per week but this is simply to prevent abuse of the system as they wouldn’t recieve the payout and you wouldn’t recieve tickets if that wasn’t the case.

So I signed up, it doesn’t take much and if you’re going to be making searches anyway (and they use yahoo so its not some scrubby unknown thing thats going to give bad results) and you don’t have to click any sponsored or advertised links just the results you want to view anyway and you’re away earning lotto tickets.

This is UK only but if you want to give it a try follow the link below, I’m definately giving it a go and giving it a tentative thumbs up for now, and for full disclosure I will earn one ticket for everyone who signs up but feel free to invite your friends also and earn even more lotto tickets, if I win any big prizes I’ll be sure to let you know. (launches the site)

If you would prefer to earn tickets in a cashback manner there is also this site, where you can use the points you earn to buy tickets in syndicate sizes from you alone to 100 people per ticket

Having had my adsense closed by google due to “bad traffic” to my sites and losing my income via youtube I decided to analyse exactly what was the cause of the bad traffic, and still remain confused why they will not allow me to remove adsense from my websites and continue to run adsense on my youtube video’s as a partner, there were no warnings, no messages, just a simple shutdown of my account. Had I been offered the choice I would have chosen youtube over my websites as youtube would be the better option. My accounts remain partner with no copyright issues or any problems on that side that would make them a bad option or risk my adsense, all video’s published have the permission from any content included (including the computer game lets plays) so this all seems rather stupid

Anyway it turns out the bad traffic is from webcrawlers including thier very own googlebot so surely that means they’re responsible for my bad traffic and should be liable for any loss of income as a result right?